‘Cause Baby Now We’ve Got Bad Blood (Top 5 Wednesday #2: Characters I Used To Love) + Ho-Ho-Ho Readathon


Welcome back to Top 5 Wednesday! Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by the lovely Samantha and Lainey. You can check the group here for more discussions and topic!

I’ve been reading for my whole life, and as I grow, my reading taste has also changed. There are some books that I used to love, but not anymore. Same goes with the characters. My standard for them has increased, and when I re-read my old favorites I find myself less enthusiastic about them, even hating them sometimes. The older I got, I kinda get more picky and critical about the characters’ character.

Tris Prior (Divergent by Veronica Roth)


I LOVED Divergent when I first read it. One of the reason is because of Tris. She made her decision to join Dauntless on her own, despite have to leaving her family behind, knowing that she would leave her parents alone. She knew she might fail, and yet she keep trying. She’s really using her fresh start, even being the first jumper. She’s strong, she’s determined, she even came on top. Yet in Insurgent and Allegiant, it seems like Tris is not Tris anymore. She became reckless and lies a lot to Four. Maybe it’s the trauma, but she just not the girl I used to loved and admired in Divergent.

Elena Gilbert (The Vampire Diaries by L.J Smith)


I think my change of heart with Elena came from the fact that a) The Return series just isn’t as good as the original series b) It takes too long for each book to be translated and therefore I’m older when I read the Return series c) I watch the tv series. I love her loyalty with Stefan, her will to protect her family, friends, and town. As much as I ship Delena, her inability to choose really makes the story drags on and on and hurt a lot of people. As I grow older and came to dislike triangles, so my dislike for her grows.

Ron Weasley (Harry Potter by J.K Rowling)


Now hold your pitchforks and let me explain first. I liked Ron. He was the kind of best friend I would like to have for myself. But the way he acted in the 7th book? I don’t really think it was the hocrux, I mean he turned back on Harry in the 4th book, and I guess some of the animosity stayed and amplified by the hocrux. I still liked him, but it was just never the same anymore.

Augustus Waters (The Fault in Our Stars by John Green)


When I first read TFIOS in the height of its fame, I, like the others, also fell for the charisma and clever tounge of Augustus Waters. His attention and love for Hazel, humor, and loyalty for Isaac. After a while, I realized how pretentious his words and actions are, and how boring he actually is. Yes, he’s nice. But that’s it. I can’t seem to see another depth in him.

Jace Herondale and Clary Fray (The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare)


I LOVED them when I first started the series. Clary with her stubborness and willingness to do whatever it takes to find her mother, and Jace with his brooding hero complex and badass fighting skills. And then book 3, 4, 5, and 6 happened. Clary doesn’t care about her family and friends anymore, all she cared about is Jace. Same goes with Jace. They became really clingy and spend every waking moment together. They would risk the WHOLE Shadowhunter world for each other, and I just don’t think it’s healthy. THEY WERE MY OTP WHYYY.


hohohorat2016This would be really short section, but I decided to join the Ho-Ho-Ho Readathon hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer! It’s my first time joining, and I’ve been really overwhelmed this month so I don’t have a really high goals. I will read 2 books, both ARCs, Marry Me Tomorrow and A Christmas Day at The Office. Hopefully I could finish them on time and even read more books! *fingers crossed*

On Growing Up and Letting Go

21 Replies to “‘Cause Baby Now We’ve Got Bad Blood (Top 5 Wednesday #2: Characters I Used To Love) + Ho-Ho-Ho Readathon”

  1. I feel you SO. MUCH about Jace and Clary! I shipped them too… at first. And then I just wanted them to STAHHHP. No more. NO MORE. I also agree with Tris! Only, I think I might have liked her until Allegiant and then NOPE, she was making me so mad. That whole book, UGH. I do still like Augustus though πŸ˜‰ Love this list!


  2. I think Jace and Clary were just totally outdone by the AWESOMENESS that was Sizzy and Malec. πŸ˜‚ Those couples were just so much more complex and dimensional and relatable? So I agree that they’re not my top OTP of the series, although I still do like them. πŸ˜‰ I’ll forever love Augustus Waters though. ❀ And I agree about Tris too, sadly. I loved those books when I first started reading them but….eh. Tris really doesn't have much emotional range does she? It's a bit sad in retrospect! And I never liked Ron.πŸ˜‚ SHAME ON ME…but he was so petty!!


    1. It could be! I mean TMI is full of amazing couples *cough Malec* and Clace is just not one of them πŸ˜€ Yes! She just feel flat and unrelateable as the series goes… Ahh why? I think he’s relateable, I just don’t like the way he treated Harry and Hermione! Maybe because of insecurity? After all being “another” boy in the house full of boys, forever known as “Harry Potter’s friend” (I mean, your friend is the boy who lived) and even your muggle born friend is the smartest witch of her age… it must be really daunting for him. But still it’s not a good reason to treated his friends like that!


  3. Omg it’s been so long since I’ve last been on your blog -sorry! Uni and life and everything – so so sorry! But your new theme looks absolutely gorgeous~!
    I totally feel about Elena Gilbert – although I’ve forgotten what the books were about, I remember being annoyed about the love triangle in the TV show!
    But Jace and Clary do take the cake – their relationship by the end, just sounded really unhealthy to me! :/


  4. It always irritates me when I begin loving a character, then come to really dislike them later. It’s like, “I trusted you with my feels, and this is how you reward me? WHYYY???” Sigh. It can’t be helped!


  5. Ahh this topic is so fun! I agree with you on Tris, she was so great on Divergent but then next book came out and she just fell flat. OMG RON! Whenever I watch Goblet of Fire or Deathly Hallows I always SKIP the parts when Harry and Ron aren’t friends because it’s hurt for me to watch .<

    AND YES TO CLARY OMG I hate her especially in book 3 she was throwing tantrum all the time and being reckless. I mean, she CREATED a portal when absolutely everyone told her not to. It's just super irritating!! I, however, still like Jace hahaha but yes it's annoying to see them taking their relationship too seriously! Great answers Tasya! πŸ˜€


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