12 Days of Blogmas // Day 5: Authors New to Me

Welcome to another day of Blogmas!☃

On the fifth day of blogmas, which was created by SWETLANA @ THE CAFFEINATED BOOKWORM LIFE , the topic is about 5 new to me authors. As I mentioned in Day 4 topic, I mainly read series starters and standalones this year, so I have A LOT of authors to pick from. Let’s see who made my top 5❤

Celeste Ng

Book read: Little Fires Everywhere

I heard amazing things about Everything I Never Told You, but never get to it because I’m not sure the book will be my cup of tea. After reading Little Fires Everywhere however, I’m definitely going to read all of her books! The writing style bugs me a little, but the story was very intriguing and the social commentary was spot on.

Riley Redgate

Book read: Noteworthy

The first time I’ve heard the author, even though she already has couple of books before Noteworthy. I love how likeable the characters is, how relateable their situation and struggle is, as well as how close they are with each other! This feels like reading/listening the stories of your friend college shenanigans, and I enjoyed it a lot.

Jenn Bennett

Book read: Alex, Approximately

I’ve always been intrigued with Bennett’s Night Owls, but never got to it either because I’m rarely in the mood for contemporary. However, Alex, Approximately definitely caught my heart by being the perfect summer contemporary fluff, and I can’t wait to read more Bennett books!

Roshani Chokshi

Book read: The Star-Touched Queen

If you been following me for a while, you know how much I love mythologies. When I heard that TSTQ is an Indian retelling of Hades and Persephone, I was excited and when I read it, it doesn’t dissapoint. The writing was rich and the Indian aspect was weaved into the story beautifully. I know a bit about Naraka and Rama, and reading this book kinda refresh my memory.

Ernest Hemingway

Book read: The Old Man and the Sea

I’ve heard about Hemingway and some excerpts of this story have appeared on my text books a few times during my school year. I was quite intrigued of what I read so when I saw this book on the library, I decided to pick it up. I didn’t expect much, but I was quite enamored with the simplicity of the Old Man and his story. I ended up enjoying it more than I expected and I can’t wait to read more of his books!

Which authors are new to you this year?


17 thoughts on “12 Days of Blogmas // Day 5: Authors New to Me

  1. Noteworthy was my first Redgate book too, and I went on to read Seven Ways We Lie, which I enjoyed too. I am really excited for Noteworthy. Alex was also my first Bennett book, and it was love at first page. I need to get The Anatomical Shape of My Heart, because I heard it’s amazing.


  2. Oh I’m so glad to see Riley Redgate on this list – I really liked Noteworthy and Seven Ways We Lie, her other book. I am really excited to read her next book, Final Draft, it sounds just as great! 🙂 I have read and LOVED Night Owls so much, can’t wait to read Alex, Approximately at some point 😀
    Great post! 😀


  3. Victoria Schwab (*gasp) and Francesca Zappia were two new to me authors this year. So happy to see that you liked Little Fires Everywhere! I absolutely loved that one and I really enjoyed Everything I Never Told You back in 2016.


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