2016 Reading Challenge

I don’t really participate in reading challenge, because I’m not sure I could finished it. But I have to admit that reading challenges help me to read more books, with different genres and categories. And I love discovering new books, new genres, and new things basically. This year I participated in 3 reading challenges. That’s a lot I know. I kind of sure I could finish them all, but let’s just see what would happened this year! 😀

Hosted by: Goodreads (no shit Sherlock)
Goals: 70 books
Why? My last year’s goal is 65 books.
Let’s see if I could read more than 70 books this year.

Goals: 12 books (other than the ones in the mini challenge.)
Why? I don’t usually read contemporary, and I just want to read more of this genre this year. Contemporary tends to have more diverse issues than fantasy.

Goals: I plan to read more than 12 books, as much as I could.
Why? I have so many books I planned to read for so long but never actually read them. This challenge is perfect for me to tackle my TBR.

Other than challenges that are hosted by other bloggers, I also put up some challenges for myself. I want to push myself a bit more this year to read more books.

Read 12 classics
Read 3 books about LGBTA
Read 3 debut books
Complete 3 series 
Do you join any reading challenge this year?


7 Replies to “2016 Reading Challenge”

  1. All the best with reaching your goals! 12 classics would be pretty awesome — I probably am trying to focus on new releases this year, but I can't resist a good classic. And yay for more LGBT+ books! I'm also joining a challenge for diverse books, so yay 🙂


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