Book Recs Based On Your Favorite Non-Romantic Relationship Type

Most (more like all) of the books we read feature a romantic relationship, while other types of relationship takes a back seat in order to make the story “more interesting”, which is reall unfair because other types of relationship are important too! What’s more important than your family? Loyal friends? Seeing cute bromance and women kicking ass together? But sadly those relationships are ALWAYS overshadowed by the arrival of a romantic interest. Life isn’t about romance you know. Which is why today I’m going to give you some recommendations about books that has amazing non romantic aspects. Now, most of this book still has a romance, but I think the other relationships are pretty prominent too. Let’s just jump right into it.

SECOND CHANCE SUMMER Taylor’s relationship with her family wasn’t the best at the beginning of the summer, they’re there but they aren’t close. But over the course of the summer, they started to spend time together and be there to support each other, especially with her father. (Prepare some tissues guys)

ARISTOTLE AND DANTE DISCOVER SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE Both Ari and Dante’s family are extremely supportive, and Ari also discover more and reconnected with his family. His relationship with his father improved and he also learnt about his brother.

WONDER Family plays a really strong part in this book. Auggie’s parents allowed him to go to the public school, they don’t try to hide him and encouraged him to have as normal life as possible. Her sister always supports him, and never ashamed of him. That is just an amazing, full of love family!

TO ALL THE BOYS I’VE LOVED BEFORE Lara’s relationship with her family is really strong. She talks a lot with her sister and father, and have a lot of time together. She gets back together with her sisters fairly quickly after the mess in book 1.

THE GRAVEYARD BOOK The relationship in this book is interesting, but also heartwarming. Bod is a human, while the rest of his family are, well… ghost. But they love each other so much, and it shows through their words and actions.

THE GIRL WHO DRANK THE MOON Also a no-blood relation type of family, this family includes an old old witch, an enmagicked kid, a swamp monster and a Perfectly Tiny dragon. Again, their love for each other truly shines through the pages.


THE RAVEN CYCLE Gansey and Adam? Gansey and Ronan? Gansey and Noah? Adam and Noah? Ronan and Noah???

LORALI The Ableglares! I think some of them are actually brothers, but whatever. They are the most loveable pirates you’ll ever know.

THE FORBIDDEN WISH Caspida and her handmaiden, protecting the city and defending the people… Need I say more?

THE WRATH AND THE DAWN Shazi and Despina could bring an entire kingdom to its knees, period.

THE RAVEN CYCLE No explanation needed.

HARRY POTTER This recommendation wouldn’t be perfect without mentioning The Golden Trio. Not only them, The Silver Trio, Dumbledore’s Army… even the Death Eater itself are pretty solid team. This book is just filled with amazing friendship (or team work in DE case)

PERCY JACKSON I don’t think I need to explain anything here either. The seven + Reyna + Nicho and their satyrs and just the whole both camp are a really solid team!

What’s your favorite non romantic relationship? And what’s your favorite book featuring those relationships?


22 Replies to “Book Recs Based On Your Favorite Non-Romantic Relationship Type”

  1. I know right? but somehow romance takes the spotlight, and they give unrealistic expectations and standard smh. WONDER is a really amazing book, and one of the reason is definitely because of how supportive Auggie's family is, even her sister and her sister's boyfriends! It's not easy, and yet they just love him unconditionally<3


  2. Oh, I could not agree more – there are so very many relationships in our lives that are far more important than romance, and how lovely it is that there are books to celebrate those relationships! Auggie's family's endless support for him in WONDER (“a big sister who feels guilty for being human over you”, cue the waterworks) and the #squadgoals in PERCY JACKSON are some of my favourite -and, I think, best written – relationships in literature. We would truly be without a loss without them, tbh. Thank you so much for sharing your favourites; I've heard of many of these books but not all, and so I have a few more to add to my own TBR! Thank you so much for sharing with us. <3

    Topaz (Six Impossible Things)


  3. Me too! I don't know why they're so underrated even though they make most of our life! OH MY GOD HOW CAN I FORGET THE DREGS. I totally and thoroughly forgotten omg *weeps* I haven't finished Lunar Chronicles yet, so I can't speak of that, but I've heard how amazing they are as a team 😀


  4. ALL THE CONFETTI AND SPARKLES FOR THIS POST. *claps* I LOVE IT. I have to many books to look up now and add to my unmanageable TBR. I love that this post is dedicated to non-romantic relationships and some of the most important ones in someone's life..YESSS SQUADS GOALS. PJ and HOO has one of the best squads, true but also THE LUNAR CHRONICLES IS ALSO ONE OF THE BEST ONES OFF ALL OF EVER. *nods*
    Praise this post.

    -Izel =)


  5. THIS POST. THIS POST RIGHT HERE. I LOVE THIS. I have never been big on gooey, fluffy romances so many books seem to feature. I love books that focus on other types of relationships, but those are so difficult to find. That's why this post is so awesome! And I love the Raven cycle and The Graveyard Book, as well as TID. All of these recommendations are perfect. I would also add A Darker Shade of Magic to this list! Again, such a great post!


  6. BLESS THIS POST SO MUCH. I'm always annoyed by how romance always seems to prioritize other important relationships – familial relationships and friendships most of all – so I am definitely going to put these on my TBR. Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous post! <3

    ~ Zoe @ Stories on Stage


  7. I love Squad Goals and Familial Relationships, so I'll definitely have to check out some of those recommendations. Actually, I didn't know I loved reading about positive familiar relationships until I read Into the Wild Nerd Yonder by Julie Halpern– LOVED the brother-sister relationship in that novel!


  8. Aaaah, I love this! Friendships are my favorite type of relationships and I sometimes like reading more about friends than lovers. Although I already read a lot of the books you mentioned, I'm happy that I added a few more to my wishlist! Great post, Tasya!


  9. Oh my gosh, I would totally LOVE seeing more books with non-romantic relationships, particularly with family and friends! I absolutely love Ari & Dante and I loved To All the Boys I've Loved Before too. I can't wait to get into Forbidden Wish! Thank you so much for the awesome recs. I definitely love Six of Crows for Squad Goals and the Lunar Chronicles!


  10. THESE RECS ARE AWESOME!! Totally agree about Ari and Dante for familial relationships – that was my favourite thing about the book! Plus, Will and Jem's bromance kept me hooked into The Infernal Devices! 🙂


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