7 Blacksheep Bookish Opinions

When it comes to reading popular books, there are only 2 things that can happen: either it blows me away or it underwhelms me. The reason for this reactions is simple, it’s the hype surrounding the book. When a book is getting popular, there will be a lot of hype surrounding it. The positive, glowing reviews started to pouring in, all of them gushing on the amazing-ness of the book. Guess what follows next? Expectations.

Now, I don’t blame the reviewers. After all, I am one myself. However, when everyone is gushing about the same book over and over again, when that book appears on twitter, instagram, tumblr, goodreads, and your feeds, you can’t help but starting to build expectations around the book. On how you imagine it will goes, on how amazing the cast is and how fast/slow the plot is. When these expecations are fulfilled, I’ll be blown away. When it’s not, well, I’m underwhelmed.


In fact, I have quite a few of those popular books where it just doesn’t live up to the hype and underwhelms me. Spoiler alert: these books are insanely popular. Again, just because I put your favorites on my list, does not mean that I personally attack you. It’s just it doesn’t fit me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Please don’t throw tomatoes at me.

1. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Let’s start with the most controversial one. I read this back when it was really hyped up. I even bought the hardcover version of it, and I never buy books in hardcover. But hey, this book was so hyped up, so I’m gonna loved it right? Right??

Well, it’s not that I disliked it, I just feel meh about it. I think it’s actually because I can’t connect with the characters. I hate the way they talk. I don’t believe that teens could talk like that, spewing deep and philosophical words everytime they talk. Also, I feel like I know nothing about them! Hazel and Gus are like carbon copy of each other. What are they before their cancer? What are they after their cancer? It’s like they are consumed with their illness and romance and have nothing outside of that. Apparently, this book supposed to make me cry but I didn’t. Not even a single drop. Why would I cry for a character I know nothing about?

I liked Isaac though. And I do like Isaac and Gus friendship more than Gus and Hazel. He really deserves better #JusticeforIsaac.

2. Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Another one I feel meh about (more towards hate though). Like the others, I was so pumped about this book when it was first released. The cover was amazing, the blurb sounds interesting, and everyone is giving that book a glowing reviews. When it was released, I immediately devoured it and well…

I was dissapointed.

I expected more! It felt like a rip off from several famous dystopian books mashed into one. And a bad one at that. I mean… rich vs poor? Special snowflake reluctant heroine with hidden power destined to lead a rebellion? A love polygon? They are elements from every dystopian book ever. Division based on blood? Go read Red Rising. Tournament for marrying the prince? Go read The Selection. The characters aren’t interesting or memorable. The rebellion was pretty weak. Don’t let me start on the romance. What romance? It’s really unoriginal and just a mess in my opinion.

I’m so dissapointed in this one that I don’t even want to continue with the series- which is okay because I’ve seen lots of bad reviews about Glass Sword. So yeah. I regret nothing except hyping myself up for this book.

3. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

This one is more of “it’s not you, it’s me” case. I just dislike the characters in general. The main character, Cath is so shy and anxious that she eats granola bars in the bathroom instead of having real food on the first few days of uni. I get that some people have severe case of anxiety and I don’t blame you guys, but for Cath it’s more like she doesn’t want to grow up and doesn’t want to let go of her family comfort bubble rather than social anxiety. The rest of the book is pretty unmemorable. I can’t recall the other characters except the cool roomate (her name is Reagan I think? or is it the other twin?). The Simon Snow excerpt were amazing and the only thing that kept me going, unfortunately, Carry On turns out to be such a dissapointment too.

4. Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

I really liked the Simon Snow bits in Fangirl, so of course I’m really excited to read this book! It brought the nostalgic feeling of HP, something most of us have been looking for. But for the first 100 pages or so, it felt completely like HP rip off. And a bad one because it feels like you’re reading HP from book 7. There are so many things that seemed to be happened in the previous years, so it was like “remember when we slay hippogrif at 3rd year” or “remember when we defeat …” or something like that. To make things worse, Simon Snow is just immature and too dependant with The Mage. The Mage this, The Mage that, let’s tell him, let’s wait for him, and so on. The girl of the trio is like Hermione’s know-it-all behaviour x1000. And there’s no build-up on the whole Simon and Baz romance, because we don’t know their history and what happened in the previous year! Ugh.

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5. Bad Romeo by Leisa Rayven

Aka the worst book in this list. This one is just plain terrible. The characters are unlikeable, the plot is terrible and repetitive. Our male MC, Ethan, is just downright rude and toxic. He degrades Cassandra in front of their whole class and she should be okay with it because he was jealous?? I don’t care what his past or his problem is, there’s no excuse for that kind of behaviour. And our female MC, Cassandra, is terrible because she’ll forgive Ethan no matter what he’s doing because she’s horny for him.

I dislike NA in general, but this one really makes my blood boils.

6. Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake

The beginning was awesome. It has such an amazing early seasons of SPN vibe, where there were roadtrips and ghost hunting, which is really what I expected when I read this book. Anna is also a very creepy and dangerous ghost, murdering people left and right. But then, for some reason, the author decided that a romance is needed in this book. I don’t mind if it’s well written, but the thing is: it’s not. It’s a case of insta-love which is totally unbelieveable since the party involved should’ve known better, especially if one of them has a vendetta and personal family mission. It’s just unbelieveable, with no chemistry and no build up at all. Sorry.

7. Masque of the Red Death by Bethany Griffin

I was excited to read this book; it sounded like the perfect gothic book, which is something I love in general. Some of the examples are Wuthering Heights, Dracula and Frankensten. However, when I actually read it, the story was just all over the place and progressing too fast without any information given to the readers. There was supposed to be a plauge killing so many people, yet the rich are still partying and the mood shift was too quick. All those deaths and I felt nothing. Then there’s also this case of the weirdest insta-love and love triangle present there, and after it happened, I didn’t feel like the story is progressing at all.

So those are my 7 blacksheep opinions on popular books! Do you have any? Is there any similar opinions with mine?



28 Replies to “7 Blacksheep Bookish Opinions”

  1. I tend to avoid books with lots of hype because I build up expectations like you said and I am nearly always disappointed. As I read a lot of books that I know others are reading if I haven’t read a book then I avoid all reviews until I have if I see it everywhere so it doesn’t colour my opinions.


  2. You are so right about expectations 😀 they mess up the book for me a lot of the times. I don’t think I’m even going to read a lot of these books you mentioned for that very reason. Hyped books tend to not.. impress me. However, I might read some of those Rowell ones, as I’ve only read Attachments and loved it 🙂


  3. I had zero interest in Carrry On. I love RR, however, those were my least favorite parts of Fangirl. (I actually like her adult novels the best) I really liked Red Queen, but the series was all down hill after that. I read the second book and abandoned the series. Most of my black sheep opinions come with my adult romance novels.


  4. I actually REALLy appreciate how you said it’ snot a reviewers fault if you don’t end up liking a review they raved about!! Because it really ticks me off when people are like “omg the reviewer lied and I’ll never trust them again”…because like??? We all have different opinions and are not a hive mind???😂 So anyway! Don’t feel bad about not loving hyped books of course heeh. I didn’t like Red Queen either. It totally ripped off Red Rising x The Selection. And I read 1 page of Anna Dressed in Blood and got annoyed because it was the FIRST EPISODE OF SUPERNATURAL plus the protagonist was named Cas?? Hmm.

    Anyway my unpopular opinion would be loathing Sarah J Maas books.😂 I have to hide that one usually because I get in a lot of trouble haha!


    1. people actually blame the reviewers?? that’s just… weird. i mean it’s not my fault if we have different reading taste ‘-‘ YES IKR the similarities are uncanny and i was happy, i mean it’s CAS acting like DEAN but then the romance happened and i went “NOPEEE”. i have no interest in reading sjm books… i mean i do but she seems to keep lengthening her series so nope.


  5. The only one of these I have read is TFIOS, and I did love it haha. BUT I have the most black sheepiest thoughts of all because I didn’t like Harry Potter so… I feel you with those tomatoes 😉 What else? I didn’t like We Were Liars. Hyped books in general often make me a little bit underwhelmed unfortunately. Sorry these didn’t work for you!


  6. I totally thought I’d hate TFIOS, and only read it because it was so big with my students, but I totally sobbed my way through the end. Go figure. I’m not proud of it, but there it is. I also really, really loved Carry On, and liked Fangirl. Landline and Attachments are the only ones of Rowell’s I haven’t loved.

    Red Queen and Anna Dressed in Blood didn’t do much for me, and I didn’t continue either series. It turns out that I really, really liked Blake’s Three Dark Queens though.

    !3 Reasons Why bugged the hell out of me, Twilight was hella boring, The Help was patronizingly racist, and I really did not enjoy the Grisha trilogy or the Raven Cycle, though I’ve loved some other books by both authors. Phew! Things I never say to readers…thanks for the permission!


  7. I was not the biggest fan of TFiOS, either. It just didn’t connect with me on an emotional level, and I definitely didn’t cry. But it’s VERY hard to make me cry in a book so I’m not exactly surprised.

    I adored Fangirl because Cath was so very similar to me, and I could relate to her so much ❤

    It seems like a lot of people either love or hate Carry On, so I am a little scared to read it! I actually pre-ordered a copy but it has just sat on my shelf since t arrived, haha *hides*

    In terms of black sheep books for me… I didn't like Throne of Glass. I didn't like A Court of Mist and Fury, or Lady Helen and the Dark Days Club, or The Graces. I tend to shy away from hyped books now because they have let me down so many times. I can't trust the masses, haha!


  8. I love this post, and agree with SO MANY of these. I loved The Fault in Our Stars when I first read it, but when I reread it I just couldn’t stand anything about it anymore. I think part of the problem was that before the movie came out the book was literally EVERYWHERE, and the most pretentious lines were quoted all over the internet. It was just too much, really. The hype killed that book for me. I loved Red Queen, tbh, but you’re SO LUCKY you didn’t continue the series, because Glass Sword was awful. I can’t even with how boring it was. And, omg, the characters, god, I hated every single one of them.

    Anna Dressed in Blood and The Masque of the Red Death were HUGE disappointments. I also read the sequel to Anna, and it was even worse haha. IDK when to stop apparently. I really didn’t like Fangirl either. The characters annoyed me so much, and there seemed to be no plot whatsoever. I never read Carry On, because I felt like it was weird that something that feels very much like a Harry Potter fanfic was being published? And also, I didn’t like the Simon bits from Fangirl, they just distanced me even more from the “plot” of Cath and the rest of the characters. I really wanted to read Bad Romeo, because it was so popular, but I heard really bad things about the characters, and especially after your thoughts on it, I’m glad I never bought it.

    Wonderful post. 😀

    Veronika @ The Regal Critiques

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  9. I totally agree with Red Queen! I’ve read all three so far, and I thought they went from bad to worse. After the first book, they did get more original, but I just found the writing lackluster and the plot underwhelming.

    Also, I’ve never been a huge fan of Rainbow Rowell either… *shrugs* Glad I’m not the only one!


  10. Oh that’s such an interesting post! I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy TFIOS so much – I’m curious, though, did you read any other John Green novel besides that one, or not? 🙂
    I’m with you on the whole Red Queen thing – I thought that the first one was okay but regretted reading Glass Sword… I stopped the series altogether there, no regrets hahah 🙂
    Great post 😀


  11. I feel the same about fangirl. I read it when it was at the peak of it’s hype and EVERYONE was saying how much they loved it. I was almost scared to say I didn’t feel the same way, but it just wasn’t memorable for me. I just didn’t really like the characters or the plot. Great post!


  12. I agree with a lot of these. I basically rolled my eyes all through The Fault In Our Stars. I thought Red Queen was ok, but the second book was terrible for me. And I just can’t get on the Rainbow Rowell train. Sometimes I feel awkward when I dislike hyped books that everyone else seems to love!


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