Summer Bingo Checklist

3 months ago, I participated in the Spring bingo,  and while I didn’t do really great, I really really enjoyed it. So I decided to join the Summer bingo, with a mission to cross every single box. As you can see, I failed. I’m 2 boxes short, and even though I already plan those books, […]

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Greek Mythology Tag

Most of you might know already how much I love greek mythology, so when I saw this post at Nicka @ Read by Nicka’s blog, I knew that I had to do it, even though no one tagged me for it. It’s greek myth guys, I can’t just skip by it 😀 ZEUS (JUPITER): GOD OF […]

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5 Most Famous Indonesian Folklores

Most of you might know it already, I am from Indonesia. It’s a country in South East Asia, and my neighboring countries are Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. It’s where the famous Bali is, but most people know Bali more than they know Indonesia xD Yesterday was celebrated as Indonesian Independence day, so I figure I […]

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Mini reviews #4 : ARCs

I received all of these books from the publishers via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the books or the content of my review. Every Falling Star by Sungju Lee || Goodreads “I dedicate this book to those I left behind in North Korea”   We all […]

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Suicide Squad Movie Review

So here I am, fresh out of the cinema, sitting in front of my laptop and typing what I think about the movie. Suicide Squad is one of my most anticipated movie of the year, and I’m so happy I see it on it’s first day!  In case any of you is living under the […]

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