Potterhead July: Let’s Talk About The Previous Generation!

Hello everyone! Welcome to my stop of Potterhead July! So in honor of the release of The Cursed Child, Aentee @ Read at Midnight organized an event called Potterhead July, where everyday in the month of July some bloggers will take turn to talk ANYTHING and EVERYTHING about our beloved Harry Potter. Here’s the full schedule.

The Cursed Child is a story about the next generation of HP. The children of the characters we grew up with. So today I think it will be fitting if I’m talking about the previous generation, the parents generation, the Marauders.Β 
Now, I’ve done a post about the Marauders in the past, but I talked only about James, Sirius, Lupin, Peter and Lily. But today I’m going to talk all about it and why I really like this era.Β 
First, the obvious reason is of course the Marauders themselves and Jily. I love reading about the Marauders, because the friendship they have is really rare. Let’s start with how Sirius whole family is in Slytherin, and yet James just doesn’t care. And then how James, Sirius and Lupin got Peter’s back and protect him whenever he was bullied by the Slytherin. And finally, how James, Sirius, and Peter knew Lupin was a werewolf, and didn’t abandon him. In fact they became animagus to give Lupin company during the full moon. That took a lot of courage and if it isn’t friendship goals then I don’t know what it is. The four of them are also pulling lots of pranks like the Weasley twins. And if Fred and George pranks got on the entire school nerves, imagine the prank the Marauders pulled. How epic they were since they are double the number of Fred and George.
Jily. Dramione is always my number 1 ship, so I kinda not paying attention to other ships. But then I started seeing Jily fanarts, headcanons, and fanfiction, and I feel something for them. And then I re-read the book and watch the movies and boy I can’t be saved anymore. Enemy turned lovers is always one of my favorite trope, and J.K Rowling does it right with this ship. Imagine their bantering before slowly realizing that they like each other… Plus the other 3 Marauders toying with both of them *sighs*
I think this is the era where Lord Voldemort came to prominence and he recruited his followers. If you dig deeper into the Marauders era, you might notice that they crossed paths with the “big bad” Death Eaters. James and co. went to Hogwarts around 1971, Lucius Malfoy went in 1965, Narcissa Malfoy in 1966 and Bellatrix Lestrange went in 1962. It’s stated that Lucius is close friends with Snape, which means he would be the one that recruited Snape to DE. Bellatrix must’ve graduated by the time the Marauders went into Hogwarts, but we can definitely see the connection between the Death Eaters and it definitely gives and opening for the idea to spread all over Hogwarts. It means that this is the era Death Eater starts to spread its influence inside Hogwarts. I’d LOVE to see how the recruitment works, like who was the first Death Eater Voldemort recruited? Who spread the idealism to Hogwarts? And so on. I love to imagine that they had secret meetings like Dumbledore’s Army, silently supporting Voldemort and feeling smug while the rest of the school is in fear. I also think this is the era when the idea for Order of the Phoenix came up, teachers and students unite together to stop Voldemort and the Death Eaters. I imagined their first meeting must be a little bit awkward xD
So you can see why I’m really interested with this era. It’s the era where everything started and there are so many things happening that could be revealed in the future! I’d love to learn more about things in the Marauders era.

Tell me: what do you think about The Marauders Era? And is there anything that you still want to know about it?

14 Replies to “Potterhead July: Let’s Talk About The Previous Generation!”

  1. Yes! They're my number 2 favorite guy friendship ever! They just love each other so much (except for pettigrew ofc). Yes, the way of recuitment is also really interesting to me πŸ˜€


  2. Yes, I'm also really curious about it. Like, does all of those death eaters follow Voldemort because they want to, or because of fear? And do they really willing to kill to preserve blood purity? I'd love to see the mechanism or the organization too! I wonder who is Voldy's lieutenant, since Bella was in the prison for so long, and I'm not sure Voldy trust anyone else. The whole thing is really interesting!


  3. I know, most of my love for the marauders also grow from all the fanfics I read. But I just really love them, canon or not. I admit, maybe that's because there're not evough information about The Marauders era, other than what related directly to the marauders themselves, that's why we're so interested with them πŸ™‚


  4. I this era is really interesting. It sounds like those four boys had really great friendship and I love that you touched on that point. Very insightful that you point out that Malfoy was probably the one to recruit Snape,that's a story I'd love to see explored.


  5. Is it weird that the part I would most like to see is the Death Eater recruitment? I feel like they never got to share their fair side of the story, and I have to think that there was some kind of attractive pull that would have made them so powerful. I totally want to see the inner workings of the organization that was! It would be very interesting to compare to what happened in Harry's childhood.


  6. I'm so in love with the Marauders era. The vast majority of Harry Potter fanfic that I read used to be Marauders era stuff with a huge focus on Jily. (Unfortunately, I really don't read enough HP fanfic anymore.) I'm not sure why I found myself so drawn to them, but I don't think it happened until I read my first fanfics with those characters and just grew to love it. Honestly, sometimes I can't remember if something I “know” about the Marauders actually came from the books or if it's just a head canon that I've developed after reading it in so many fanfics.


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