2017: A Year in Review


I know a lot of you are relieved that 2017 is almost over, but I’m actually quite sad.

I realize that it’s not the best year overall. There have been so many negativity and discourse in the news, globally and locally, and it seems like the world is heading one step closer to disaster- whether it’s by mother nature or war, we do not know. Reading wise, it’s also my worst reading year yet, but personally, 2017 has been an amazing year for me. There are changes and opportunities that I never expected and while they didn’t feel right at the time, in the grand scheme of things, I’m really glad they happened.

I would get into the details later, but as we count down the clock to welcome 2018, I would like to do some recap of the books I read, things I watch, and all the blessings 2017 has given for me. Without further ado, let’s get started.

If you’re curious of my 2016 post, you can see it here!


Number of books read87/75 books

4 rereads, 12 DNFs, 46 ARCs

2017 reads.png

This is definitely more than my initial goodreads goal of 70, but less than my 2016 reads which were 88 books. I guess I did manage to cut back on my reading. At the same time, half of the book I read are ARCs, and this year makes the highest DNF I’ve ever done. My average rating this year is 3.3 stars, which is the same as last year’s. When I looked at my 2016 wrap up, I seemed to feel like it wasn’t a good reading year, yet compared to 2017, it was soooo much better. Interestingly, the average rating is the same so maybe it’s just me being very harsh when rating books ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Favorite fantasy: THE BEAR AND THE NIGHTINGALE by Katherine Arden.

Favorite contemporary: NOTEWORTHY by Riley Redgate

Honorary mention: ALEX, APPROXIMATELY by Jenn Bennett

Favorite historical fiction: THE WINTER SEA by Susanna Kearsley

Favorite classic: HERAKLES by Menelaos Stephanides

Favorite OTP: Vasya/Morozko from THE BEAR AND THE NIGHTINGALE by Katherine Arden. I mean… they are not exactly a couple but you can feel that they are heading that way 😏😏😏

Favorite Characters: Morozko THE BEAR AND THE NIGHTINGALE by Katherine Arden.

Favorite Crush: Either Morozko from THE BEAR AND THE NIGHTINGALE by Katherine Arden or Amar from THE STAR TOUCHED QUEEN by Roshani Chokshi.

Favorite world building: Akaran (I accidentally typed Naraka lol) in THE STAR TOUCHED QUEEN by Roshani Chokshi, especially the Bazaar of Dreams.

Most dissapointing: GEEKERELLA by Ashley Poston.

As for my personal challenges, which you can see here, I completed 5/6 of them! The only one I do not complete is to read 12 classics. It took me 3 month to read Jane Eyre alone, I didn’t even remember why I thought I could read one classics per month ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

More than half of the book I read are ARCs, around 52.8% (46 books), followed by the books I owned (34.4%, 30 books) and borrowed books (12.6%, 11 books). As for the format, 74.7% books I read, which is around 65 books, are e-book while the rest are physical books. I guess it explains why my eyes get tired easily lately.


TV Shows watched this year:

W, Descendants of the Sun (rewatch), Suits season 1-3, SPN season 7, Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds, Goblin, Strong Women Do Bong Soon, Brooklyn Nine Nine season 1 and 2 (ongoing), Da Vinci’s Demons season 1-3.

As you guys might notice, most of the shows I watch this year are k-drama. For some reason, I just felt more often in the mood for k-drama rather than normal tv show this year. I also notice a trend where I really loving the k-drama at first, but when I got to the second half of the series I just lost interest because that’s where usually romance took majority of the story and any plot development took a back seat. Oh well.

Favorite new show: SUITS. This show consumed me.

Favorite ships: Is it bad if I ship Da Vinci & Riario as well as Reylo?

Favorite movie: The Last Jedi and The Other Boleyn Girl.

Favorite movie scenes: The red room fighting scene in The Last Jedi, bleachers scene in

Favorite soundtrack: Stay With Me by Chanyeol ft Punch and In the Illusion by Basick ft INKII. I know they are in korean but you don’t have to understand the meaning. Just… stay and listen to the vibe.  Trust me, just give them a try.


So. 2017. Where should I start?

This year felt like a blur to me. There were a lot of good and bad, but overall this year has been an amazing ride for me. My first year GPA was a lot better than what I expected. I didn’t get into a certain opportunity, but I did got an internship that I really wanted as a change (the opportunity and internship happened at the same time). It was surprisingly a spectacular experience; I thought it will be scary and serious but it was really fun and my intern mates were the best I could’ve asked for 💙

Going for my second year (3rd term) of university, I faced quite a difficult decision whether to stay in biotechnology or moved to biomedicine. Biotechnology has more job and experience opportunity, while biomedicine is still quite unknown compared to biotech. Yet, I knew I would enjoyed it more and will be more personally fulfilling for me. In the end, I chose biomedicine and I’m glad to say that after completing this term, that it was the right choice for me. I loved what I’m learning in uni, I loved my courses, I truly cared and always wanted to learn more- I think that’s what matters. I’m always motivated to pay attention and do my best, even on my least favorite subjects. I already got my course list and schedule for term 4, and while they seem waay harder than this term, I still feel pretty positive about that.

I barely talked about my relationships on the blog, but 2017 is the year where I go back to being single. I guess it’s just time to let go and move one- it just didn’t feel right anymore. Not to mention a bit of issue of infidelity on his part. I know it sounds weird but it feels so good to be single?? I have more time to focus on me and my other relationships with friends and family, finding time to figure out what I wanted and re-friending my friends. I’ve been hanging out most of the weekends with some of my guy friends, something I couldn’t do while I was in a relationship. I even went camping (not with my guy friends) and almost freeze to death but it was so much fun.

Looking back at my 2017 goals, I realized I’ve accomplish most of them. I got my driving license, took more risk which led me to get the internship, exercise at least once a week, read 87 books, DNF more books, and read more diverse books. The rest of them not as much, but still, 2017 has been a great year for my goals.

Just like last year, let me end this section with things I’m grateful for in 2017✨

  1. I’m grateful that it has been raining a lot this year. I love the cold gloomy weather.
  2. I’m so thankful that I chose biomedicine, and it turns out to be the right major for me.
  3. I’m grateful to finally found that uni friends… I’m grateful for all our lunches, gossip session, and midnight food hunting.
  4. I’m thankful for the internship opportunity and experience. It truly humbles me and open up my eyes about a whole new world out there.
  5. And obviously, I’m thankful for my internship mates. I will always cherish our lunch-picnic session and trips💛
  6. Still related to the internship experience, I am thankful that I managed to live alone for 3 months. The first few days were the hardest and saying goodbye to the people was hard, but overall I’m so glad that I did it💛
  7. I’m thankful for Suits and Da Vinci’s Demons. These shows were my obsession for most of 2017.
  8. And for Park Bo-Gum, you sweet human being. Bless your heart.
  9. I am still thankful for all the books I read this year, the amazing ones, the dissapointing ones, and for publishers for trusting me with their ARCs.
  10. I am thankful for actually watching more rom-coms this year. I started to understand their magic and have some of my favorite pick me ups!
  11. I am extremely grateful for the GPA I got on my first year.
  12. I am also grateful for all of you guys who read, comment, and even went as far as following and promoting my post….. words can’t express how much I appreciate you guys💛💛💛


Starting for last year, instead of resolutions, I’ve been choosing a word to describe what I wish the next year would be. In 2016, I hope 2017 would be a transforming year. And it was. I find myself enjoying the one-word thingy more than a long list of resolutions, so I decided to do it again for 2018. 2017 has been a great year, but I want to do better in 2018, so my word for 2018 would be thrive.

But that does not mean that I do not have any resolutions for 2018; I have them, but so small. Just like last year, I want to exercise more to be healthier. I also want to get outside, as in help in the community outside of my university, but actually help in important issues. I also want to be fluent in spanish… so any spanish native speakers, your help by conversing in spanish with me will be greatly appreciated! ❤ And finally, I just want to worry less in 2018. 2017 has proven to be an amazing year despite of a lot of things, if anything it proven that if I just trust in His plans (which I did 99% of 2017), things will go to the best course. I hope I would be able to do more of this, to worry less, have more faith and more trust towards Him.

Reading and blogging wise… I want to be able to read all the e-arcs I got from Netgalley, as well as all the unread books on my bookshelves. I don’t buy books that much this year… in fact I barely read at all. Yet I still found the amount of unread books on my shelf is increasing instead of decreasing 😅 On a similar note, I want to be able to sell some of my books. I’m bad of letting things go- letting my books go included- but they have taken too much space so I need to remove all the books I didn’t enjoy or won’t read ever.

Me looking at the calendar be like…

2018 will also be the year I turn 20 and entered the realm of twenty something and I have to admit that I’m scared. I always dreaded birthday to the point I actually cried and I think this year might be really bad… I mean I had a melt down when I turned 15 because it meant that I was halfway to 30, imagine me actually getting into the the twentysomething age. So wish me luck for this year’s birthday!


And that’s a wrap on my 2017 wrap up! I swear this year flew by quickly for me, but how was it for you? How do you spend the new year’s eve? What are your 2018 resolutions? Let me know in the comments and of course, have an amazing 2018!


30 thoughts on “2017: A Year in Review

  1. Biomedicine sounds so interesting. I am happy you are enjoying it and feel good about your decision. Happy to see Alex, Approximately was worth a mention for you. It was one of my top reads last year. Here’s to 2018! May you succeed in all your endeavors.


  2. Aaaaaaaaaah, I have many feelings about this post, if I’m being honest. Before anything else, congratulations on discovering the right major for yourself!!! I’ve also shifted to a different degree program last year, although the leap was a lot more drastic than yours as my previous major and current major are extremely unrelated (I went from Chemical Engineering to Communication Research). Regardless, I know how scary it can be to commit to something else when you’ve already invested in something that’s supposedly better opportunity-wise. But I hope you know that, by the end of the day, what matters is that you find fulfillment in what you do — because that’s what’s going to drive you to do better, to learn more, and to surpass what is expected of you. I can’t tell you how happy I am that your courage to take the risk has been very rewarding so far. 😊🌻

    Here’s to another year of growth and discovery!


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