About Albus Dumbledore

20 years of Harry Potter! How amazing is that?? It’s also July, which is also the birthday month of Harry Potter and Neville Longbottom so we can kinda say July is definitely a HP month. Following that theme, my discussion this month will be about HP. For this one, it’s more specific on Albus Dumbledore.

Like Harry and most of the people who read HP, I idolized Dumbledore. He is a father figure, as well as the ancient-wise-powerful mentor figure usually present in fantasy story. He’s also have good sense of humor, amazing magical skills, even more amazing magical stuff, and very eye-catching costume. But as I grow older, I grew disillusioned by him. Maybe it started from Deathly Hallows, with Aberforth story. Or maybe it’s something else, because at that point, I basically glossed the whole thing. Now it’s different though, I ~kinda~ doubt whether he’s a good person or just another power-hungry person. Why you ask? Well lucky you, I’m about to explain it to you one by one.


Disclaimer: This post is going to be full of spoilers. If you have never read the books and watch the movie, which basically mean if you know nothing of HP even know nothing about certain parts (like you only read until book 2 and watch movie 4, you don’t know what happened in 2 and so on) STAY AWAY. I hold no responsibility of spoiling your HP experience.

You have been warned.

First of all, because he sent Harry to the Dursley’s House.

“But Tasya, it’s necessary for Harry protection!” I hear you say. Well, I don’t think it is. Voldemort is gone, and the rest of the death eaters are being hunted by the wizarding world. Even if he’s present though, like we saw in Philosopher’s Stone, he CAN’T TOUCH HARRY. Harry literally burns him, since Lily’s blood run though his veins. So why does he had to send Harry to Petunia and Vernon’s house, where he knows for sure Harry will be abused? Why don’t let him stay with Sirius or McGonagall, or even raise him himself?? I’m 100000% sure if Harry stays with either one of them, he’ll be better at dueling and can actually produce a deadly spell instead of expelliarmus all the time. Also, he knew the Dursley was abusing Harry, I mean his Hogwarts letter address was “the cupboard under the stairs” yet it took him 15 years to pay them a personal visit, and it’s only because he needed Harry for his personal gain (persuading Slughorn).

I’m also pretty sure that it doesn’t have to be Harry who faces Voldemort. Dumbledore’s said it himself that Voldemort’s belief in the prophecy, his act of killing James and Lily started this whole thing up, meaning it’s Voldemort who chose Harry. But can’t Harry have Hocrux hunting as his final mission, and Dumbledore trains other duelling champion to go face to face with Voldemort? Because tbh, if you think about it, Harry only won twice duelling against Voldemort by sheer luck: the first time it’s priori incantatem, the second time it’s because Voldy’s wand is actually Harry’s. If it wasn’t for those things, his expelliarmus won’t do him any good. I mean if expelliarmus is so good for duelling, why do they need to create other duelling spells? Harry was barely an adult when he faced Voldemort, what if he failed? Also, I don’t think the prophecy mentioned specifically Harry has to duel Voldemort. For all we know, the hero destined to kill Voldemort could be Neville (who killed the last hocrux, Nagini the snake) thus enabling Voldemort to be killed. Without him, we would see fetus Voldy 2.0. So, who says Harry can’t defeat Voldemort by Hocrux hunting?

Between the time of James and Lily’s death and GoF, why did no one do death eater’s hunt? Don’t tell me it’s because they are influential and have no proof, Sirius went to prison despite shady proof and Dumbledore has a lot of influence with the ministry if he wants to use it to start a death eater hunt- or save Sirius in that matter.

While we are on Sirius, let’s move on to the whole group of the marauders. I love talking about them (even write a whole post about them) and I don’t think it will ever stop because there’s still so much to discuss. Ahem. So here’s what I thought about Dumbledore and Marauders. First, I think Dumbledore knew about the change in the secret keeper thing. I mean, he’s the head of Order, I don’t think James and Lily will risk not telling him because he’s the freaking head and there’s no way Dumbledore is a spy. Second, Dumbledore did not try to help Sirius. He went straight to Azkaban without any fair trial and Dumbledore did not even try ONCE to ask him, interogate him, or visit him? Or maybe visit the crime scene?? Yet when Ron Weasley told him the truth in PoA, he believed him instantly? Dumbledore was there during the Marauders era, I bet he knows how freaking close they are, especially James and Sirius, yet there’s not even a bit of doubt in him that Sirius did it? He saw 7 years of Marauders (7 yEARs OF IT!!) yet he believed Ron’s story, who only knew Sirius for few minutes and know Dumbledore for 3 years.


And no, I’m not done. When James, Lily, and Peter died, Sirius went into prison, did Dumbledore even care about Lupin? For what we know, no he didn’t because the only time we see Dumbledore in contact with Lupin is in PoA, 12 years after James and Lily’s death, also because he needed something from him. Did Dumbledore tried to give him help? A job maybe in Hogsmeade through his connection? Anything? I don’t think so, because we all knew Dumbledore found Lupin in extreme poverty condition. After all Lupin’s has done for the Order, Dumbledore do not even try to help him. He threw both Sirius and Lupin away like they did not matter, because frankly, at that point, I don’t think they did matter to Dumbledore. He secured the Boy Who Lived, there’s no need for another Order since he already had his prodigy right?

TL;DR: Dumbledore is shady af. 

So that’s all my brain dump about Albus Dumbledore. What do you think about him? Did my post change your opinion? (I really hope not).


13 thoughts on “About Albus Dumbledore

  1. I agree with about 99% of what you say here, but I’m going to be that person who says something about Dumbledore leaving Harry at the Dursley’s. I truly think he was doing the right thing when Harry was a baby. When Harry was 11 and it’s clear that Harry is not safe there, I’m not sure what Dumbledore could have done at that point, but I feel like Dumbledore could have done something at that point. However, the day James and Lily dies, Dumbledore thought Sirus was the secret keeper, so Sirus probably wasn’t a good choice He was also a 22 (ish) year-old single man. We don’t know much about where Remus was, and although more mature than Sirus he was also about 22 and a werewolf so that probably isn’t the best place for an infant. Petunia and Veron are Harry’s only living family. I don’t think Dumbledore thought they would be abusive to Harry. As much as I don’t like Petunia, Lily was her sister. It would make sense that she would feel for the boy. Dumbledore has a lot of faults, but I don’t think bringing infant Harry to the Dursley’s is one of them. Letting 11-year-old Harry go back to that house, completely is.


    1. Yeah I get that point about Sirius and Remus probably too your to take care for an infant at that time and I guess he doesn’t have an option either. I just wished he would do something like send a warning to the Dursley’s to treat Harry better… I mean his letter is addressed to “cupboard under the stairs”!

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  2. Hmmm … you make some good points. I don’t know that this persuades me not to love Dumbledore, but I can understand your arguments. Some of these can be explained by the simple fact that Dumbledore is human and can make mistakes. For instance, he thought that sending Harry to the Dursley’s was the safest thing—he didn’t KNOW what would happen, though, so he could only do what he thought would be best. As a mom, I know that sometimes doing the “best” thing for your kids (or anyone you care about) can be tougher than you think!

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    1. I agree that it was the safest option with Sirius still young and has infamous for his reckless tendency and Remus being a werewolf. But he doesn’t do anything either during the 10 years interim between Harry’s comeback to the wizarding world to ensure it will at least be a safer place…


  3. This is really interesting. I thought it was really interesting in the last book (I can’t remember which one?) when Rita Skeeter writes the book about the “truth about Dumbledore” or whatever and we start to think, “Wait. Maybe Dumbledore isn’t perfect? He’s kind of messed up?” I thought that was a really interesting part of the story. But I love the things you brought up that I never thought about before, like how Dumbledore basically forgets about Sirius and Lupin. That is really sad, honestly. I hadn’t thought about that before, so I love that you said something about it.

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    1. Ooh for me it started in the 5th book… he admitted that he knew Voldemort will create a connection with Harry and I know he kept his distance to help Harry but imagine how he must feel… Like he doesn’t feel in control of himself and the only person he look up too that might have known what happened left him…


  4. Dumbledore definitely has a TON of issues. I don’t know if the author meant to do it, but in some ways it’s a great reflection of what actually happens as we grow up: changing from semi-hero worship of our parents to seeing them as people, flawed individuals like everyone else. Great post!

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  5. I started being disillusioned with Dumbledore as I read fanfiction. Light-bashing can do that to you, but you can also find some stories that bring up interesting counters to your arguments. It could very well be that the Hogwarts letters are automatically sent out, like when they flood the Dursleys’ house. If they’re handwritten, surely the person responsible for writing the letters would have noticed the unusual, disturbing address. But we don’t know definitively if that happens in the books because we haven’t been given that information yet. One point that isn’t derived from fanfiction: At one point or another, Voldy is going to decide the prophecy is more important than anything. He clearly believed a baby could destroy him, so Dumbledore could only do so much to prevent Harry from being the Chosen One.

    I agree with you on all of your other points about why Dumbledore isn’t a great guy. Why did he have magical custody of Harry? Wouldn’t someone have been a backup to Sirius? Also about the Marauders, why couldn’t Dumbledore pull strings to get Sirius a trial?


    1. Yes it could be automatic with the wizard tendencies to rely on magic that they barely paid attention to their task… I mean if my quill could write by itself why would I bother 😀 But anyway yeah, I hate how he left Sirius and Remus alone when they needed him the most, yet they still have so much faith on him.


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