Book Review: Fairest of All and The Beast Within by Serena Valentino

Look at these beauties! Those books are Villains series by Disney, written by Serena Valentino. It was supposed to be a trilogy, but the third book haven’t come out yet. I’ve been eyeing these books for a while, because just look at it! How can someone resists them?

But do the story within live up to the beauties of the covers? Will they ruin our beloved Disney Classic stories? Let’s find out!

The Beast Within is a retelling of beloved Beauty and the Beast, supposedly from the Beast pov. I was really expecting angst and desperation while reading this. I was expecting how the Beast gradually warmed up to Belle, and eventually fall in love.
But this book isn’t about that. Yes, it does tell Beauty and the Beast, but it’s like only a side story. The main plot is why he was cursed. I find the story both interesting and boring.
I love how it incorporates Greek Mythology, like Circe and the three sisters whom I don’t know if they represent Fates or Furies. They play important part in the story. It was interesting seeing how arrogant the prince was, but at the same time, his life is all about girls, hunting, and partying it became boring and tedious. I also loved the slow transition of the Prince into the Beast, and how the servants became furniture.
Overall, I quite liked it, but I find it boring. I rated it 2.5/5 stars.Β 

The Fairest of All tells us the story of the Evil Queen. How he met Snow’s father, and what caused her to became the way she was. I was expecting to find out why she was evil, maybe like Once Upon A Time where Snow made her loved one killed?
This book gives me that expectations. I feel sympatethic toward the Queen. She had terrible past, and grief does change people. It’s just unfortunate how she lets her grief destroyed her. But I find the reason a bit cliche. I enjoyed reading her interactions with Snow White, and that epilouge really scares me! What if Snow turned out just like The Queen?

Overall it was a pretty entertaining read. I’d love to see it a bit longer, because some events just feel too rushed. I rated it 3.5/5 stars.


8 Replies to “Book Review: Fairest of All and The Beast Within by Serena Valentino”

  1. Nice reviews Tasya!

    I've been seeing these books at my local bookstore for a while, but never really picked them up. I love the pictures that you took with them! Aesthetic levels so on point, lol.

    OMG that Beast one sounds kind of ridiculous. 😦 I only like beast stories if Belle is in it, too lol. What you expected, with the whole angst and falling in love part, is what I would have wanted too.

    I'm not too big on Snow White's stepmom, so I don't think Fairest of All would be for me either lol.

    – Aila @ One Way or An Author


  2. These seem like really interesting retellings (especially since the covers are beautiful) but it's sad to see that they were disappointing. I'm sure there will be better retellings in the future!


  3. I know 😦 What really dissapoints me the most is not how the story not live up to my expectations, but how such pretty covers have such dissapointing stories 😦


  4. Oh, Tasya, I've never heard of these books before!
    They do look gorgeous, but it's a pity that they weren't as good as their covers looked like to you! :/
    Hope you find a better book soon! πŸ™‚


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