5 Fictional World I’d Love to Get Lost In

As a reader, I really enjoyed a solid world building. It feels like you’re there, seeing and feeling and doing everything. Reading transports your mind and soul to a whole different world, while your physical body stays in the same place. Especially when that universe has magic, use foreign cultures, and has unique architectures.

So today I’m going to show you guys my Top 5 Fictional World. These are the world I’d love to visit, even stay there (and run and scream and panicked whenever there’s trouble). SO without futher talking, here they are!

1. Hogwarts // Harry Potter Series

Who doesn’t love Hogwarts? Hogwarts is my second home. Magic, castle, ghosts, hidden rooms, and so much more! I still got chills on this scene:

Things to-do: Learn magic, investigates all the mysteries, play quidditch, visit the chamber of secrets, visit the room of requirements, spend Christmas and Halloween in Hogwarts.

2. Camp Half-Blood // Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Camp Half-Blood is a safe haven for all demigods. Here, they are safe from any kinds of monsters, creatures, and enemies that want to kill them. Only half-blood could come in. They get beads for every year they’re in camp/every quest completed. They also stays in houses according their Godly parents.

Things to-do: Play Capture-the-Flag, visit the Oracle, learn how to control your power, go on a quest and try to stay alive.

3. Alicante // The Mortal Instruments-The Infernal Devices

This is the home city of Nephilim. The construction is mostly in gold- and honey-colored stone, with red tile roofs. Apart from its unusual demon towers, Alicante is a city of canals. The only way you could come here is through a Portal. Alicante is surrounded by Demon Towers, that supports the Wards, and the towers light up as warnings depending on the situation; an example is their red and gold battle lights.

Things to-do: Crash the council meeting (oops), climb the Demon Tower, visit the Accords Hall and Angel Square.

4. Ravka // Grisha series

Ravka is one of the nations in the Grisha universe. It is bordered by Fjerda in the north, Shu Han in the south and the True Sea in the west. What I love the most about this universe is the magic/Grisha and the Russian cultures woven in this book.

Things to-do: Hunt the Morozova’s Amplifiers, join the Grisha army, visit Os Alta, Keramzin and the Folds.

5. The Londons (lol idk what they’re called)  // A Darker Shade of Magic

There are 4 Londons in A Darker Shade of Magic: Grey London-the magicless and ordinary London, Red London-the one that has magic and lives in harmony with it, White London-where people drain the life out of magic in attempt to control it, and Black London-the London that’s destroyed by magic. I’d love to travel to those 4 Londons, experiencing them all!

Things to-do: Travel to all 4 Londons, try to stay alive in White London, and try to find a way back from Black London.

Do you love an entirely different world in a book? What world do you want to visit the most? What are your most favorite fictional world? What do you love about it? Let me know in the comment below and I’ll see you soon!

16 thoughts on “5 Fictional World I’d Love to Get Lost In

  1. I very much would like to go to Camp Half Blood. XD I MEAN, WHO WOULDN'T?!?? I want to play that version of Capture the Flag. (Although, let's face it, I'd probably die because I'm a weakling. hehe) I still need to read A Darker Shade of Magic, omg. It looks so so good. I would really like to sneak into Maggie Stiefvater's universes. Maybe the Shiver one because it's so cold and whimsical and wolfy and I LIKE THAT.
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!


  2. I would love to got to one of these places!!! Sometimes I just have to take moment throughout the day to remember that sadly these places don't exist 😦 unless they do…? Life Goal: Visits All My favourite 'fictional' places.


  3. I would LOVE to get lost in Camp Half-Blood and Hogwarts as well! Especially Hogwarts. I probably wouldn't sleep just to try everything HP like there's no tomorrow. I mean, we're talking about MAGIC here. AND FLYING BROOMS.

    I've yet to read the other books you mentioned, but judging from your post, I think all of them realy are interesting to read about! I'm seriously excited to read them now. Fun post, Tasya!


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