Leave Them In 2016 // Top 5 Wednesday #11: Trends I’m Tired of Seeing


Welcome to another edition of Top 5 Wednesday! Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by the lovely Samantha and Lainey. You can check the group here for more discussions and topic!

This week topic is: trends I’m tired of seeing. This topic is actually about trends I’m tired of seeing in publishing world, but then I decided to just write about everything bookish related that I’m tired of seeing/hearing.

Rating books before they are even released

Just… don’t. I know that when your favorite author released a book, you know it’s going to be a 5 stars you you rated it even though it’s not going to be out yet in 93486349813 years. BUT you don’t know what’s inside! What if the plot and characters are dull? What if there’s problematic aspect to the story? What if it’s dissapointing? Like Holding Up the Universe by Jennifer Niven, people were giving it 1 star rating before it was released because it’s “problematic” summary, and yet those same people actually give the book 4 or 5 stars after reading the book.

Bare-chested man on the cover

This is honestly one of my pet-peeve on cover. Like why? Can’t you get some other things to represent the story inside the book without the bare-chested man? I mean, sure they are hot. But seeing a shelf full of bare-chested men on bookstore can be off-putting.


Maybe it’s just me, but I’m so done with Dystopian. The plot is basically the same: mc live in this world where the society is divided -> the people are poor, but the government or some group in society are properous -> something happened, our mc is the chosen one to lead the rebellion -> people wins. It also comes with a trope known as special snowflake. I’m fine if the authors can put a new spin on it, like maybe surprise surprise, our hero turns out to be the villain and after destroying the government they rule with iron fist, leading to second rebelion or stuff. The thing is, not many authors put twist in it and the genre becomes very generic.

Attacking people for voicing their opinions

I joined book twitter last year because it sounds fun connecting with other bloggers and talk about books in normal conversation. Well guess what? Everytime I logged in there’s always people that are pissed and attacking each other.

This needs to stop. People have different opinions and if you don’t agree with theirs, you can mention them directly instead of sub-tweeting them and offend others. Also, it’s called opinions instead of facts for a reason: everyone has one and entitled to it. Not every opinion are good, and they might not be “right” in your view, but that doesn’t make the other person a villain of the story.

Stop attacking people for voicing their opinions. Stop easily pointing fingers calling others racist, homophobic, etc for voicing their opinions. Stop for a moment, think, and try to understand other’s pov before talking to them.

Using diversity as a token in books instead of actually representing it

I noticed this trend a lot lately. We cried for more diversity, authors created more books with diversity. Sadly, some of them still used diversity as some kind of token or checkboxes to get their books hyped and published like LOOK THIS BOOK HAS [INSERT DIVERSITY THEME HERE]!!!! You know, like making the characters blind but they’re perfectly aware of their surroundings and not even once tripped. Have chronic illness to create sad romance to find magic cure (or worse, not truly sick) at the end of the book.

Authors, please stop. We readers know when are you writing for token and publicity and not actually trying to represent the group.

What trends are you tired of seeing?

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33 Replies to “Leave Them In 2016 // Top 5 Wednesday #11: Trends I’m Tired of Seeing”

  1. I agree with SOOOOOO many things on your list! Especially the book twitter issue- it’s become such a battleground and while I think a lot of important topics are discussed, I HATE the sub tweeting culture. I think it’s mean and petty and I see people do it to authors and lot and it really gets on my nerves. I just wish people would practice more kindness online! (Wishful yet unrealistic thinking, I know lol)


  2. How could I forget about rating books before they’re released?! SO IRRITATING. I know Goodreads can’t stop it, because some people genuinely get advanced copies six months in advance and need to put up geniune reviews, but the people who rate them five stars and just say “OMG MY FAVE I’M GONNA LOVE THIS”… HOW DO YOU KNOW?! *rage*


  3. I completely agree with rating books before you’ve even read them! I understand that you’re expecting to love the upcoming book from your favorite author, but you never know if you’ll actually enjoy it until you read the book. And authors who write about diversity should try to actually represent diversity correctly in their book instead of using it as a way to hype up their book. I agreed with most your points, but I’m a huge fan of dystopian so I don’t mind seeing new ones come out. Although I do agree that it sometimes can get repetitive.


  4. I completely agree with all of these! Especially the bare-chested men on covers, I just feel uncomfortable picking those up. And using diversity as a selling point bothers me a lot too, especially if the diverse characters are completely misrepresented. That’s probably the trend I’m most tired of seeing – misrepresented diverse characters. If an author is writing about a culture they don’t know a lot about, it’s not an excuse to poorly represent characters. I expect them to do their research and then write the story.


    1. I know, they are not something I can read on public because of the vibe the cover gives. I agree, research is important, and we readers can see how much research the author puts into the book, so they need to stop writing about diversity for the sake of publicity.


  5. YES TO ALL OF THESE. I’m writing a dystopian novel mainly because of the reasons you pointed out, Dystopian needs a new twist and some fresh and different content. Dystopian used to be one of my favorite genres but it’s been so over done I’m getting tired of it? I don’t want to be bored of it so im writing it myself. 😀

    Also, YES, STOP rating books before they’re out, YES, STOP putting shirtless guys on the cover YES, STOP ticking off “Diversity” off your checklist, YES, STOP the book community hate.

    Great post, Tasya. ❤


  6. I agree with every fact on this,especially the increase of “diversity” publicity and I even mentioned the bare chested men,haha.I joined twitter last year too and I found so many amazing people there but it can be a bit hostile (okay,a lot) 🙂


  7. Yes! You nailed it! I am with you 80% in all you said, escept for the dystopian genre. It still has a special place in my heart and I am not done with it. I understand where you’re coming from, it’s a genre that exploded but at that time I just wasn’t that much into reading so I still haven’t gotten tired of it!


  8. I COULD NOT AGREE MORE WITH THIS!!!!! Ugh I want to leave behind instalove so bad. It is so off-putting seeing these two characters connect gazes and wham bam they’re in love *rolls eyes* if done well, it CAN be good, but not always (eg The Sun Is Also A Star)


  9. These are good ones! I’m tired of seeing the word “girl” in book titles. Surely they could have come up with something more original.


  10. I completely agree with all of these. I’ve been on book twitter for a while but I hardly actually use it anymore. It’s just way to argumentative for me, I can’t handle it. I also hate when people rate books before they’ve read them. I mean c’mon. It’s literally the most pointless thing ever. Really great post!


  11. I agree with the man-abs book covers, like I can’t read that in public! I’d also be too embarrassed to buy a novel that looked like that in a bookstore even though it’s a genre I read a lot of. I don’t really get it.


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