Why Barbie Movies are Holiday Movies for Me

Okay, Barbie. Who doesn’t know her or never heard about her?

As much as I love Disney, they barely made any princess-y movies in that decade. Like every other 00’s girls (I was born in the late 90’s), we had to turn to the next best thing: Barbie. There’s nothing more exciting than getting a doll for christmas and birthdays, buying the clothes, dress them, even dress their pets! There are so many options to pick from… the fashionista, the family, the mermaids, the fairy… I remember spending so much time in Barbie’s aisle when I was a kid.

But you know what’s more exciting for me? Waking up early, like at 7, to have a Barbie movies marathon until the afternoon. When I was a kid, local television in my country didn’t play Home Alone or Babies Days Out or Grinch movies. Heck, I haven’t even watch Miracle on 34th Street or Elf until now because they were never on. But they always played Barbie movies without a fail and really, for a little girl like me, what’s more magical than watching a seemingly normal girl going on a magical adventure in a gorgeous dress and beautiful ballet performance?

And the magic of the Barbies were not only in movies, but also translates to the real-life dolls we could bought at the stores! For example, the Mermadia’s Barbie, Elina, could transform her wings to mermaid’s tail in the movies and the doll could too! And that beautiful blue peacock ball gown wore in Island Princess was also worn by the Barbie dolls.

While we’re still in a holiday mood, I would like to share my favorite barbie movies. These are all old Barbie movies, before the whole fairy magic thing took over and made it not-as-magical as it used to be. I also know that this is such a weird topic to be posted on a book blog, but I assure you that this is not because I am out of idea. On the contrary, this is a post I’ve prepared for so long. When we look up “holiday movies” on google, what come up would be Home Alone, Elf, and stuff. I haven’t watch them but it’s also why they aren’t MY holiday movies; I have no memories and that nostalgic feeling that can be associated with holiday movies. My childhood was cable-tv free because it wasn’t available yet in my country, I feel like my childhood was wrong because I didn’t watch the same movies and cartoons in Nickelodeon like you guys did. As this is the year where I will turn 20, consider this post as a way for me to share my childhood with you guys, and also a way to tell children that doesn’t watch “normal” childhood shows that it’s okay to have different growing up experience.

And who knows, maybe some of you might want to do a Barbie movie marathon with your children, and this list would help.

Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses

Hands down my favorite Barbie movie. This story tells Barbie adventure adapted from the 12 Dancing Princesses story, with some changes. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the original fairytale, it’s basically about 12 princesses in a kingdom who sneak out to a magical underground realm to dance all night, and their frustrated father (the king) because his daughters are always tired at day. The movie plot about the 12 dancing princesses was pretty faithful to the original story, but the rest is different. I love it because it features A LOT of dancing. These princesses basically dances their way EVERYWHERE. It encouraged me to take ballet lessons when I was a kid. The soundtrack and the magic were very good too, it feels the most fairytale-like for me out of all barbie movies.

Barbie in the Nutcracker

My first ever barbie movie, the one which I own in DVD, and that gives me my long lasting love towards nutcracker. Again, this movie stays true to the ballet show, and I love how the songs, dances, and pas de deux were incoporated into the story. It’s so beautiful, I still rewatch this on holidays. THAT FINAL PAS DE DEUX STILL HAUNTS ME. Oh also, do you know that this is the first ever Barbie movie released?

Barbie in a Christmas Carol

Another holiday themed one. This one has no dancing and barely any singing, but the story is very enjoyable and what introduce me to A Christmas Carol in the first place. If you think other adaptations might be too scary for children, this one is not that scary, but still hold that omnious feelings.

Barbie: Mermaidia

This is actually the second part of the Fairytopia trilogy (no, I’m not including Mariposa) and in my opinion, the best. Elina, the wingless fairy turned hero in the first movie (long story, just watch), now have to save the fairytopia again with the risk of losing her newly-acquired wings. She needs to save the mermaid and in order to do that, she has to sacrificed her wings to tail in a certain amount of time; failure to return back in time means she would be a mermaid forever. I love the humor in this one, how brave and selfless Elina was, in my opinion, this is where Elina shines as the hero fairytopia deserve. And of course, fairies. Who doesn’t love fairies?

Barbie as the Island Princess

This movie is like the female version of Tarzan filled with catchy song and beautiful dresses. And also, cute animals! This is the first barbie movie I watched together with my sister once she’s old enough to understand the movies, and she loved it to pieces that she bought the CD and game. I love how Ro bravely venture to the outside world, yet she stays true to herself and doesn’t forget her friends.

Bonus: The Most Popular Girls at School

Okay, honestly, this is not a Barbie movie, more like a webstory on youtube using barbie dolls as mean girls. I swear they are so addictive and entertaining, I watched it during lectures (each video is around 2 mins each) and they become an inside joke in my clique. Go watch it! A disclaimer though: this does not fit to be watched with your kids.

Do you watch barbie movies? What are your favorite?




28 Replies to “Why Barbie Movies are Holiday Movies for Me”

  1. This is such a unique topic, I haven’t seen anyone else blog about this yet! I grew up with watching Barbie movies as well, and even though I don’t do Barbie marathons like you, I still get so happy when I see clips of Barbie movies that I’ve watched as a kid, or if my cousins request for me to watch a Barbie movie with them. 😊 You’re right, the adventurous the movie takes Barbie and her crew on are really the most magical things you could ask for, and that’s why Barbie movies have a very special place in my heart too 😋


  2. I’ve now got a craving to have a Barbie movie marathon! We has most of them on DVD when I was growing up. Barbie as Rapunzel and Barbie as the Island Princess were my faves!


  3. This makes me so happy and I think I might have to go have a Barbie marathon now. I love all of the old barbie movies, but 12 Dancing Princesses and Princess and the Pauper were my favourites. It makes me sad that more kids don’t know about these amazing movies!



    I remember watching The Nutcracker when it came out – yes, I feel a little old now, and buying it on VHS. After that, I wanted every barbie movie that came out. My favourite reminds Barbie in Swan Lake. The dancing and costumes are so beautiful. I also really liked barbie as Rapunzel, though! The dragon friend was so cute.

    Can you believe they are still making them? I haven’t seen a lot of the more recent ones, especially after they changed the voice actress for Barbie. It’s so wrong to hear someone else 😦

    In 2016 I tried to get all of the Barbie movies cause people were selling them for so cheap cause they are old now. I don’t know if I ended up getting them all, though. I would love to marathon them in order of when they came out! I wonder how long that would take HAHA.

    Anyway, I’m so glad to find another Barbie movie lover!! 😀


    1. I love the dress in Swan Lake, but I barely remember the story ‘-‘ I hate the new ones though, they have fairies and magic in the movies but they lack the magical feelings old barbie movies had (I sound like a Barbie snob xD) I hope you’d get them all, I also want to start collecting Barbie movies again 😀 I only have Nutcracker, Island Princess, Christmas Carol, and Princess and the Pop Star.


  5. The Barbie movies were some of my favorite movies to watch when I was little. I loved the Nutcracker, Rapunzel, Swan Lake, the 12 Dancing Princesses, and the Magic of Pegasus. I haven’t liked the Barbie movies I’ve seen that were made after 2006, but I’ve been interested in watching a Christmas Carol. I also read the Swan Lake movie-to-book adaptation, which showed me that I needed to be careful with those adaptations.


  6. I freakin loved Barbie growing. I still watch them for the nostalgia. My favourites were Rapunzel, Swan Lake, Nutcracker, Fairytopia, Princess and the Pauper, 12 Dancing Princesses and the one with the Pegasus.


  7. I can’t even describe the gigantic smile that is on my face from this post. My 22-year old always has and always will be a lover of Barbie movies. I have to share this one with her.


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