Review Anthology #1

Sometimes I’m just not in the mood to write long reviews, or I don’t really have much to say. Thus I ended up not writing anything about that book. Today I would compiled the books I haven’t reviewed, for whatever reason that is, into a mini reviews!

Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma || Goodreads

I was so excited to read this book. I mean it’s about incest! It’s such a taboo to speak of, yet Tabitha Suzuma writes a book about it. And so many people say how heartbreaking this is. But I had other expectations is. I was hoping that this book would discuss, or at least try to find a way to break this taboo, a way for Lochan and Maia to be together. A way for people to be okay with their relationship. 
This book didn’t dissapoint in feels. It was full of angst and heart-breaking. I can understand why Maia and Lochan fall in love with each other, and their frustration about their situation. And that ending? That was a killer. But it didn’t fulfill my expectations. They didn’t try to find a way out. All they think throughout this book is how they could sleep together. How much they want each other. But they didn’t do anything to try to solve their situation. 
If you’re looking for a heart-breaking and doomed-romance book, this book is for you. But if you want a book that isn’t about how the main couple wanting each other so badly, I suggest you skip this book.

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins || Goodreads

Okay wow! I get what was all the hype about. This book is absolutely cute and fluffy! I ship Etienne and Anna! The characters also felt real. Friendships don’t last forever, everyone has their own problem, being together with the wrong guy, clinging to someone that’s not into you, betrayed by your bestfriend, homesick, etc. And it sets in Paris! I just want to go there and visit all the places they visited. Etienne isn’t the perfect love interest. He has problems and he does some mistakes, but his flaws make him even more real.

Highly recommended if you want a cute contemporary.

Love, Rosie by Cecilia Ahern || Goodreads

I love this kind of book. Alex and Rosie are best friends since they were kids and they were meant to be together. They know it, their family knows it, we know it. But fate seems to not get the message. Things keep coming between them. I love how they finally get to be together, even it took them 50+ years, after trials and errors and lifetime knowing each other. It’s just so sweet. I’d love to have this kind of romance. This book isn’t that serious and sad, I mean it does has its depressing moments but overall it was a funny and entertaining and sweet book. Plus the movie is so adorable! I can feel the chemistry between Lily Collins and Sam Claflin. They should do another movie together!

Cinder by Marissa Meyer || Goodreads

After seeing this book literally everywhere, and hearing everyone raving about this, I finally give this book a go! I have to admit, Cinder is such an enjoyable read. It was predictable, but I love all the twist Marissa Meyer created in this book. I never expected Cyborg-Cinderella! She’s so creative. And Prince Kai *swoons* And I have to admit, Levana is actually scary. And generally the Lunar People, since we don’t know much about them. But unfortunately, the setting doesn’t feels like Beijing enough for me. Other than the people’s names, the settings don’t really describe Beijing for me. Definitely going to read the next book!

13 Replies to “Review Anthology #1”

  1. I'm currently reading Anna and the French Kiss and I love it so far! I'm sure I'll enjoy the entire book because I'm currently in a romance phase! I'm glad you enjoyed it too!


  2. Thank you for reviewing Forbidden! I've been thinking about reading it for so long, but I've always been a bit worried about it. And you've basically warned me off it – I can't cope with heartbreaking heart break stories, so… it's probably not for me. I'm glad you enjoyed the others, though.
    Beth x


  3. Yeah, I have to say that the ending of Forbidden completely broke me. I mean, I wanted Maya and Lochan to figure out a way to be together. To run away and find a new life for themselves. So I definitely get what you mean about that.

    I read Anna and the French Kiss before I started blogging, and I seriously never knew that so many people loved it, haha. I thought it was an okay contemporary, because I wasn't so keen on the cheating. But I might try it again because I don't remember all that much about it.

    I really liked the Love, Rosie movie! It was so cute. And I am so glad they changed the ending from the books so that they weren't old when they got together. I hated that in the book, haha XD

    I'm super glad you liked Cinder! 😀 I LOVED Scarlet, so I hope you like it, too! I've heard that each book in the series gets even better, so I'm super keen to read Cress and Winter!


  4. Mini reviews can be really awesome if you're looking for a quick recap on books, and these are great 🙂 I agree about the cuteness of Anna, I squealed so much through that book! And The Lunar Chronicles is one of my all-time favourite book series, so I'm always delighted to find someone who loves it too 🙂 Great reviews!


  5. Yay for reviews! I also found Cinder so predictable. One chapter in and I had guessed the big twists. And Anna and the French Kiss is so sweet; I don't usually read books like that, but they were too tempting to resist. I hope you enjoy the next two! ❤


  6. Yep – I totally agree with Anna and Cinder! 🙂
    I LOVED Anna and the French Kiss – it got me reading YA Contemporary! So cute, fluffy, and definitely great for a reread imo haha xD
    I loved how unique Cinder was too! 😀
    Loving this review anthology~!


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