Screen Rambles: September

Welcome to Screen Rambles, which is a monthly feature on this blog where I talked about all the movies I watched in the previous month. September has been a pretty good watching month, I finished some shows and watched a rom-com, so that’s definitely better than my expectations.

Crazy, Stupid, Love

I finally finished watching this! I didn’t really like the first half, maybe because I watched it in a wrong state of mind? (cheating just felt too close at home). But the second part? It was amazing. The movie is funny, heartbreaking, but also sweet at the same time. I gives me a lot of feels in short time. I love the relationship the character has with each other, it’s the perfect balance of family and friendship. And that twist near the end? I really didn’t see that coming! I can see why people like this movie so much!

Also, as my friend said it, this is a movie that “glorifies Ryan Reynolds”. I mean, look at him!


Rate: 3/5 stars

Do I recommend it? Yes. It’s definitely a good pick me up movie, unless you’ve been cheated or hate cheating.

Suits S3

I finally finished the third season! It took me so long because a) I NEED to slow down b) tbh this season isn’t as good as the first two season. The dynamic between Harvey and Mike are a bit off for some reason, and it is also the season where I realize that I ship Harvey with Scottie more than with Donna. Why, you ask? Let’s get into it.

Mike needs to get his head out of his ass. Since day 1 when he got opportunity, he blames Harvey all the time whenever he got into difficulty (going against his conscience, almost being found out, etc). And now, he’s doing the same thing to Rachel! He plays victim whenever they fight, even guilt-tripping Rachel when she contemplates of going to Stanford. It’s her life! I also wish the writers could give Rachel the shine she deserves. Rachel is the best paralegal in the firm and daughter of the infamous Robert Zane, but we rarely see her paralegaling activities or her using her negotiation skills that she obviously learn from having a great lawyer as her father. We mostly see her as Mike’s girlfriend, which really pisses me off because Rachel has so much potential! I wish to see her as an individual than Mike’s girlfriend in the next season, she deserves better!


Jessica and Donna? As badass as ever. I really like their dynamic with Harvey; Jessica as partner and mentor (That “Honey I’m home” scene got me like \(◕▿◕✿\)) and Donna as his best friend. I used to ship Donna and Harvey so hard, but I think this season changes my perspective. I’m sure Harvey will always have some feelings for Donna whether he admits it or not, but Donna seems not and their best friend relationship dynamic works really well! Harvey Donna dynamics can lighten the situation when needed.


Which brings us to my next point, Harvey and Scottie. Gosh, they were so good and so bad for each other. Good because they’ve been eyeing and loving each other for so long, but bad because they are both lawyers. Harvey always evade Scottie, yet Scottie always interrogate him. Harvey always having his guard up, and so does Scottie because they are both lawyers to the core and they know how each other’s operate. I think the song Moving Mountains by Skylar Gray explains their relationship the best. Also, look at their chemistry! It’s off the chart!


Another relationship I’d love to see working is Louis and Sheila. I’m so agree with Sheila at the end, about how she’s willing to give up her life for him yet he wouldn’t sacrifice a thing for her. They don’t work very well but they are perfect for each other. I’m really sad for both of them.

Rating: 3.5/5 stars

Do I recommend it? Yesss. Despite letting me down a bit, it’s still an enjoyable season.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Ahh the K-drama I’ve been hearing for a while. And I have to say, it sort of did??


Strong Woman Do Bong Soon tells the story of Do Bong Soon, who is incredibly strong. Her power is passed down from generations to generations and only run in the female line. She has a crush on her childhood bestfriend (Gook Do), who doesn’t realize it and she was hired by this spoiled, rich chaebol Min Hyuk.


I really like the first half! The chemistry between the characters is amazing, the the dialogue and scenes are incredibly witty and sassy. I love how annoying Min Hyuk is to Bong Soon and how she hated him at first! Not to mention the pesky mother who deliberately send Bong Soon to “sleep” at Min Hyuk house, even went to a shaman to make sure it happened😂 I have a love-hate relationship with Gook Do most of the time. He’s so pushy and protective, he’s so focused on himself. But at the same time, my heart is breaking for him. I really can’t choose between the two male lead!


The plot is also very fast paced. We have 3 main focus in this drama: Baek Tak (I lovee him😂😂😂), the hitman that has been terrorizing Min Hyuk, and the women serial kidnapper. I really love Baek Tak as a villain, he is comical but he is the relief we needed because… holy moly, the women serial kidnapper is totally scary and twisted! Since the show has to deal with the 3 of them, the plot moved pretty quickly.


The second half is where it all went downhill for me. Min Hyuk is so cheesy it’s actually boring because the romance seems to take a front seat here. I don’t want to see you guys exchanging cheesy lines, let me know what happen with the villains! Go catch that guy! The funny-ness, which arises from Bong Soon and Min Hyuk interaction is also decreasing because now they are being lovey dovey with each other😭 I really hate it when this thing happen in K-drama, the second half tends to slow down because the romance is taking the center stage. Ugh.


Rate: 3.5/5 stars

Do I recommend it? Yess! The first part alone is worth 5 stars for me👊

What are you guys watching in September?


9 thoughts on “Screen Rambles: September

  1. I’m so happy you ended up enjoying Crazy, Stupid Love, it is such a cute and funny movie, I LOVE Ryan Gosling in it (not just for his abs. I promise. ahah) 🙂


  2. I haven’t watched any movies in sooo long, I need to get back on my game! I’m glad you had a good watching month, though! Thanks for sharing! 🙂


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