How My Reading Nook Will Look Like (If I Ever Have One)

Hey guys! After several reviews that I posted this month, I decided to do some different post for the last week of April. You’ll have a discussion/features post on Thursday, and more reviews coming your way in May πŸ˜€ But first, let’s talk about today’s post.

Reading nook or a library (or both, if you’re lucky) is a must-have, goals, and dreams of every bookworm. Imagine that corner while you can curl yourself up with an amazing book, a corner that will always be there for you when you’re having a bad day or just want to read. Imagine lines of books on your bookshelves waiting for you to read or re-read them!


The place doesn’t have to be as large and have as many books as the citadel, but it’s definitely one of my goals to have a reading nook. It doesn’t have to be fancy or huge, what’s matter the most is it’s a place for me to read and read only. Today I decided to share with you guys how it will look like and must-have items on my place.


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So if you notice, all of the pictures above have similar qualities to them: HUGE windows, fluffy bed/mattress/whatever and pillows. I like to have lots of natural light and air when I’m reading, that’s why I prefer reading outdoors. When I’m indoor though, I always choose to read near a window. So they are definitely a must have for me!


I would prefer to have a window seat for my reading nook, so it’s really close to natural light. But at the same time, since Summer in Indonesia is usually feel like being in an oven, I could also have some fluffy sofas. We don’t want to sit on scorching hot window seat and burn out behind, do we?

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Those are some examples of my dream sofas, but maybe in different color. I’ll try to find some more pastel and neutral color like baby blue or dusty rose or maybe even go dark like navy, but not white. The thing is, sometimes I’m eating while I’m reading, and spills can cause great damages to white furnitures.

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Another must haves are pillows and blankets. Now, Indonesia is a tropical country, so I definitely do not need a lot of blankets, especially the fluffy ones. And I also not a pillow person, so I’d ended up throwing them on the floor while I’m reading. But I love them so much! Like, I love how they look together when the nook is unused you know? Who knows, it might lure someone to sit there and actually try read some books? Also, when it’s raining here, the temperature could drop to 23 or 25 C. I know it’s not much for you people who has winter, but it’s cold for me already! For pillows, I’d love to have something that look so basic and tumblr-ish, as you can see above. Who knows, maybe in 20 years my taste will change. As for blankets, well, it’s never change. GIMME ALL THE SOFT FLUFFY BLANKETS, likeΒ this, this, this, this, andΒ this.

For the decor, I don’t really need much. I prefer to have small carpet (so I can lay on the floor if I want to), 2 or more potted plants to add some burst of colors, and lamp. Plants can be anything, whether they are mini cacti, hanging plants above the windows, outside the windows, or huge plants on either side of the window. It doesn’t really matter, but I’d love to have something green to give more color. As for lamp, I prefer a tall, simple floor lamp. I think it will provide enough lighting for my “sleep is for the weak” reading session.

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Now, this reading nook wouldn’t be complete without bookshelves right? I know I said before that I don’t like white furnitures, but if I ever have my own bookshelf, I always envisioned it as white. And I know having a glass or door can keep your books longer (no dust and prevent yellowing of pages) but I prefer having my books full on display. I’d probably buy something like the one below, look how perfect it seems with the stairs and old feeling it has. It’s like a mini library!


So those are some break downs on how my reading nook will look like, when I have my own place. All images are linked in their caption, but you can browse more sofas and shelves by clicking here, lighting by clicking here, as well as pillows and blankets by visiting Target, Ikea and Urban Outfitters website! If you need more inspiration and daily updates, you can follow Arhaus on twitter.

Where do you usually read? Do you have special place to read? If you don’t, what will yours look like?


13 thoughts on “How My Reading Nook Will Look Like (If I Ever Have One)

  1. I really love the choices you’ve made! Everything looks so bright and airy! Natural light is definitely a lovely thing. Normally I’m drawn to darker-colored furniture, but I can see how white shelves would really make the books pop!


  2. Oh, I love this post! You made some great choices. I’d definitely go for something with a minimalistic feel (plain white walls, white furniture, etc. but with some colourful accents) and I’d also like a corner with a comfy couch and dozens of pillows and blankets πŸ™‚


  3. AH this is such a great post, I want ALL these things- especially the bookcase at the end! I usually just read in bed, and my shelves are scattered everywhere. I really want a BIG shelf- one that covers a whole wall or something- and I would want something nice and fluffy too! Like the poofiest couch ever, and a really plush rug, and definitely a nice lamp… ah, we can dream, right? πŸ˜‰


  4. I love this post so, SO much. My dream house is in this Scandinavian style – lots of natural light, light-coloured woods and pastels, and this is probably what my dream reading nook would look like as well. ONE DAY. πŸ™


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