Another Suicide Squad Post: What Went Wrong With It

Suicide Squad is one of the most hyped movie of 2016. I already wrote my review, right after I came out of the movie, but then I keep thinking about what was wrong about it, 12 dayas after watching it. And so I decided to elaborate about what went wrong with the movie. I did enjoy it while watching it, I have my complaints but it was a decent movie. But I guess I just realize how much I wanted it to be that fun, dark movie that was promised.
Warning: I will compare some aspects of the movie with some marvel movies. Don’t do any marvel vs dc shit, I love both of them equally so please, stay civil with each other. All I’m trying to do is to point out what’s wrong with it.
  • The plot was really convulted. The first half was interesting, but the second half… let’s just say it went downhill fast. I thought they were created to fight meta humans, so why they weren’t tasked with dealing with the evil super threat? Why were they tasked to save one woman only? What was the point? The villains are also really weak. The boy has no point being in the movie, and the girl building machine that we don’t know what is the function. “destroying the world” could be anything. Elaborate please. Their motivation is also pretty unclear.
  • No interaction between the squad. It’s all about harley and deadshot. This is where dc miss the most. Killer Croc only has 1 line to harley. Katana doesn’t speak to anyone but Flag. Boomerang doesn’t speak Killer Croc. Wth? Aren’t they suppose to be a squad? Im not comparing, but even though it’s obvious that cap and iron man are the main char in the avengers, hawkeye, blackwidow, and banner/hulk stil has plenty dialogues. Heck, even maria hil has more dialogue than killer croc, and she’s not exactly the main core of the avengers. The dynamic between the team is what we don’t see in ss, and what makes it somewhat dry.
  • How The Joker is potrayed. Joker is one of the hype machine for this movie*, everyone wants to see how “the next joker” is, especially since the last one was spectacular. We were all hoping for something spectacular and crazy. And then we got only 11 minute scene and the Joker in this movie is potrayed as some sort of love sick boy doing anything to save his babe. The last Joker blew things up, kill batman’s love interest and gotham hero. This Joker is all about Harley. Joker is one of the most deadliest villain ever, and yet he’s romanticized in this movie. Maybe if they put in the deleted scene where Joker hits Harley and kill Eisenberg’s character, the reception would be better because it still shows the violent and unpredictable side of Joker. But no. All we got is how hard Joker tried to save Harley. I find it hard to separate one from the other, I looked for Joker whenever Harley appeared, and vice versa. They were inseperable, and it’s really bad how our mad Joker reduced into “Harley’s boyfriend”.
    *I’m also pissed with how much scene got cut. I know it’s a squad movie, not Joker, but Jared was really excited. He dyed his hair and shaved his eyebrows, sharing pics and snapchat, do impressionation on concerts and camp mars, sending creepy gifts (which, i don’t like tbh. I don’t think the Joker would do that). Then they cut most of his scenes and leave only the romantic scene, and it makes his joker look bad! It’s like his joker isn’t even a Joker, only a teenage, romanticized version of Joker.
  • Which brings me to my next point, this movie shouldn’t be pg-13! Dc is known for its darker tone, so why make it pg 13?? I want to see more action. They are supposed to be the baddest villain, and yet they don’t swear, kill, or hit anyone. They barely even bantering with each other! It’s like they just click with each other, which is kinda absurd considering villains should’ve have more ego and bad thoughts compared to heroes (even tony and steve, batman and superman fights). Um… excuse me but where it the villain? The lack of violence make it’s hard to believe how they’re supposed to be the bad guys. Why don’t make it R like deadpool? The pg-13 rating gives too much constraint for the creativity and action.

9 Replies to “Another Suicide Squad Post: What Went Wrong With It”

  1. If you're looking for the kind of dynamic Marvel has within its character, then you would be dissapointed. If you love darker tone of movies, then maybe you'll like it, as long as you could tolerate the kinda disjointed plot. And just don't have a really high expectations on this movie, just watch it without any expectations and I think you'll be just fine! (mine was too high that's why I was really disappointed :D)


  2. I haven't actually watched too many superhero/comic book movies, but this was one I really liked the look of. I was kind of put off though when it got such a bad review, so I still haven't seen it yet, but I still might, just out of interest to see what everyone is talking about.
    I definitely think it's pretty bad that they used the Joker so much in the marketing when he is only in the movie for about 10 minutes. A lot of people will have gone particularly to see Jared Leto's version of the Joker, so it's no wonder a lot of people were disappointed.
    Awesome post! 🙂


  3. Tbh I also can't see deadshot, all I see is Will Smith. He's like the most famous one from the gang, and his presence is really strong he overshadowed other characters (except for Margot's ofc).


  4. I was actually under the impression that this movie was rated R for the longest time because it seemed more along the lines of Deadpool so I'm pretty surprised. I actually haven't seen this movie due to all the negative reviews and it sounds like I didn't miss much :/


  5. For some reason I love reading posts about this movie even though I still have yet to see it? I definitely agree about the pg-13 thing, though. That's one reason I have been tentative about seeing it. And the whole Joker thing kind of makes me mad. I know Suicide Squad isn't about the Joker but still, he deserved more depth than that. Awesome post!


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