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happinessAfter all the craziness last month brought, I can’t help feeling a bit down. Not just because the US election, but also because some internal riots in my country. I always wanted being a politicians, or do something for the society. United Nations is my goal. But lately I just lost my faith in humanity and anything in general. I can’t belive there are people that wanted power so badly they would sacrifice a whole country or millions of people to stay in power. That they would ruin the chance of Indonesia ever going forward for the sake of staying on top. I just don’t know anymore.

This tag might not seem much, but I think it’s still important to start the month with something positive. It just reminds me that happiness could be found even in the simplest and “unimportant” things. I will leave out the obvious like books, tv shows and movies, and try to find the more “mundane” things that we always missed. I saw this at Geraldine’s blog, so go check it out.

List 5 things that make you happy

Rainy Days


This is definitely my favorite thing in the world. Rainy days can be productive, where I clean up my room, doing my homework, blogging, and other stuffs. Or it could also be a lazy day, where I sleep in, reading, and just doing nothing. Either way, rainy days make me happy.

Freshly changed sheets


Do you realized how amazing fresh sheets are? They just feel… so fresh. As comfortable as my old sheets was, I can’t help but feel really happy and content whenever I lay down on my fresh sheets. I even always find it hard to wake up the next morning.



There’s just something about Christmas that makes me happy. The songs that both jolly and solemn, the festive and bright decorations, the food, the warm atmosphere… I think it’s my favorite holiday of them all.

Completing a task


Completing a task, no matter how small, always gave me statisfaction. It made me feel accomplished. It made me feel like I could tackle anything. It’s just such a positive feelings, I really love it.

Joebama memes

GUYS SERIOUSLY. This meme is my moodbooster for this month! I just can’t stop myself for searching them whenever I’m feeling down. I love how Obama is always the responsible one while Biden is like the one who would do anything to keep Trump away! 😂

List 5 songs that make you happy

Never Let You Go – Justin Bieber


This song just bring back so many memories! I remember those years when I was obsessed with him, and Never Let You Go is, hands down, my favorite JB song. The lyrics, the rythms, the meaning behind the song (oh Caitlyn) the music video… EVERYTHING. I truly envy the girl in the mv (until now) and I still watch this video from start to finish, with my full attention, whenever I come across this video. Oh and this song also makes me want to travel and especially have an aquarium date in the Bahamas.

Down – Jay Sean


Down, along with Fireflies by Owl City, were the first songs on my first phone ever. They are also the first western song I truly know the title, lyrics, and song. It came around the time I had my first clique, exploring internet, and facebook account. So you know how nostalgic this song is for me. And it’s still my jam until now.

Cop Car – Keith Urban


There’s just something about this song that makes me want to have a night out and just chill…. and actually getting arrested? It’s not romantic really in real life, getting arrested with your boyfriend. But this song atmosphere and lyrics are just sooo good.

XO – Beyonce


Like Cop Car, this song is also very atmospheric. It’s the kind of song you imagine playing when you’re just chilling with your loved one, probably sleepy, and then realizing how much you love that other person. It’s just amazing. Oh, the music video also makes me want to visit Six Flags.

Do or Die – 30 Seconds to Mars


This is my ultimate go-to song whenever I feel down. Jared’s vocal, Shannon drumming, and Tomo’s guitaring is on whole another level with this song. You can feel their passion oozing out of the song, and it’s so infectious! And the lyrics! It’s sooo uplifting. Whenever I feel lazy or down I just need to play this and I’ll be singing on top of my lungs while doing my work. (Let’s also appreciate Jared’s beautiful hair, shall we?) Another uplifting song from 30stm includes Kings and Queens and Conquistador.

What makes you happy?

On Growing Up and Letting Go

10 Replies to “The Happiness Tag”

  1. I love, love, love rainy days too. Not so much when I’m in Indo though, surprisingly – something about the gloominess just makes me gloomy, haha (also we don’t have hot water when it rains, which SUCKS). But when I’m in Aus, rainy days kind of become my refuge. I love it so much. ❤

    Also thanks for reintroducing me to Beyonce's XO! I missed that song. 🙂


      1. You’re SO right about Indonesian rain! The annoying thing is that my house uses solar power for hot water so whenever it’s raining, all we have is cold water. It’s so inconvenient and kinda defeats the purpose in the first place. XD


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