So…. Hi guys! July 30th was my birthday, and someone got me something really amazing, those really took me by surprise. Can you guess what it is?

A Harry Potter and a Percy Jackson boxset, both the new covers!


Look how beautiful their spines are! I haven’t opened them from the wrappers yet, so I can’t take picture of the covers.

As we all know, July 31st was the birthday of the magical and talented author who started it all, the one who created the whole magical world of Harry Potter. Happy Birthday J.K Rowling! Thanks for making my life a magical mess (I’m not complaining though.)

And July 31st was also the birthday of the boy who started it all, The Boy Who Lived, who survived the killing curse. Happy Birthday Harry James Potter! This series plays such a huge and important part in my childhood, and started my love for reading. Always and forever, have a special place in my heart.

“After all this time?”

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