Spooktober #4: Creepiest Indonesian Ghost

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Now that we are nearing the end of October, we are also at the end of Spooktober! For this final post, I’d like to take you to Indonesia, my country, and introduce you to some of the creepiest ghost in Indonesia. Believe me, we have some pretty scary ghost here. For the sake of me being a scaredy cat, I won’t give any pictures, but I’ll link you to some pages for more information and hopefully, images.


Trigger warning: rape. Not like the process or graphic, it’s just a mention. But if it triggers you, then I suggest you skip the last one in this list.


This one is hands down, the most frightening Indonesian ghost. It is also known as Pontianak or Matianak. The legend says that Kuntilanak is a women who died during childbirth, hence the name (kinda hard to explain). She’s described as having long black hair, pale skin, and wearing white dress stained with blood. You can usually sight her near huge trees or just in the usual empty houses. The most frightening thing about this ghost, at least in the Indonesian version (this ghost is also popular in Malaysia), is that she can turn into a beautiful woman if you put a nail in her scalp. Some people even believed to have married this beautiful women. However, if you remove the nail, she reverted back to the creepy ghost we know. When I was a kid, I constantly checked my mother’s head for nails- that’s how creeped out I was.

There’s a three-movie series about Kuntilanak, and the song used to call the ghost was so freaking scary it scared the shit out of everyone. Like, the whole nation. Here is the song if you want to hear it.

Wewe Gombel

The legend said that in Bukit Gombel (yes this is a real place in Indonesia, which makes the story even creepier), a couple lived. However, the husband grew to hate his wife once he realizes she was barren, and left her for another woman. The wife, knowing this, murdered her husband in rage. Faced with angry mob and guilt, she commited suicide. This ghost is usually used by parents to scared children so they won’t stay out late- including my parents. And it was effective! After all, who wants to be kidnapped by this ghost? I mean, she usually kidnapped abandoned or mistreated children, treated them lovingly, and returned them to their parents once the parents repent. But it’s still scary to imagine ourselves being kidnapped, therefore we opted to went home early.

Sundel Bolong

Trust me when I say Indonesia has no short supply on creepy female ghost. Sundel Bolong is said to be a woman who died while pregnant and gave birth in her grave through her back, hence the hole in her back.

Absurd, I know.

She usually appeared as a beautiful woman with long hair, flirting with guys. But once the guys are willing, she’ll turn around… AND TA-DA! Hole in the back! If the guy reject her then, she’ll castrate him… or kill him, depend on the story.

All I’m saying is guys need to be careful here in my country since there are a lot of female ghost disguised as beautiful woman ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


If you’ve been to Bali, there’s a chance that you’ve heard of this ghost before. It is said to be a creature with head and intestines only, flying around, doing its master’s dark magic business of sucking blood out of newborn baby. It’s also for this reason that in some area in Indonesia, pregnant women are encouraged to keep scissors or nail to repel the leak.


Usually believed as male, Genderuwa are usually people who died in accidents or suicide, so that they still can’t accept their death. It is also why their form is usually gruesome and bloody. These ghosts are known for raping women by turning into their significant others. They can also possess women, causing them to have high sexual need. Despite this, a lot of people purposely summoned Genderuwa to ask for advice in gambling.

And that’s a wrap! Tell me: what is the most famous ghost from your country? What do you want to see for next year’s spooktober?


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