Screen Rambles: April


Fate of the Furious

I’m one of those people that actually think this series have already went too long and need to stop, soon. But I can help to follow the hype and actually excited to watch it! I have mixed feelings about it.

This 8th instalment of the Fast and Furious franchise has cool action and plot, but cheesy lines. At this point I think we all can ignore the superhuman strength of the characters and the very extra action scenes. So what we have left is fast cars and explosives💥. And despite how cliche and repetitive they are (8 movies guys!) some of them still exciting to see for me. The plot is also pretty interesting. Dom, who always “family first” is betraying his family? Very intriguing.

I really enjoyed the characters too! The relationship between them… that’s how a team should be. I wish there’s more to Roman than as comedic relief, but other than that, they are fine. I love the addition of Mr. Nobody and Nobody Jr. Also Shaw. I just wish the death of Han and Gisele are adressed more instead of sweeping it under the rug. I love them, but they seem too easy in accepting Shaw.

Rate: 4/5 stars

Do I recommend it? Yes, if you enjoy the Fast and Furious franchise or just simply curious.

Supernatural Season 7

I’m sorry to say this, but I find this season to be meh for me😟. Even though there are some deaths that punch me and some moments that caught me by surprise, the overall plot just wasn’t interesting. It didn’t grip me and tbh I mostly used this season as background noise while I was doing my schoolwork. As much as I love SPN, I truly think this show has been going on for so long. The last enjoyable season for me was season 5, and from my random watching, the next enjoyable season would be season 8 or 10. Also season 12 because of that finale WHAT THE HELL. I will continue though, because some plot in the future seasons really interest me.

Rate: 1.5/5 stars

Do I recommend it? Eh… no. But you can’t exactly skip a season so…

Boss Baby

I didn’t expect much when we decided to see this movie, but IT WAS CUTE AND ADORABLE. There are plot holes, yes, but overall I really enjoyed it. The boss baby? So damn cute. Look at those little tantrums and ass walking around. The movie kinda reminded me of Rugrats.

But what made me loved the movie so much is how it perfectly captures my feeling of being the first child. Before my sister, all the attention and toys were mine. I spent a lot of time with my parents, from my waking to me sleeping. When my sister came home, it all changes, exactly as it was in the movie. Time together? What is time. They were too busy with my sister. Some of my pictures were replaced with my sister’s. My beloved toys? All goes to my sister. I don’t hate her, but at that time, when I was a smol bean who didn’t understand anything, it sure feels like I was replaced😂. Now, I love her so much, but when I saw the movie, it really reminded me on what I felt at that time.

That gets personal very quickly, but overall I really enjoyed it, it was nostalgic, adorable and fun to watch.

Rate: 4.5/5 stars

Do I recommend it? YES. Especially if you’re a first-born😂😂😂




5 Replies to “Screen Rambles: April”

  1. I’m so not a a TV show watcher haha! I know my friend is obsessed with Supernatural though, and I can imagine her reaction to your 1.5 star rating. XD And I’ve heard of Boss Baby! It looks really funny and I’m glad you liked it! Alec Baldwin is the best.


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