On Growing Up and Letting Go

  Most of you might not know, but today is the day I turn 18. Personally, I still can’t believe it. 18 is such a scary number. It’s such a big and important number, that signifies that I’m an adult now. How can I be an adult when I still feel like I’m 16?? I’m […]

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The Cinderella Tag

When I was a lil kid, I used to watch Snow White, Cinderella and Lion King almost everyday. So when I saw this tag at Shayna‘s blog, I decided to do this as some sort of post before my birthday. Let’s jump right on the memory train! Evil Stepsisters: A book with characters you hate […]

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The Unpopular Opinion Book Tag

We all have been a black sheep, whether in reading or in real life. And that’s okay! It gives the another side to the story and I think it’s really fun reading an opinion that’s totally different from yours. So I saw this tag from Grace Stella’s youtube video months ago, and I think it […]

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Mid Year Reading Rewind

Hi guys! We have 6 months left until 2017. 6 months guys! I think, quantity wise, 2016 is a great reading year. But quality wise, I find it… underwhelming. Most of the books I read doesn’t quite meet my expectations, and I’ve read some ok things about the 2016 releases. So today I’m going to […]

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