Review Anthology #2: The Grisha Series Novella

The Witch of Duva

I really enjoyed this book. It’s dark and the writing style makes it feels like a folklore. It definitely gives me creeps and serves its purpose as a cautionary tale for children. I was surprised by the plot twist, and the witch does feel like a witch. It’s really really good. I think this story symbolized Alina who trusted the wrong person and was mislead.

The Too Clever Fox

This one is my favorite of them all. The story is fascinating and really creative, I was expecting the plot twist but not that cruel. And it feels the most Russian folklore of them all. It’s cold, winter, woods, hunters, fox, you named it. The quote at the end is absolutely beautiful and kind of chilling. I think this story symbolized Nikolai, who managed to avoid every trap but… he eventually caught by The Darkling and forced to be that thing.

Little Knife
This one is probably my least favorite since I remember it the least and I didn’t really enjoyed the story. My favorite part is probably the ending. No, I’m not being sarcastic, the ending is seriously beautiful. But to me it feels more middle eastern than Ravka? I don’t know… I think this novella symbolized The Darkling, how his power ultimately is his downfall.
The Demon in the Woods
I should’ve enjoy this. It’s a book about The Darkling, what could go wrong? Well turns out it was just an okay book for me. It has plot twist, but it was almost predictable (I’m almost right about it). It tell the story before Aleksander become the Darkling, so it’s like reading “a boy with too much power” story. But reading this gave me more insight about why The Darkling want to make Grisha Ravka’s best soldier, and I can see that he has came so far fulfilling his ambition. It’s just… I feel like there’s something missing from this novella.

The Tailor

I really don’t have much to say about this one. I read this right after I read Shadow and Bone, and I think it was okay. It’s told from Genya perspective about betraying Alina. It gives much more understanding about Genya precarious position and even though she really cares for Alina, she cares more for herself. So yeah, I think that’s all about this one.

15 Replies to “Review Anthology #2: The Grisha Series Novella”

  1. Yay! I loved hearing your thoughts about each of these novellas. I don't think I'd be a fan of the Darkling one (only because I thought he was an overrated villain whose love triangle thing made me pretty annoyed), but THE NIKOLAI ONE. That one totally calls to me! I also love the infusion of Russian culture that Bardugo adds. It really adds to the atmosphere of the stories. πŸ™‚

    – Aila @ One Way or An Author


  2. Ahh that's too bad you didn't enjoy them. I think the folk tales add much depth to Ravka, like when do we get world building that is so amazing that it has it own folklores?? But yeah most of the novellas don't add much other than being a filler. Omg I agree, novellas are such an easy way to catch up with reading challenge! XD


  3. Ah, I need to read these! The only ones I have read are The Tailor and The Demon in the Wood. But I really want to read the others because they seem so unique! Plus, I don't feel like I have ever read any kind of Russian folklore before, so I probably should do that! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on these!


  4. I've only read The Too Clever Fox and The Witch of Duva, and then because I wasn't really impressed by them, I didn't bother reading the others, haha. Which is kind of silly because I ordered the special Barnes & Noble edition of Ruin and Rising just so I could get that Darkling novella. >.< It seems like you generally enjoyed most of them, which is good! I don't know if they really add much to the series as a whole, but I think that is generally the case with novellas, sadly. I will probably read them eventually, like when I need to catch up on my Gooreads challenge with short reads, haha XD


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