Top 5 Wednesday #17: Fandom I Already Left


Welcome to another edition of Top 5 Wednesday! Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by the lovely Samantha and Lainey. You can check the group here for more discussions and topic!

This week topic is about fandoms I already left. In case you don’t know it yet: I’m a huge fandom person. I don’t like things, I obsessed over them and join their fandoms😂 But over the time, I’ll lost interest because of some things and well, left the fandom. It’s rare, but it happened before. So here are some of them, and if there are some that you’re in… I’m sorry that I left you guys😶

Belieber & Directioners

Late 2000s and early 2010s me will cry if they ever saw this post. When JB first debuted, I’m just a smol bean who didn’t understand internet so I collect newspaper clips about him and followed news about him as much as I can. My World and My World 2.0? I can recite and sing all the songs perfectly, and I’m that type of person that can’t remember song lyrics. But when his 3rd album came out (Mistletoe?), his music changes too much for my taste that I didn’t like him anymore. And so, I left the fandom.

One Direction was the next love of my life. At this point I was very active on tumblr and twitter, so I was very updated on all the drama. Zux and Dark fanfic? The boys getting lost in Sydney (or somewhere in AUS)? Their first tattoo? The rise of Zerrie? Danielle Peazer? Larry and the rumor that Eleanor Calder is a fake girlfriend to cover for Larry? Louis’ thrust everytime he sings Everything About You? Moments suicide rumor? I WAS THERE THROUGH IT ALL. I also remember the whole Up All Night album perfectly. The funny thing is my case 1D is the opposite with JB: 1D’s songs are too similar. Between Up All Night and Take Me Home, there are songs that exactly the same and just too familiar. I don’t like change but I’d love some variations, guys. And so, I also left the fandom.

Trust me when I say I love the singer because of their songs, not their looks. Justin Bieber and One Direction are the examples of that.


I swear I used to love this more than Hunger Games. When I first read Divergent, it truly blew me away. Tris was such a strong character and the whole factions and tattos idea are very compelling. Then Insurgent came out and I was like “meh”, but decided to continue. But Allegiant…. I can’t. It’s not the ending, I think it’s okay and I applaud Veronica Roth for a very different ending from all the happy endings in YA dystopia. But the amount of unecessary filler deaths and the overall plot are just sucks. At the end of the book, I wasn’t surprised anymore with the final death because I feel nothing anymore from all the filler deaths. They are meant to invoke feels at all, but in the end they just become too much it’s ridiculous. And the movie… oh god do we even have to go there? Worst adaptations ever.

Barbie Movies

These movies are my childhood. I might do a post about all my favorite barbie movies, but for this one, I need to explain my reason for leaving the fandom. Have you ever watch the 2000s barbie movies? Rapunzel, Nutcracker, 12 Dancing Princesses and stuff? Now have you watch the recent ones? The ones filled with fairies and nonsense magic and just UGH. It doesn’t even feel like the same Barbie anymore😢

The Vampire Diaries

I used to be a hardcore fan of TVD. I read the books, love them. Watch the show, also loved them. But then the sequels (the Return ones) are very bad, and as the season progressed, the characters kept dying and brought back and there are just too much drama. And yes I know that SPN also does the same thing but they don’t really handle that much drama in a season… I just can’t handle them anymore. I’d love to rewatch season 1-3 though, they were amazing.

Teen Wolf

This one still broke my heart everytime I think about it. I LOVED this show. I was so invested in the characters and the plot. But then, after season 3, it all went downhill. I tried to watch season 4 and I managed to finish it, but I can’t even finish the first episode of the 5th season. It’s just horrible. I’m waiting for the finale though, hopefully A LOT of old characters will make a comeback!


26 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday #17: Fandom I Already Left

  1. All of these made me cringe but also brought back some really great memories. It’s hard to believe that all of that stuff happened about 7-8 years ago. It makes me feel old. Awesome post, it really made feel nostalgic.

    I’m new to blogging and book reviewing, and am very impressed by your blog. I was wondering if you had any tips for newbie bloggers and book reviewers.

    If you have the time, please check out my blog @breenysbooks. I’d love any feedback. Have a wonderful day.


  2. It takes a LOT for me to be in a fandom. I think I have considered myself part of maybe 3, ever? So yeah. I don’t leave them easily, or join them easily hah. But I feel you with Divergent. I looooved that series, but you’re so right- it wasn’t just the ending (I didn’t love it, I’ll be honest, but like you said, I didn’t care by the end, ugh), the whole last book was such a mess! The movies… oy. They were so messy that it didn’t even feel like the same franchise? So I just watched them for funsies 😉


  3. I had the same thoughts as you as Divergent! I loved the first book so much but was so disappointed at Allegiant that I never recommend it ever lol. I loved TVD TV series though but stopped watching it eventually.


  4. Ah yes I get what you mean about Divergent- that was definitely a bold ending- but the rest of the book was really frustrating for me and there were so many problems with the idea in the end!! I loved TVD for the first three seasons- but that show went totally off the rails- especially since they just kept dying and coming back to life. It meant there were just no stakes anymore (no pun intended). I couldn’t bring myself to care when anyone died after that and then it got to the point when I was hoping certain characters would die cos they just irritated me so much… in short, I’m definitely off the TVD train. Teen Wolf was so great at the start- but you’re right- it just got plain weird after a while! I did watch it to the end, but I have to say I have absolutely no idea what happened in the penultimate season and the final season made only slightly more sense.


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