Change and Possibility of Hiatus

Hi guys, just wanted to pop in to give some quick news.

I knew my May wrap-up title is 3 months holiday, but I actually got an internship so it won’t be an actual off month. It’s an internship I’m very very very excited to start and it’s my first one ever. Honestly I didn’t think I would get it, since it’s in public affair section and I’m in science major so it’s totally different and I have no experience, but I did and I am excited about it.

I’ve highlighted before that I hate change, and as you can guess, while I’m excited, I am also terrified for this experience. This is my first time ever doing internships and I’m really afraid that I’ll messed up. What if I’m not up to their standard? What if.. I just suck at it?


So for the hiatus part… this internship is really far from my home, so I need to move out for 3 months.


Tbh I don’t know whether I’m more scared of dissapointing them or moving to another province for 3 months. You guys knew how freaked out I was when I went to uni (which is only 2 hours away and turns out I went home almost every weekend) so I don’t know how I’ll handle this. I mean I got over living alone pretty quickly at uni, so I think I’ll be fine. And I am actually excited to explore Surabaya, but still, it’s scary…

Back to the topic of hiatus, starting tomorrow, I will be moving from Jakarta to Surabaya where my internship is, and I don’t know whether I’ll have the time and actual internet connection to blog. Not that Surabaya is a small city, it’s a metropolitan actually, but even in the capital city (Jakarta), the internet can have a bad connection. I’ve scheduled some post for June and July, but they are scarce and I don’t know about August.

That’s all for today’s update, if I do go on hiatus, I hope you guys will have an amazing summer (northern hemisphere, hi!) or winter (don’t worry southern hemisphere, I didn’t forget about you) break. Wish me luck and see you soon!




21 Replies to “Change and Possibility of Hiatus”

  1. Of course I’m sad about the hiatus but that is SO AWESOME that you got that internship! I also got my first internship this summer (in biochemistry), but it’s at the university near my house so I won’t have to travel very far. I know travel is scary, but just remember to have fun and bring some stuff from home to carry with you!


    1. Well surprise! It’s not a hiatus 😀 I got internet here but it wasn’t that good so it might have been a semi-hiatus instead of full blown m.i.a 😀 Whooo that’s so cool! I might try to get biomedical related internship for next year 😀 Thanks Erin, goodluck for your internship!


  2. Best of luck for your internship, I hope it will be very interesting and that you’ll have fun 🙂 Also, I hope these new surroundings will be great to explore and that you’ll get used to the changes quickly, but I’m sure you will 🙂


  3. Our internship here last for only a month. I would be excited thinking it’s 3 months for you! Good luck and enjoy your stay at Subaraya. I’m just sad that your internship is far from what you took at uni.


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