What Should I Read Next?

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With so many books out there, so how do we choose what should we read next?

I’ve been thinking about that questions a lot. I’m a mood reader, so I always follow what my mood is at that moment. Yes I do have monthly TBR but it’s only to give me an idea of what unread books I have. But if I want to read fantasy instead the contemporary I have on the TBR, then so be it. I don’t really read certain genre of books, but when I do I could read multiple books at once. However, deciding the genre is always the easy part. The hard part is deciding what book to actually read.

As you know, there are so many books out there. There are so many new books released each month, and with every new releases, comes the hype. Usually the hype comes from bloggers and booktubers who get the ARC and loved them. They loved it, so they’re raving about it. That’s not a bad thing, but with that, other bloggers also read it when it comes out, gives glowing, burning reviews, and thus creating the hype. Also, there are many people reading that same book all at the same period.

Again, that’s not a bad thing. But as a reader and a blogger, that can be a complex thing. As a blogger, of course I want to read what others are reading. It also comes with a lot of advantages. First, you could interact with the rest of the world right then, joining in with the happiness of this amazing book and gushing about it while it’s still fresh. Second, newly released books attract more readers to visit your blog. People would more likely read posts about popular and new books than the underrated books. It’s no secret that even though we are book blogs, reviews are the least read post on the blog. However, newly released books, especially the hyped up ones, do tend to generate more traffic compared to backlist book reviews.

But as a reader, I mostly have bad experience with hype. Those hyped up books always ended up dissapointing, because I had such a high hopes for them. And that’s not anyone’s fault except me, after all, it’s me who created a high expectations for the book, but it still makes me kind of reluctant to read hyped up books lately. Another thing is, it gets boring for me to see all feeds filled with the same books. Like 7 blogs straight all talking, raving about the same book. It gets tiring to read and make me suspicious, I mean, there has to be a flaw with this book, right?

Most of the time, I always read backlist books. I love finding hidden gem, books that are really good but not so many people have read them. It’s like your own private story because barely anyone knows about it. But it’s hard to find someone to gush with, because when I talked about that book, no one will understand! Another thing that I love from reading backlist books is, they feel like getting back to the past! You can see the story is ofter being influenced by current issues at that time and bookish trends in that year. I mean, remember the YA-paranormal trend after Twilight or YA-dystopian trend after The Hunger Games? It also reflects on how much my reading taste have changed. For example, if I read a YA paranormal at that time, there’s a bigger chance I would like it due to the hype than not due to the similarity. But if I read it now, I would probably dislike it because I’ve outgrown it and if I do like it… then it’s gotta be a very special book!

Choosing a book is hard, there are so many options available out there with new releases keep coming in storms and the backlist keep growing. I’m sorry if this post isn’t very eloquent or thought provoking, it’s post-exam me brain dumping my woe of choosing my next read to procasinate on working on my final papers 😅

I would probably do a poll on what books I should read soon, so stay tuned!

How do you usually choose your next read? Do you prefer backlist books or new released books?


24 thoughts on “What Should I Read Next?

  1. Honestly, I am more of a mood reader and set tbrs stress me out but, this year I am putting a focus on both backlist and new releases. Last year I read maybe 5 of the 2017 releases that I wanted to get to so this year I am trying to read 1 or more per month, but I do also want to focus more on my own bookshelves and my backlist books.


  2. I am always late with new releases; they always end up at the bottom of my tbr list because I already have so much to get through! Unless someone has made a special recommendation and I feel the need to read it instantly, I tend to try and get through my already-massive list of things to read. This has yet have any impact on my buying patterns though!


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