12 Days of Blogmas // Day 10: Books I’d Love to Find Under the Christmas Tree

Welcome to Blogmas Day 10!

Only two more days to go of blogmas and despite struggling to catch up at first, I’m almost on track now😄. Today’s topic will be about 10 books I would love to found under my christmas tree. Fun fact: my family never do gift exchange as long as I can remember, on christmas day we usually just go to church, have lunch and then spend the day together. But starting last year, me and my uni friends started to do secret santa and gift exchange. Anyways, here are the 10 books I’d love to get this christmas!

  1. A CROWN OF WISHES by Roshani Chokshi – I actually kinda splurge myself this christmas by buying some clothes and books, this book is one of them along with Lady Midnight. However, they haven’t arrived yet so I’d love to have them in time for christmas!
  2. LADY MIDNIGHT by Cassandra Clare – Same as above.
  3. GENTLEMAN’S GUIDE TO VICE AND VIRTUE by Mackenzie Lee – Because it’s my most anticipated books of 2017 AND I STILL HAVEN’T READ IT YET.
  4. THE WICKED + THE DIVINE by Kieron Gillen – I don’t really read graphic novels because they are expensive af, but this one is about greek goddess reimagined as modern superstar and IT JUST SOUNDS SO AMAZING I NEED ITTT.
  5. MYTHOLOGY: COMPLETE GUIDE TO OUR IMAGINED WORLDS by Christopher Dell – In case you haven’t notice, I’m a sucker for both mythology and pretty books and this book FITS BOTH.
  6. A CHRISTMAS CAROL by Charles Dickens – Even though I kinda give up on Great Expectations, doesn’t mean I’m giving up on the author’s works and what makes a better present other than this christmas classic?
  7. THE PRINCESS BRIDE by William Goldman – I heard so many amazing things about this classic, both the movie and the book have high rating and I’d love to know what’s all the fuss about!
  8. ALWAYS AND FOREVER, LARA JEAN by Jenny Han – I need to know how Lara Jean’s story end!
  9. NORSE MYTHOLOGY by Neil Gaiman – For some unknown reason, Neil Gaiman’s books are more expensive than other authors. I love his books so I’m curious about his take on Norse Mythology, while I also want to brush up my Norse myth knowledge.
  10. PRINCESSES BEHAVING BADLY by Linda Rodriguez McRobbie – I love Disney’s princesses, they will always have a special place in my heart, but this book is about real historical princess who saved herself or even become a spy for her country, and this book is calling my name.

What are the books you want to get for christmas?


10 thoughts on “12 Days of Blogmas // Day 10: Books I’d Love to Find Under the Christmas Tree

  1. OMG The Princess Bride is such a FANTASTIC BOOK. I adore the movie, but the book has its own unique style that is equally as charming. I hope you find these under your tree! 🙂


  2. Ooh I didn’t know The Princess Bride was a book! Anyway, I’m also hoping I’ll get a copy of Gentleman’s Guide soon. And I’ve been wanting to read Roshani Chokshi’s books forever , but I’ll need The Star-Touched Queen first. 😊


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