My Top 8 Favorite Tv Show Opening

Openings are really important for tv show. They signs that the show has begun. It’s the trademark of the show. I usually ran to the front of tv when I heard the theme song playing. So here’s the list of my favorite tv show openings.

Game of Thrones. I mean, have you heard it?? The song practically screams ROYALTY, KINGDOMS, FANTASY, WAR, BLOOD!!! Plus the graphics, it’s really a gorgeous map of Westeros and the family crest. It’s just perfect. x.

Reign. I really like the atmosphere this song gives. The snippets are beautiful, and the song just gives the perfect atmosphere for the french court and the political intrigue. The narration also helps with the atmosphere, especially the ending. It makes me want to bow my head and say it to Mary, as in court at that time. x.

FRIENDS. If you watch this show, you know how catchy this song. I even sing it sometimes just out of nowhere! It’s just really catchy and it’s about friendship. I’LL BE THERE FOR YOUUUU.

Halt and Catch Fire. (no this is not the opening. I can’t find the gif for the opening so we’ll settle with the gorgeous mr. lee pace) This one is just so techno-y and just really futuristic, but also feels 80s. It captures the essence and the spirit of the show really well. x.

Ghost Whisperer. This one gives me chills. Like creepy chills. It’s just perfectly creepy, the images and all, especially with the little girl whispering “can you see us” at the beginning. x.

Victorious. Yes, I love this show. I used to ran home from school just to catch this show. The friendship and the cast is just perfect, and Jade and Beck is otp ❤❤❤ Ahem. So the opening song is really catchy and just really fun in general to sing along with it. x

Blue Bloods. This one is just so cool. All these crime frighting show makes me want to be a police/detective (or FBI in Criminal Minds case), but honestly, Blue Bloods opening is the best. It’s very very patriotic (even though I’m not american). Just hear it. x.

Teen Wolf. It just sounds like full of action?? Fast paced and really dark. My favorite opening sequence is in season 3. x.
    BONUS: Every Supernatural finale. Admit it, we all sing along to the song practically at the top of our lungs while preparing for our hearts to be torn into pieces.

     Literally me.

    What is your favorite tv show opening?

    18 thoughts on “My Top 8 Favorite Tv Show Opening

    1. This post is precious. I couldn't agree more on the blue birds, reign and ofcouse GOT. My all time favourtie is supernatural best part is they stuck with it for 11 seasons and counting.

      And come to think of it I;m sensing a great choice in tv shows.


    2. Haha, I definitely do sing along to Carry On My Wayward Son in Supernatural. And I love that you did a post like this because some shows have GORGEOUS opening sequences. Reign has always been a favorite of mine because it is just SO beautiful. And I used to get more creeped out by the Ghost Whisperer opening than the actual episodes, sometimes!


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