Spooktober #1: Creepiest Book Covers

5 Creepiest Book Covers.png

Welcome to the first edition of Spooktober! Spooktober is a 4 part halloween themed series on my blog, where I discuss or list creepy things to hype you up for halloween. This week’s topic is my top 5 creepiest book covers.

I unbashedly admit that I am one of those people who judged the book by its covers. I also admit I have a (kinda) ridiculous deep dark fears of ghost coming out of things, and one of those things are mirrors, which is why a certain western ghost is the scariest for me. Another thing is book covers, and this fear is one of the reason why I didn’t read or own too many horror books. What if the ghost jumped out from the cover and attack me?? This includes ghost in ebook covers, so yeah, while it might sounds ridiculous for you guys, it’s scary for me.

To influence you with my fear, I present to you 5 creepy book covers that I’m really interested to read, but too scared to actually own a copy.

Untitled design (2).png

THEY ALL FALL DOWN by Roxanne St. Clair – First of all, that nursery rhyme always freaks me out. Then there’s this “…meet final destination” tagline on the summary. And finally, the blood and the typography adds some kind of suspense to the cover.

WOMEN IN THE WALLS by Amy Lukavics- Even without that typography, I would still be scared. Add that typography? Nope.

THE MAY QUEEN MURDERS by Sarah Jude – The lipstick font is cool, but the whole dark vibe of veiled girl submerged in the water really disturbed me and give an eerie feeling. How does the model take the photo though??

DAUGHTERS UNTO DEVILS by Amy Lukavics – The typography. But mainly the girl. The closer or the longer you look, the creepier the cover gets.

SAY HER NAME by James Dawson – This is the only book I’ve read from this list and I can testify that the book is as creepy as the cover. Maybe more. But I was scared af when I first read it.

What is your favorite creepy covers? Do you have the same fear as mine?


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