Spooktober #3: Favorite Supernatural Episodes

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I’m sure most of you already tired of me talking about Supernatural, but I never dedicated a whole post for this amazing show, so bear with me okay?

I admit the last few season have been less than stellar, but the early seasons were amazing and full of creepiness! Especially season 1, where it all hunting demons instead of saving the world and angels stuff, they definitely lived up to the show’s name.

As part of my spooktober series, this week’s edition will share with you my favorite creepy supernatural episode. I haven’t really catch up with the last few seasons, but it just feels wrong to have a halloween-dedicated series without actually mentioning one of my all time favorite show! Therefore, I present to you my favorite scariest SPN episode ✡

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S01E03 – Dead in the Water

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This is the first episode that made me realize “holy shit, this show is creepy”. This episode was so atmospheric and got me scared of water for a while. The ending is definitely the scariest and also the saddest part of this episode.

S01E05 – Bloody Mary

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This is the first introduction I have to this creepy urban legend, and it scarred me for life.  The technology this episode use to make the ghost moving and the way she kills the people is very terrifying. To this date, Bloody Mary is my no 1 supernatural fear. Thanks guys.

S01E19 – Provenance

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Creepy painting, haunted dolls, and murderous ghost in one episode? No thanks. The plot twist at the end also shocked me at that time, even now, looking back, I should’ve realized it because it was pretty cliche. But I guess at that time I was very wrapped up and scared that I didn’t even bother to think further.

S02E11 – Playthings

THIS IS WHY I HATE TWINS. The ghost is just very spooky and murderous, even though she probably didn’t mean it that way. Also, that swimming pool scene really made me claustrophobic. But the good thing is, I think this is the first time Sam is being the saviour instead of Dean, so go Sammy!

S02E16 – Roadkill

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This story is supposed to be sad, but the whole thing has this lonely omnious feelings that even though I sort of guess the plot, I still feel scared.

S03E16 – No Rest for the Wicked

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This episode is not scary as in ghost scary, but the whole episode is pretty tense because we were all pretty much wondering whether Dean will make it or not.

S07E19 – Of Grave Importance

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This episode sets in an old house that filled with bunch of angry, frustrated, and trapped ghost; one of them is even more murderous than the rest, and the Winchesters dealing with a haunting of their own. Yum.

So there you have it! I know the explanation is pretty vague here, but I try to not ruining it for people who haven’t watch the show or don’t know what will happen next. I hope you guys enjoyed it and see you on the final part of Spooktober next week!




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