2015 Reading Stats

IT’S HERE GUYS! It’s finally the last days of 2015, and it’s time for me to show you guys my reading stats! 

2015 has been a great reading month! I read 76 books in total, 73 finished, 3 in progress (maybe I’ll dnf it..) and 1 book is a re-read. I find lots of new series and authors, and I can’t wait to read more books in 2016! So here’s my 2015 reading details:

As you could see, I read mostly fantasy this year, and I plan to read more non-fiction and classic next year. I read 10 books in March, which makes it my best reading month. But I only read 2 books in May, which makes it my worst reading month.

Best new author: Leigh Bardugo. I literally read all her books + novella this year!
Most read author of the year: Leigh Bardugo. 4 books + 4 novellas, 2015 is Leigh Bardugo’s year.
Best book of 2015: Honestly, I can’t choose between To Kill a Mockingbird and Eleanor & Park!
Worst book of 2015: The Medicci’s Dagger by Cameron West
Favorite book cover of 2015: A Thousand Nights UK Edition
Goals for 2016: Read 70 books!
How was 2015 for you?

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