Screen Rambles #1: January


Welcome to the first edition of screen rambles! Screen rambles is a way for me to review, reacts, and basically rambling about everything I watch in the previous month, be it movies or tv shows.

The Great Wall

The Great Wall is a story about 2 foreigners who got trapped in Imperial Chinese effort in keeping out the monster invasion that comes once every 60 years. It has been attacked with severe criticism on whitewashing, but after watching it, I personally can say it’s not white washing (this is coming from an asian, 3rd generation of Chinese). Honestly, the parts white people are cast for are the parts that made for white people. However, it’s definitely a white savior movie, and it’s sad how an independent, fierce female warrior seemed to fall for this handsome foreigner and serves only as a tool for the story.

The thing I like the most is how it’s using Chinese as the main language between the generals, which means around 50% of the movie! The Great Wall only uses English when the foreigners speak between themselves and the translator translating between Chinese and English. We also have a female general and her female troops in the movie, which is rare and I think kinda unrealistic considering how ancient China (and sometimes until now) view women. But really, the general and her troops are so badass, you should see what they’re doing. I kinda hate the fact that their suit are basically anime suit though. Also, there’s Luhan in this movie! I didn’t know it was him at first, but he definitely looked familiar until I googled him😄

Final verdict: It was okay. It could be worse (the actors could wear yellow face) but it’s not exactly recommended by me.


This book is about Oh Yeon Joo, who is the daughter of famous webtoon artist, Oh Seong Moo. One day, her father dissapeared mysteriously and Yeon Joo was pulled into the world of W, the webtoon her father created, and ended up helping Kang Cheol, the main character of W.

I really love the idea and concept of this k-drama. It’s a really refreshing change from the normal rags to riches stories existed in most K-drama. But the execution? Unfortunately, not so much.

This drama started out with a bang (hehe), but fizzles out right in the middle. The first 7 episodes have this zippy, fast paced energy full of suspense “IS IT REAL OR NOT” and of course, witty romantic banter. But the second half, while filled with life-threatening situation, aren’t really focused on the action and humanity part, it’s more focused on the romance. I swear it feels like watching a staring contest between Yeon Joo and Kang Cheol! Pining is romantic and give you feels but when you have too much of them in your drama, say like everytime they meet they just keep staring at each other instead of talking, it really delays the story.

While I love Lee Jong Suk, the biggest award must’ve gone to Kim Eui Sung who played dad. His acting is amazing! Watching him turned from an old man who loved his daughter to a killer who killed in cold blood give me chills. Out of topic, but since Han Hyo Joo played Dong Yi before, it made me want to re-watch Dong Yi and in turns, made me want to read The Great Queen Seondeok (aka the best saeguk of ever). And yes, I am aware Dong Yi and The Great Queen Seondeok are set in different era.

I have so many questions about the ending, and I don’t think it actually answers the main question that I have since the first episode: Why and How. Overall, it’s a really interesting k-drama with fresh concept.

Final verdict: If you love K-drama, then you’ll at least like this one. If you hate K-drama, you might want to skip this one because it’s very cliche in terms of romance😅 Honestly, I wished it has more action than romance!😅

Sherlock S4

It didn’t start really well. I felt really underwhelmed with the Six Thatchers. The first half were so good, but the second half was a letdown. It was slow paced, and I hate the thing that happened with Mary. It just felt really rushed. Also, as much as I ship Johnlock, I hate the way Mary is used as a tool to emphazise the relationship of John and Sherlock. Mary Morstan is an independent, fierce, femme fatale that deserves better.

The Lying Detective was awesome though. It’s the Sherlock I love, filled with the high energy, sonic speed deduction, dark sarcastic humor, and plot twist that really messing with me. Not to mention the amazing character that is Mrs. Hudson. Sherlock is back, people. And that ending?? Totally didn’t see that coming. (Still hoping for Tom Hiddleston as Sherrinford).

If The Final Problem is the finale of the series, it was very underwhelming. The stakes are very high in this episode, there were lots of deaths and we delve deeper into the Holmes’ brothers past. But the thing is, the ending was very convinient. So all Euros wanted was Sherlock’s love? A hug and that’s it?  It just very anticlimatic.

Final verdict: I am so dissapointed. I waited so long for this one, plus this is ~supposed~ to be the series finale. Yet it doesn’t feel like Sherlock, the plot is not that engaging or complicated, and it feels like queer-baiting, especially with the ending (raising kids together? really?) All the female (or basically everyone?) in this show deserves better.

Descendants of the Sun

This one is a buddy re-watch with Puput 😜 We’ve been planning to do it since last year but only managed to do it this month (life happens guys!). One thing I realised during this re-watch is I don’t find it THAT good anymore…🙈 I mean I still love it, it’s still one of the best, but some scene just bored me and very cringe-y… The action are cool, the romance has some cute moments, but the overall romance is so cheesy I have to paused so many times to prevent too many facepalming😅 THE COUPLES ARE STILL PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER THOUGH. Also, I love Myeong Ju and Dae Yong more than Si Jin and Mo Yeon this time around hehe😍

Final verdict: If you haven’t watch it, go watch it. If you have…. well then go have a re-watch!

La La Land

Everyone was raving about this movie, it gets so many nominations, so despite being not interested, I figure that I should give it a try.  Well… I… didn’t love it. I mean, sure, the old hollywood thingy going on is cool, the chemistry between Emma and Ryan are good, the overall movie is very hopeful, if you know what I’m saying, but in the end, there’s something I couldn’t put my finger on that I didn’t like. Maybe because its a musical? I never been much of a fan of a musical. It also felt too long for me! But that ending though…. 😭😭😭 I’m 80% sure it will be a classic like Grease.

Final verdict: It’s not you, it’s me. I have never been a musical or romantic girl… so yeah.


Well well well… I finally did it! I watched some episodes of it randomly and really like it, but never actually watch it. Now I’ve done it and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT.

I always wanted to be a lawyer and work in tall buildings, but this show just take it to another level. They made law looks so amazing. Not to mention the dynamics between the characters? They’re just so good! I feel bad for Louis though, he’s weird but he’s really good at his job (he’s like Harvey but specialized in finance? He’s as good as Harvey??) so I don’t think his weird-ness is a reason for everyone to discredit him. I wish everyone (LOOKING AT YOU HARVEY DAMN SPECTER) would stop giving him shit. I know he’s not the best person, he can be vile and manipulative, but he would be loyal if people (again, you harvey specter and jessica pearson) would show him some respect and credit for his work!

But damn despite my previous rant about Louis, I really need to give all my hearts to Harvey Specter. Gabriel Macht did such an amazing job with him. He’s like ruthless, yet also caring with his inner circle. And I’m not saying his ruthless because he’s a jerk, he’s just the type of person who will do whatever it takes to win the case. But look how fast he gets protective with Mike! (literally sticking himself out to protect mike? “who did this no you’re not and when i’m done whoever did this won’t be either”? stoned harvey and mike???) My poor bromance feels can’t handle it. I also really like how we can see Harvey’s mood based on his facial expression. It’s so amazing that the actor doesn’t do much than change the way he’s staring and I’m just like “oh shit harvey’s pissed”. Let’s not forget that webisodes where he portrayed clueless. I laughed so hard omg. I do admit that he is a jerk, especially to Louis.

I need to say Jessica is amazing! Gina Torres also did an amazing thing portraying her, she’s the kind of femme fatale I want to be. She navigated the politics by her quick wit and Harvey’s recklessnes. You can also sense how Jessica appreciate Harvey, she’s extremely indulgent to his recklessnes and arrogancies!

Unpopular opinion alert: I don’t want Donna and Harvey becoming a couple! I prefer them as best friends.

Final verdict: GO WATCH IT.

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5 Replies to “Screen Rambles #1: January”

  1. OMG, I adored W and Descendants of the Sun. They were absolutely not perfect, which is easy for me to say since I’ve started to become more cynical of kdramas, but the overall feels of them were delightful. I agree with you that W’s beginning was the most magnetic, and it kinda fizzled out. While I was satisfied by the ending, it was also like “ehhh” because SO. MANY. PLOTHOLES. This happened with the writer’s other kdramas too, like Queen In-Hyun’s Man (which I heavily and mightily adored as well but can’t miss out on the deus ex machina-like endings). Still glad to see you enjoyed it though! And Descendants of the Sun wasn’t as much HYPE for me like other people – I enjoyed the middle episodes the best, while the beginning and end-ish parts were sooooo slow and melodramatic. (especially the last couple of episodes – talk about filler content!)

    I’m not going near The Great Wall. It sounds absolutely atrocious. And you’re telling me there’s a romance between the Chinese female warrior and the white savior?!?!?!?!?! F THAT. Hell no to the no to the no to the no. There are some famous Chinese actors I want to see in it, but not as much to subjugate myself to see my culture saved by two white males. F that.


    1. I’ve heard good things about Queen In-hyun’s Man, I really need to start watching it soon! I agree with W, so many plotholes! It’s unstatisfying. I knoww. I agree watching the Great Wall. Watching the great world wonder story ripped off like that really pissed me off.



    2. sorry to hear great wall sucked 😦 white saviour movies are the worst and will defs not be going to the cinema to support that
    3. i felt pretty much the same way about la la land. im not a musical kinda gal and i feel like there was a lot of things i didnt connect with which made it hard for me to love the movie as there were a lot of unspoken messages in the movie
    4. i personally loved sherlock s4. it’s one of my favs to date!!


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