Top 5 Wednesday #27: 5 Author’s Whose Writing Ability I’d Love to Steal


Writing is hard.

I think it’s a well-established facts. Whether it’s writing a book, a short story, a blog post, an essay.. heck, even writing texts could be hard sometimes.

Yet, there are some authors that managed to spew thick multiple books in every year with gorgeous writing. They could create their own human being, fantasy world, and magic system. And they explained them eloquently! How do they manage to do this???

In honor of NaNoWriMo, this week’s t5w topic is authors I’d like to write like. I knew I’ve read a lot of books, but like I said, writing is hard and I couldn’t think of anyone else except for these three which are on top of my head. So let’s jump right in!

Also, really sorry if you’ve read the unfinished-yet-released version of this post. It’s been a busy week!

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Rick Riordan

He manages to weave mythology to the plot seamlessly, his book is always funny yet also adventurous, and he can release TWO books in a year. Give me your secrets of being full of ideas and productive Rick!

Leigh Bardugo

amazing writing skill without needing to write in purple prose. Her writing and metaphor are always on point without being overbearing, creating a clean yet vivid imagery in my head. Also, the details and the fantasy element are superb!

Laini Taylor

Gorgeous writing, wildly beautiful imagery. Sometimes her writing can easily slipped to the purple prose teritory, but there’s no denying that she’s gifted in writing beautiful words. Also, her ideas are like endless well of imagination, I still can’t get over her detailed world building!

Who are your favorite authors?




20 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday #27: 5 Author’s Whose Writing Ability I’d Love to Steal

  1. YES Tasya… RICK RICK RICK! Ha, ha I forgot about him but he is insanely relatable and makes reading fun… is he the one responsible for all the gods and goddesses in YA now?! I have yet to read Leigh Bardugo… I want to but haven’t found that gateway book yet… And YES to Laini Taylor and her incredible world building! When you have 3 powerhouses maybe that’s just plain enough ❤


    1. Yeah he is, now due to high demand of his books he is collaborating with various authors to write various mythology books! I’m so excited!

      How about Shadow and Bone? It’s Bardugo’s first series. Or just jump right into Six of Crows, a lot of people (except me) find it better than her Grisha trilogy.

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  2. Yessss to Laini Taylor and Leigh Bardugo!! I also wish I had some of Maggie Stiefvaters overall ability for anything (she is so talented), Susan Dennards (her action scenes in Truthwitch are SO GOOD), and Sarah J Maas ability to make people feel so many strong emotions


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