Movie Review: Bajirao Mastani

Hi guys! It’s my first post on wordpress! And it’s not bookish related really, so I hope you’ll enjoy it!
India is a country that’s rich with history and culture. Me and my friend were talking about Indian movies, when she recommended this movie to me. I initally had no intention to watch it, at all, but she showed me this video, and I’m hooked. Call me shallow but you all know how I have an eye for beautiful things. Here’s some gif from the video.
Just… watch the whole video guys. My friend knew how much I love this scene.
So I decided to watch it. Bajirao Mastani is based on the life of Bajirao, an Indian Peshwa, Kashibai his first wife, and Mastani his second wife. Well, mainly it was about Bajirao and Mastani, how starcrossed their love was because Mastani was Muslim and Bajirao was Hindu.
This movie is a freaking masterpiece to the eyes. The set, the visual, the effect, the dancing, the costume. Everything that I see pleases me. Like honestly. I had my questions about why Mastani, who’s supposed to be Muslim, dress in similar ways with the others, but my friend said Muslim in India don’t really cover their hair like in most part of the world. I will definitely do my own research though.



There aren’t many dancing scenes in this movie, which is surprising because hey, it’s an Indian movie, which make this movie pretty short in Indian standard. My all time favorite, Jodhaa Akbar (dear fellow Indonesians, I love the MOVIE, not the tv show… please don’t laugh at me) is 4 hours long. This movie is only 2.5 hours. My favorite scene is obviously Deewani Mastani, but Mohe Rang Do Laal isn’t that bad either. The ones I think weird are Malhari and Pinga. I mean… Bajirao was being scary a moment before, threatening a king, and then all of sudden he sings and dance?? As for Pinga, Mastani and Kashi was having a bitter talk, they can’t be THAT friendly all of sudden. Those songs feel really out of place.


The plot was a bit dramatic and kinda choppy for me. The first half switches from one event to another too quickly. This movie also fails to make my symphatize with Mastani. Instead of symphatize with her love and effort for Bajirao, I see her as someone who throw herself to him and ruin his marriage. She justifies doing everything in the name of “love”, and just don’t know when to stop. Sure, you love him, you’ll do everything for him. But does she ever stop and think about Kashi? Kashi who loved Bajirao as dearly as Mastani loved him? I actually love Kashi more in this movie, which is ironic since this movie is about Mastani. But Kashi is a really devoted wife. She loves Bajirao dearly, even willing to let Bajirao goes to Mastani if it means he’s happy. She also never meant harm to Mastani. Yes, she hated Mastani, but she won’t see her come to harm and being the first one that accepted her. It’s just so heartbreaking really seeing Kashi giggling, playing with Bajirao at the beginning until only able to gaze longingly at him in the end.


The actors really bring the characters to life. I can actually see Kashi’s longing in Priyanka Chopra’s eyes, Bajirao’s ambition and love in Ranveer Singh, and Mastani’s will in Deepika’s body language. They make this movie believeable and alive, all the strength, love, and failure of the characters really come to life.


Out of topic, while I know this is an Indian movie, Mastani is how I imagine Shahrzad from THE WRATH AND THE DAWN would look like.Yes, Deepika Padukone is Indian. Yes, she’s too old to play Sharzad. But hey, a fangirl can do a fancast right?


Who’s Khalid? Oh you know, Hrithik Roshan (aka Akbar). I mean, his eyes are the definition of Khalid’s tiger eyes. AND YES I’M ALSO AWARE OF THE FACT THAT HE’S IN HIS 40s *SOBS*
Ahem. While not historically correct, this movie also paints a picture of how things were in that time, the conflict between Hindu and Muslim, and the politics of that time. India was a divided empire, and Bajirao’s mission at the beginning was “to unite India into a Hindu empire” or something like that. This might be one of the reason his love for Mastani caused a strong rejection; in the heart of the Hindu empire, its most powerful minister actually fell for the enemy. The animosity is unbelieveable, that at times I feel really bad for Mastani. You can also see the Indian cultures through this movie. While it might not be correct, you can spot the differences between how Mastani and Kashi dresses. How Mastani’s palace and Bajirao’s have different design. These little differences really bring to life the richness of Indian culture.

This movie is so aesthetically pleasing, with amazing actors and beautiful visuals, but it doesn’t remove the fact that I fail to symphatize with the main character of the story. Many people may see this as a star-crossed lover movie, but for me it’s more of Kashi’s devotion as a wife to Bajirao. But I would definitely say that this movie is a masterpiece, and if you have the chance, you definitely have to watch this.
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  1. AH GREAT REVIEW! I am Indian and I have watched the movie and really like it. also, these days most hindi movies are like just 2.5 hours long. Jodhaa Akbar released a long time ago and at that period of time, the movies were usually pretty long.


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