Book Cover Doppelgänger

Have you ever see a book cover and just think that it looks familiar or extremely similar to other covers?

Because I’ve seen them. A LOT.

When there are countless of books printed in this world, being a cover designer must be a hard job. They have to be creative, creating eye catching cover, while still represented the story and characters contained in the book. Which is why sometimes we see cover that looks similar with each other. It’s fine really.

But sometimes, those covers look EXACTLY similar with each other. Like they are using the same stock pictures. Sometimes, they don’t even bother to edit it out by adding filter or whatsoever. It’s just there. So today I’m going to show you some covers that look similar with each other, while going a bit “who wore it better” with these covers. I’m not going to talk about the very obvious and mainstream one like that 98935025 NA books that use the same male abs pictures or that couple from LUX series that’s so famous they have their own listopia. This one will be for more recent books and it’s similar covers.

Disclaimer: This post does not mean to discredited the person behind the cover or the book. As long as the cover represented the book, hey, why not? It’s just something that bugs me a lot, that’s why I’m writing this post. Not bad intentions or whatsoever.



Okay, this one is not exactly the same, but it’s pretty similar. The whole flower pierced with arrow and the petal scattered in the background? Same concept, different execution. For this one, I prefer And I Darken cover. I mean, Rose Petal Graves’ is gorgeous, but that shade of purple happens to be my favorite, and it’s lighter than the pink so it stands out more against the dark background.


Again, similar. I’d say around 98% similar? Red hear girls, leather jacket, tank top, black jeans, sword, dark fog forming circles around the girls… heck, even both of them are wearing necklaces and their hair are the same. I think the only differences is the model facial expression and the bracelet position. For this one, I also prefer the more famous cover, the Shadowhunters poster of Clary. It’s just darker and the whole dark colors make her profile (especially her supposed red hair) stands out more.


This one is 100% similar. Just different cut, filter, font type and color. Again, I prefer The Girl from the Well. The red and font type really makes the whole thing creepier, and I think it perfectly fits the story. I’m afraid of Japanese ghost, and this cover made me terrified to actually reading this book.


Another case of same idea, different execution. I really like that shade of red, but on a whole, Queens of Geek cover works better because it has bigger fonts and neon pink. I mean, it’s very eye catching y’all. The red is both bright, but also muted, while the pink is more vibrant LOOK AT ME READ ME.


O..kay, this one is not really similar. But if you only take a glance at Rise of the Dawnstar, you might think that it’s a book part of Doon series. Well, it isn’t. But I get why you’d think that. I mean, the concept is similar I think. And I’m sure it will work very well as part of Doon series.

Have you seen any cover that looks familiar?



39 thoughts on “Book Cover Doppelgänger

  1. THAT cover paired with shadowhunters is eerily similar omg.I was looking at this picture from a few feet away at first and I thought they were same? but yeah,the bracelet gave it away 🙂

    Great post,Tasya


  2. OMG SO SIMILAR! I remember seeing the cover of Animals Under the Fur and being reminded of Queens of Geek! Also the very first one..the new 10 year anniversary cover for Vampire Academy looks similar to it! Same black and pink rose in a black background!


  3. Omg these are SO familiar!! And yes, I See familiar covers all the time and it drives me crazy…especially when it’s a stock image reused. The Accident Season and Heir To The Sky basically are the same. I also hate it when books reuse the same fonts. Like Paper Towns and Extraordinary Means? That font is SO popular. 🙈🙊 It just feels tacky for some reason!


  4. Oh yeah, I’ve definitely seen some super similar covers. It’s a bit more varied nowadays, but I remember a bit over 3-5 years ago all the YA covers were girls faces or girls in pretty dresses. I’m so glad the covers have grown to be more unique and interesting since then.


  5. Oh gosh, I had seen Animals Under the Fur and Queens of Geek… but Fate’s Fables and Shadowhunters are RIDICULOUSLY similar!! That’s amazing, in a sad and funny way.
    Goodness, if I ever became an author, I’d definitely want my covers to be unique (like Not Your Sidekick’s cover)!


  6. Oh wow what a GREAT post – some covers definitely seem quite similar but here….they are really twins ahah, it’s crazy, and kind of annoying…Couldn’t they check before doing the same kind of cover? I don’t know, it makes me a bit sad. Even if this doesn’t take off the uniqueness of what’s inside the book, well… jeez, why are there twins like that ahah.


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