What is The Perfect Page Length?

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I don’t know whether you guys noticed it or not, but these days, the books we read are getting thicker.

I mean, I’m not complaining. It’s always nice to read more about the stories that we cared for. But then it seems like all is well now yet there’s still 100 pages left? Well…


But that’s not what I’m writing this post about! While I love reading more about the story, for the author to fleshed out more the characters and give more details about the world-building, I also feel intimidated when I see thick books. Not only because they take so much time and most of the times they have 8 more books behind them, but also the story could be dragging on and on and on.

Each genre has the different perfect page length though. For example, I’m fine reading 600-700 pages of fantasy because they need to explain the world building, from the magic system, society class, the government, and the places. It takes time to explain all of those things. Not to mention all the actions happening. But reading a contemporary at that length? No thanks. Contemporary usually focus on character development and relationships, and reading 600 pages of them sounds too much for me. Yet there are times when there are even a 300 pages of contemporary felt too long for me, especially when nothing happened- no growth, no events- and just a detailed day to day activities.

So how long does a book should be?

For me, it varies but generally, not too long. For contemporary, it’s usually 200-300ish pages. For fantasy, it’s usually 500-600ish. High fantasy could go higher, up to 700-800ish. Other than the genre, it’s mostly about the content of what’s written in this book, but in general, I tend to “judge” book thickness by their genre. Some of my favorite books are actually around this page number. ALL THE BRIGHT PLACES, ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS, and THE LIGHTNING THIEF all have 370ish pages of well developed story and characters.

It’s not that I hate long books. Again, if the book is filled with character development or world building, I would gladly read them. It’s just… there are so many other books I would rather read than commiting myself to 1000 pages of one book ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

On to you: Do you prefer reading short or long books? Do you have any ideal pages for a certain genre?


27 thoughts on “What is The Perfect Page Length?

  1. You are right, fantasy/scifi and contemporaries usually do have different page lengths and page, well, weights. And that’s fine. But that why, I feel, reading speed differs so much when you’re reading different genres 🙂
    I normally prefer longer ones, cause I don’t want to part with the characters!


  2. I think between 300-400 works best for me. I agree with you, contemporary can go a bit lower, fantasy can go a bit higher, but I honestly don’t ever want to read an 800 page book. Like.. just give me two books? I’ll even pay for them both! I find I put off SUPER long books- even if they’re in a series I have loved!


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