The Zombie Apocalypse Tag

Hi everyone! I’m back with another tag. Cherry @ Read Forevermore tagged me to do the Zombie Apocalypse tag ages ago, and I’m so sorry that I only managed to do it now! *hides* I don’t really watch/read anything zombie related, except for Warm Bodies… But this one just sounds really fun, I mean look at the rules! Let’s just get started before the zombies actually attacked.

  1. Choose 5 books
  2. Randomly set your books in order
  3. Flip to a random page and record the first two names you come across
  4. Put the names in the categories below, in the order you saw them
Chosen Books:
  1. Splintered by A.G Howard
  2. The Last Olympian by Rick Riordan
  3. Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi
  4. Champion by Marie Lu
  5. The Wrath and The Dawn by Renee Ahdieh

The first person to die in the apocalypse: Jeb
I’m not complaining. Without angsty Jeb, we could escape the zombies in no time because we don’t have to stop and take care of his feelings.

The person you tackle to escape the zombies: Alyssa 
I feel kinda bad, but it also means I could have Morpheus all for myself!

The first person to be turned into a zombie: Thalia 
OH NO. We’re so screwed. Thalia is one of the best fighters out there, with Aegis and her being daughter of Zeus and all. Maybe Zeus would turn her into a tree again to protect us?

The person that tackles me to escape the zombies: Percy
B.. But… I trust you Percy! Let’s just hope Nico diAngelo could bring me back from the dead to kick Percy’s ass.

The team’s idiot: Warner
Um.. I’m pretty sure Warner would’ve been an awkward idiot xD I just can’t imagine him as the team’s idiot?  I don’t think it would be in his nature…

The brains of the team: Kenji
Kenji is one of the high-rank officer at the Omega, so I’m pretty sure he’ll be perfect for this role! Also, with his ability to be invisible (literally), he could sneak and spy the zombies before making plan!
The team’s medic: Thomas 
I’m not sure I’ll trust my life on him… he’s a killer and traitor after all. But he does have military background, so let’s just hope he could be a medic without betraying us to the zombies.

The weapons expert: Metias
Metias is perfect for this role! He’s a soldier, so of course he knows his toys. I couldn’t ask for anyone better.

The team’s brawler: Khalid 
Khalid as a brawler? Well he has the sword, but I don’t know if he’ll win a hand-to-hand brawl. But whatever, I have faith in Khalid’s skill.

The team’s leader: Rajput 
He would be perfect as the team leader. Serving as body guard to Caliph of Khorasan, and one of the best fighters in Khorasan, I’m sure he would lead all of us to safety!

I tag:
Cait @ Paper Fury
Molly @ Molly’s Book Nook
Reg @ She Latitude
And YOU!

14 Replies to “The Zombie Apocalypse Tag”

  1. Ugh yes can we just remove Jeb from the book? (kinda feel pity for him but yeah). I've never been a pretty huge fan on zombie… except for R from Warm Bodies haha! I tried to watch TWD a few times but never get into it hmm…


  2. Ahh this is great!! Although we need to swap Warner and Kenji's roles there because then it'd be absolutely perfect.😂 And omg Thalia as a zombie?! WE'D ALL BE DEAD VERY SOON IF THAT WAS THE CASE. Bahhaah. I love this! And thanks for the tag!


  3. Ahahaha, I absolutely love this tag! And though I don't approve of you tackling Alyssa to save yourself (she'd be a really powerful ally to have in a zombie apocalypse in my opinion), you're right about getting Morpheus to yourself 😉
    NOOOO, Thalia the first to turn into a zombie? Honestly, if that ever happens, we're all screwed. She's the fiercest fighter I know, and if anything, she would be the leader of a band of survivors! But question…would Nico really be able to save us? Because if we turn into zombies, we're not technically dead, since our souls haven't quite departed for Hades yet….hmmmm….


  4. Thanks for the tag, Tasya! I'm only familiar with one of the books – The Wrath and the Dawn – and while Khalid doesn't strike me as a particularly good brawler, I too have faith in his skills. Hopefully Shazi will help him somehow. 😛


  5. I love Zombies, being a massive Walking Dead fan. I think Kenji and Warner probably need to be swapped, I can imagine Kenji as the lovable idiot. It's shame he didn't get his own story though, I think he's one character nearly everyone can agree on. Great tag Tasya! ❤


  6. This is such a fun tag! I've been into zombies since I was maybe eleven, thanks to The Walking Dead. Anyway, I wasn't a big fan of Splintered, and I especially disliked Jeb… Isn't he so annoying? And I agree about Warner not being the team idiot. I mean, he's pretty intelligent. Awesome tag, Tasya!


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