Second Chance Author

Have you ever read a book by famous author and just didn’t enjoy it? And you wonder, if it’s you, the book, or just plainly the author? I feel that way while reading some author’s book. Most of them are well known and well loved in the bookish world, so why didn’t I enjoy their […]

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The Zombie Apocalypse Tag

Hi everyone! I’m back with another tag. Cherry @ Read Forevermore tagged me to do the Zombie Apocalypse tag ages ago, and I’m so sorry that I only managed to do it now! *hides* I don’t really watch/read anything zombie related, except for Warm Bodies… But this one just sounds really fun, I mean look […]

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5 Books I Want To Re-read in Autumn

Yes, I am Indonesian. And yes, we don’t have autumn here. We only have either rain or sun *sigh* But anyway, most of the reading challenge during September-November is Autumn-ish so why can’t I participate? It’s also usually rainy season during this time of the year too, so the weather is pretty gloomy and perfect […]

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