The Get to Know Me Uncomfortably Well Tag

You guys know how much I love doing tags. I used to do them a lot but recently, I limit them to once a month because it seems like I’m in a reading/blogging kicks and have a lot of contents to dump on the blog. Today’s tag is going to be another get to know me tag that I saw on Paper Riot more than a year ago. So basically the prompts come from a list on tumblr (the original post was deleted, but thankfully Ellis copied them before and we have to pick minimum 15 prompts and answer them. Since I’m going to be 19 this year, I guess you guys should get to know me uncomfortably well so I will be doing 19 prompts for this tag.

9. How tall are you?

I’m a smol human, only 156 cm or around 5.0853 ft.

10. What shoe size are you?

I’m 36-37 EU size, which is 6 in US and 4 in UK size, respectively.

19. Do you want a church wedding?

I do! (see what I did there) I always thought they are beautiful and while I’m not sure whether I’ll get married or not, I definitely want to get a church wedding 👰

20. Are you religious?

Um… I guess? I would love to have a better relationship with God because I think at this point I’m on a shaky ground with my faith.

28. What type of music do you like?

My music taste is pretty erratic… I guess I’m more on the pop/rock/indie spectrum. Some of my favorites are Panic! at the Disco, 30 Seconds to Mars, Urban Zakapa, and Kodaline.

35. Have you ever tried archery?

No, but I’d love to try! Maybe someday soon.

39. Do you have any scars?

Yep, on my ankle. I feel from a scooter when I was a kid and somehow get a wound there. I thought it will heal but it ended up scarring my ankle.

42. Are you a good judge of character?

Nope. I mean, sometimes my insticts about people were correct, but most of the time they were wrong 😅 It’s good at judging situations though, so no complaint since my instinct has saved me from shady situations too many times.

44. Do you have a strong accent?

Yes! When I speak English I can’t shake my Indonesian (Asian?) accent, so my pronounciation tend to sound “flat” and you can tell that I’m Asian😂 Also, I can’t stop rolling my Rs. Instead of pronouncing IRON as “ion”, I pronounced it as “irrrrron”😂

45. What is your favourite accent?

Spanish! Along with Italian and British.

53. Favourite foreign food?

Sushi! I swear I could eat them everyday and I won’t get sick of them 🍣 I mean, all japanese food are amazing, but sushi is definitely on top of my list.

56. Most used word?

Damn. I used it a lot when I’m chatting with my friends. Also really?? because it seem like I find it hard to believe in things.

58. Do you have much of an ego?

I’d totally say yes for this one. I can truly accept that my ego is my biggest downfall.

70. Have you ever been scuba-diving?

Nope, but I’d love to. I mean Indonesia is such an amazing place to do scuba diving (Bali and Raja ampat??) and yet I never done it. I plan to get a diving license before I turn 20 though!🌊

72. Are you scared of the dark?

Yes. I’m actually one of those people who sleep with the light on. When someone turn off the light I would know and just woke up. I can’t sleep with the light’s off, I’ll get anxious and ended up not sleeping at all, which just make everything worse 😰😰😰

74. Are you ticklish?

Also yes. Very. Tickle me everywhere and I’d react like crazy.

81. Can you roll your Rs?

Yess. We Indonesians have a lot of Rs in our words and all of them are rolling Rs. It gets me so much trouble when I speak English because the words are not supposed to have rolling Rs.

86. What are you allergic to?

Shrimps, lobster, crabs… basically every crustacean I guess. They caused my lips to swell and itchiness.

100. Colour of your room?

My bedroom is blue and purple, my dorm is all white.


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13 thoughts on “The Get to Know Me Uncomfortably Well Tag

  1. This is a cool tag! I’m with ya on the sushi front– even though I’m not the biggest fan of raw fish (I live in a land-locked state) I love sushi! Man, now I want sushi……


  2. There’s like 2cm of difference between us – I’m 158cm! I consider myself ~smol~ as well but I gotta say, I like being this height and I rather think it’s the perfect height for me.

    RE: sleeping with the lights on and accents, I’m like the opposite – I sleep much, MUCH easier with the lights off and I can’t roll my ‘r’s so they’re always under-enunciated. 😂


      1. High heels, my friend. High heels are where it’s at… at least for me. 😂

        Haha, that sounds fun (though must be annoying, I assume?). I’ve never had to share a room with a sibling in my entire life and always wondered what that would be like. 😛


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