Movie Review: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them // Give Me the Sequel NOW


2016 is filled with amazing titles: Civil War, Apocalypse, Suicide Squad, Star Trek Beyond, Fantastic Beasts, and Rogue One. Some of them are hit, others are miss.  Want to know what I feel about Fantastic Beasts? It was fantastic. I am loving every minute of it, and while initially I doubt the 5-movie decision, I just can’t wait to see them all!


  • Eddie Redmayne is perfect as Newt Scamander. I always imagined Newt as someone shy and awkward, but also kind-hearted and loyal. Eddie nailed this performance. It kinda reminds me of his performance in Theory of Everything, but it also can stand on its own.
  • Newt as a character. At times, he can be frustrating. He just too slow and ignorant, waving his wand and using magic openly. Being in the wizarding world too long, I KNOW THAT THOSE THINGS ARE NOT ALLOWED. Damn Newt! He’s also pretty careless. But all of his qualities are realy endearing and I can’t wait to see more of him! Also, did I mention that he’s a Hufflepuff? WE ARE HOUSEMATES.
  • The gang. Teenie, Queenie, Jacob and Newt friendships are unlikely, but over the course of the movie, they became really close with each other and we can feel their dynamics.
  • The CGI. I don’t think I have anything to say on this front. You have to see the movie yourself to understand what I meant.
  • FEELS. You know that feeling when you saw the WB logo and hear Hedwig’s theme in the background? SAME.
  • Ahem. There are plenty of wizarding world we know from HP to welcome you back in this movie. From the spells to mundane normal wizard stuff, this movie will bring a lot of feels back for you.
  • You can’t talk about Fantastic Beasts and not talking about the fantastic beasts. THEY ARE ADORABLE. More like Fantasic Pets. They’re cute and endearing. I WANT THEM ALL. Especially Dougal. And the Niffler.
  • It’s amazing to learn so much about the US wizarding world! We visit MACUSA, which is kind of Ministry of Magic in the UK. I can say that both MACUSA and MoM have same issue of “ignoring what in front of you, ignoring your subordinates, and find scape-goat instead”. Except maybe MACUSA is slightly more competent? I can’t wait to see more of wizarding world in the next movies!


  • I don’t like Johnny Depp as Grindewald. He’s just too high-profile for Wizarding World and I don’t think he’s right for the role.
  • For movies with title “… where to find them”, we don’t really talk about where do we find these beasts. Instead it’s more of Grindewald and the impending wizarding exposure.
  • The romance that is implied between Teenie and Newt. It just came out of nowhere, the whole movie they either running or hiding, not once they have any conversation and I just can’t feel the chemistry between them 😕

I just love love LOVE this movie. I didn’t expect it to be this good. Will I see it again? ABSOLUTELY. Will I bought the premiere ticket for the next movie? YES. If you haven’t see the movie, then what are you waiting for? Fantastic Beasts is the new story in the Wizarding World that would welcome you back and take you deeper into our beloved world.

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11 thoughts on “Movie Review: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them // Give Me the Sequel NOW

  1. AHHHH, I want to watch this movie so very badly!!! I absolutely cannot wait to see it. But can you believe that it’s going to take 2 years between movies? Unbelievable! They’re going to make us suffer for so long 😥


  2. I LOVED THE MOVIE SO MUCH! I honestly can’t wait for the sequel – though I heard it won’t focus on Newt and I AM CRUSHED. I haven’t yet watched Theory of Everything BUT I WANT TO SO BADLY, especially after seeing Eddie’s performance here!
    The creatures were so awesome! I loved how much focus was given to them here – in the HP movies, we never really got too much experience with them – only a couple of minutes here and there with them!


  3. I agree with everything you said! This movie put such a big smile on my face, especially when we get to see what’s inside the briefcase. Also *highfives* I’m a Hufflepuff too. 😀


  4. Ahhhh I almost saw this movie this past weekend but I chose to see Moana instead (which was also really good!) but I really, REALLY want to see this now after your review. I didn’t realize it’d have so much classic HP tie ins, and that’s really appealing to me! My only thing I am worried about is seeing terrifying creatures/fantastic beasts (I CANNOT with Aragog, for example). Were there any gross creatures that I should be prepared to close my eyes for?


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