Screen Rambles: October


Welcome to Screen Rambles, where I round up and ramble about the things I watched in the previous month.

In the spirit of halloween, I tried to watch some scary movies in the month of October. I plan to watch 4 movies, one for every weekend, but I only managed to watch 3. Other than the themed-movies, I watched quite a number of things in October since it was a busy month that I opted to watch rather than reading.

Hocus Pocus

Ah. The classic halloween movie. This movie is on top of my watch list every year and this year I decided to finally watched it. I could understand why this is a beloved movie for a lot of people. It’s fun and warm, it’s the embodiment of Disney yet also managed to give a halloween vibe. However, I find that this movie does not work for me. It’s just… too childish. Maybe if I watched it when I was younger, I’d loved it, but alas I didn’t. The story was predictable and I didn’t really care what happened next. Don’t throw your pumpkins at me guys, but this one just doesn’t work for me.

Rating: 2.5/5 stars

Do I recommend it? Not really tbh. Like I said, it was too young for me. But if you’re curious, feel free to watch it!

What A Girl Wants

I’ve seen this movie on every article mentioning chickflicks, so continuing with my 2017 mission of watching more chickflicks, I decided to watch it. I really love the premise, and the story does not dissapoint either. Also, I truly get the fuss with Colin Firth now, I do.


HOWEVER, there is one minor thing that bugs me about this movie, which the Ian and Daphne. Oh my, their acting were so bad it’s uncomfortable to watch! It’s really distracting and ruin the movie for me, which is a shame bc I know that I loved it otherwise.

Rating: 2.5/5 stars

Do I recommend it? I’m really torn. I loved the movie, it’s just the acting bugs me and I can’t recommend something that I did not enjoy…

Scary Movie

I decided to watch this with my sister one night when we were bored and just couldn’t sleep. This movie is funny without us need to pay attention, which is a plus since it’s already late at night. It’s perfect as a background noise, yet it still pulls you to at least pay attention a bit just to know how it would end. I also love how it makes fun of popular slasher movies! Really looking forward to watch the next one.

Rating: 3/5 stars

Do I recommend it? Yes, if you are looking for some kind of change from the usually scary halloween movie

Trick R Treat

I saw it on Tracy’s Saturday Screen Time and it seemed very interesting for me that I watched it immediately. I think it’s a pretty creepy story collection, especially the smol pumpkin creature. Definitely unexpected, full of twist, and can be a bit gory. My favorite one is definitely the opening and children’s bus story.

Rating: 3.5/5 stars

Do I recommend it? Yes! Definitely good to stir things up for Halloween.


I watched this for a movie night event at my uni. It has a Johnny English and Pink Panther (lol almost wrote Black Panther there) vibe and also Jude Law! What could go wrong right? While the sight of Jude Law in tux is definitely a blessing for my eye, the movie, unfortunately, is not. The plot is boring and predictable, and the humor is too crude for my taste. Not my kind of movie.

Rating: 2/5 stars

Do I recommend it? No. Go watch Johnny English or Pink Panther instead.

The Autopsy of Jane Doe

Another movie I watched for a get-together event in uni. I didn’t really paid attention because I was already sleepy at that time, but this movie can get really scary. Even though the evil is not physically present, you can feel its presence there. Also the body of Jane Doe herself is unsettling. Another thing is the movie is pretty gory, which is something I couldn’t handle. So it doesn’t mean that it’s a bad movie, it’s pretty scary, it just scares me for the wrong reason.

Rating: Not going to rate this one because I’m biased.

Do I recommend it? Actually, I do! People were terrified when we watched it; one of my friend were traumatized that she doesn’t consider mortician as a career option anymore.

Thor: Ragnarok

One of my most anticipated movie of the year because a) we finally got to see Loki again b) the teaser trailer is one of the best Marvel ever made (the best is of course, Black Panther’s) c) the glowing early reviews. I really enjoyed it, I already posted my review and my more rambling thoughts (s p o i l e r s!!!), so I just won’t say much here except I like it. It was fun, it was definitely different from the previous Thor movie. However, on the second thought, other than sacrificing Loki as a punching bag in this movie, I also feel like it lacks emotional depth? Scenes that were supposed to be emotional were quickly continued with a joke. The fun tone of this movie also felt jarring when you watch the whole 3 Thor movies together. So yeah, those are some of my after thoughts but in general, I really enjoyed it.


Rating: 4/5 stars

Do I recommend it? Yes! Go see it ASAP in your nearest theatre.




7 thoughts on “Screen Rambles: October

  1. Ahhh Hocus Pocus! I watch it every Halloween! But I feel like it’s definitely one of those movies where I love it for the nostalgia and if I saw it right now I’d be more like “uhhh… this is terrible” XD

    I just saw Thor yesterday! I loved it! I didn’t really care for the first two movies; it wasn’t that they were terrible but I loved the rest of the MCU more. That being said I think I liked it because the tone was different, even if that was . . weird. Like more Guardians of the Galaxy than a Thor movie. But I’m wondering how it’ll fit in with the other movies now and definitely felt like they sacrificed some building of the character relationships/future storylines to get in as many jokes as possible! But AH worth it to see Loki again!


    1. Yes I totally agree. While it was fun to watch, it’s SO different from the previous two Thor movies, and the difference is jarring if you watch the movies back to back xD I also dislike that this movie lack emotional depth, like so many important scenes were brushed up with a joke 😦


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