All I Want for Christmas Are… Some Fictional Items

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With November coming to a close, I think it’s wise for us to start writing our christmas list- both for ourselves and for others. Especially since today is Black Friday in America! I bet a lot of shopping is happening there currently as we are speaking.

Unfortunately for me, most of the things I wanted are fictional. One day we will probably have our own invisibility cloak, but until then, I have to settle with my raincoats. So I decided to compile a list of some fictional things I wanted; it’s my own ~fictional~ christmas shopping list and it’s full of out-of-the-world things.

And yes, in case it’s obvious, this is a spur-of-the-moment idea that coincidentally come on the day where I have nothing to post. On the bright side though, I really had fun writing this.

Harry Potter’s Invisibility Cloak

Well, let’s start with the obvious one. Who doesn’t one the ability to be invisible once in a while, especially when you want to skip a class or just sneak out of the house/party or steal some food. It’s one of the most useful and magical thing JKR ever created!

Nico diAngelo’s Skull Ring

It might seem like a harmless, emo-kid skull ring, but twist is in the right direction (and by the right person ofc), and it will cause the ghost to become restless. How cool is that??

Kell’s Coat

I mean… it’s really useful because you don’t have to buy multiple coats. Just flip it around and voila! You’ll have different color and model of coats! Also, the amount of pockets it has are VERY useful to keep things.

Hades’ Helm of Darkness

In my opinion, this is the most underrated ~big three weapon~. I mean, a helmet that will make you invisible AND evokes your enemy deepest darkest fears? Really, all I need to do is just stand in it at war and the enemies will cower.

A lighting bolt and a trident that controls the oceans are definitely cool, but a helmet that will freeze your enemies with fear when you get near them, even though they haven’t seen you yet? I’ll take the helmet, please.

Thalia’s (more like Athena’s) Aegis

What can I say? I’m a huge fan of greek mythology. It’s a shield that bears the imagery of Gorgon’s (sometimes Medusa’s) head, which is so terrifying that the enemy will freeze in fear. I suck at close range battle, so long range battle with weapons that will scare your enemy before they attack is definitely my jam.

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BONUS: Things I DO NOT want

Elder Wand

This shit is just too much trouble to keep. I mean being the most powerful wizard and yet still end up being murdered? No thank you. The title sounds cool, but if it comes at the cost of my life, I don’t really think it’s worth it.

The Iron Throne

Not only it looks super uncomfortable, it seems like a high-maintenance item. I mean… it’s iron, it WILL get rusty at some point. Not to mention the amount of people that want me dead only so they could take turn sitting on the uncomfortable chair.

The One Ring

I think this is the only invisibility-causing thing I do not one. I’d love to be invisible, but I do not want to turn into a gollum or losing my sanity.

Do I miss anything? Tell me, what is your most wanted fictional item?

16 thoughts on “All I Want for Christmas Are… Some Fictional Items

  1. Ohh what a fun idea for a post, I love it ❤ The invisibility cloak would probably be my number one item on my list, for sure, I would LOVE to have it, I would use it all the time to hide and spy on people and just, it'd be so much fun. Kell's coat is quite awesome as well 😛


  2. I want Kell’s jacket and the Invisibility Cloak too. I also want the doors to different places, like in Howl’s Moving Castle.


  3. I, strangely enough, don’t want any particular item but I would love to have a real magic wand that works. I’m not a huge Harry Potter fan but wands are fascinating 😂
    But okay, to be fair, every magic item is super cool. I would love to have an amazing collection of fantasy weapons ❤


  4. OH WOW!! Tasya this is an incredibly inventive post and I so agree with Kell’s coat in trendy girl coats that has an invisibility function and a fear function for bullies… YES YES YES!!! ❤ I may use this for a post this month if that is okay with you?! I will reference this post!

    Liked by 1 person

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