Captain America: Civil War Movie Review

captain america civil war movie review

The most hyped up movie of 2016 is finally here guys! Yes, Captain America: Civil War is now playing on your nearest theatre, so if you haven’t watch it yet, then go watch it!

Before we start, let me make it clear that I’m team Cap. Because well, as we all know, by quoting Nick Fury, the council always make stupid ass decision. They didn’t approve The Avengers, the release missiles to Manhattan, and they were infiltrated by Hydra. How could you trust something like that? I do get Tony’s point, but he didn’t go through the stuff Steve’s went through in CA:TWS so I kind of understand why he doesn’t agree with Steve. (I prefer my babies not fighting though).

The movie premiered yesterday in my country (27 of April) and I watched it on its first day. You can book the ticket since two weeks ago, and let me tell you guys, it’s really really crowded. I got the tickets of course, but only after looking at 3 theatres, and I got the night show. WHAAT.  So can you imagine the wait until we can get into the theatre and until the lights go out. It’s nerve wracking really. I mean, it’s the most hyped up movie of the year!! How will it turn out?

captain america civil war movie review

Have no fear, dear friends. Here I am to tell you: all is well. It’s more than well really. IT’S AMAZING. I watched it yesterday and I’m already craving to watch it again today. I mean, it’s different from what I expected, and the movie itself is kind of sends different plot from what the trailer suggest. The trailer suggest that the fight is because of Bucky and not because of the Accords, but it’s not that. So yeah, that’s what really nagging me. But other than that, it’s definitely worth the wait.

This movie really delivers. It has great amazing action scenes, but not too much that we can’t understand the plot. It jumps from one place to the other, but they’re still connected. The story is engaging and really fun, it doesn’t feel like it runs for two and a half hour. The villain isn’t as creepy or threatening as the other ones in other Marvel movie, but he’s cunning as hell.

This movie is also gives a really good introduction to Black Panther and Spiderman. That first Spiderman scene? It’s really hilarious and feels the geek Peter Parker is. And he got I think solid half an hour in the movie, which is really awesome. I really enjoyed his scenes. And Black Panther. The whole movie I was just like “DAAAAAAMNNN T’CHALLA”. He really kicks a lot of ass, like the trailer implied.

captain america civil war movie review

The actings are fantastic, they managed to bring out the typical Avengers act, laid back and hilarious, but also managed to showcase the inner struggles the characters have. The dynamic between the characters is so damn good. I really love Sam/Steve/Bucky dynamic. They work really well. And as for other relationship…. One ship is sailing, other is sinking, and one is a notp {block the text to see the spoiler} Vision/Wanda is sailing. YAAAASSS. They’re so cute and just beautiful together omg<33 On the other hand, I don’t really ship stucky other than as a brotp, but that one is sinking too because of the ending. While the notp is…. Steve/Sharon. C’mon guys, Peggy’s body hasn’t even start decomposing yet and you already kissing???? {spoiler ends}. That hangar fighting scene was epic and hilarious. It showcases amazing power and typical funny, laid back, Avengers fighting scene. It’s just 100% gold and definitely one of the most memorable scene in the movie history.

The star of this movie for me are Bucky and Sam. Sam is really cool and funny, but he’s also loyal to Cap, never questioning his decisions. He trusts Cap 100% percent, even when it comes to Bucky (whom everyone knows as the notorious Winter Soldier). Sam and Steve is like Rhodey and Tony. Bucky… Oh my, I just want to hug him and tell him it’s going to be okay! He’s just so confused and I’m not even sure he trusts himself. But really, Seb’s acting is breathtaking, he could convey so much with only his expessions and body language. We could see the difference clearly between bad Bucky and good Bucky. (And Seb is such a beautiful and kind hearted human being, so that’s a plus. Not related, but I wish he would appear as Jefferson in OUaT again though!). Also Tony Stark. Let’s not forget about him. RDJ does a really amazing job potraying a conflicted Tony, the other side of Tony Stark that’s more serious and take responsibility and actually feel guilt. The human side of Tony Stark. It’s really amazing and it’s potrayed really well!

So did I enjoyed it? Absolutely! Will I watch it again? Damn yes, if I have the time. This movie really worth the hype and the wait. I really can’t wait until the DVD is released so I could watch it over and over.

And now, the wait for X-Men: Apocalypse, Thor: Ragnarok, and Avengers: Infinity War has officially begun.


14 Replies to “Captain America: Civil War Movie Review”

  1. It serves as such an amazing introduction for Black Panther and Spidey! Now I'm so excited for both movies. You should though, it's not as cool (he's kind of an underdog really) but it's really funny and refreshing! (totally unrelated, but I also haven't watch Deadpool btw).


  2. I'm such a sebastian stan trash after watching it XD It's unhealthy really. Black Panther is really amazing I can't even describe it. I also think the villain was a bit dissapointing. I hope Bucky would appear in Black Panther though, since, you know, mid-credit scene *wink wink* If it is we'll see Bucky twice in 2018! #yearofbucky


  3. Yes, that is also my initial reason why I'm team cap, but after wikipedia the whole story (before watching the movie) I appreciate him a lot more! I hope you'll enjoy it when you watch it!


  4. I saw this the other day! It was good. Though slow sometimes. The action scenes were great though and I loved Black Panther and Spiderman. It also reminded me I need to watch Antman…


  5. I loved the bromance so much in this one, and yes Seb omg I wanted to give him a hug! I loved the introduction of Black Panther and the fight scenes and action as well, but I kind of wish the story was better behind just a villian doing what he was doing. Anyway, I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it Tasya!


  6. Glad to hear that the movie delivered for you! I have been off superhero blockbusters for a while and to be honest I have not been to the cinemas in 6 months – but I think the hype for this is incredibly infectious. I would personally be Team Cap as well because he's just such a good guy. Great review 🙂

    Aentee at Read at Midnight


  7. That's fine really, everyone has different favorite avengers 😀 And you guessed right, it kind of doesn't end well for both of them, because as we all can guess, when it comes between bucky and tony, who would steve chooses? So yeah… poor tony… AND YES VISION/WANDA IS SO CUTEEE<33


  8. Eeep, I don't like to see my babies fighting either. XD Actually I'm not going to watch this probably! I mean, maybe one day??? But definitely not in theatres, because I really um…*coughs awkwardly* Don't like Captain America. *Hides* I'M SORRY. I'M JUST SO LOVING IRON MAN. He's the reason I got into the Avengers and I way prefer how complex his personality is compared to Cap. And I just feel like since this is Cap's movie, then it's not gonna end well for Tony, so I'm too much of a wimp to see. XD (I did read your spoilers though and OMG I'M GLAD ABOUT THE VISION+ SHIP. <3)


  9. Disclaimer: I didn't actually read this because it isn't out yet in America.

    By the way, what is up with that??? I bought opening night tickets but I won't get to see it until next Thursday! I am SO bitter! XD This is seriously my most anticipated movie of the year and if I had the money I'd fly overseas just to see it a week early! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    Tracy @ Cornerfolds


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