January Wrap Up & February TBR

MONTHLY wrap up

Welp. There goes the first month of 2018.


  1. CRYSTALLUM by Laney McMann {ARC} // DNF at 10%
  2. LADY RENEGADES by Rachel Hawkins // ✰✰✰✰.75
  4. THE LITTLE BOOK OF HYGGE by Miek Wiking // ✰✰✰
  5. LOLA AND THE BOY NEXT DOOR by Stephanie Perkins //  ✰✰
  6. S.T.A.G.S by M.A. Bennett {ARC} // ✰✰✰✰
  7. THE LAST TIME I’LL WRITE ABOUT YOU by Dawn Lanuza {ARC} // ✰✰
  8. THE GIRL IN THE TOWER by Katherine Arden {ARC} //  ✰✰✰✰
  9. FANTOMAH #1: UP FROM THE DEEP by Ray Fawkes {ARC} // ✰✰✰✰
  10. KIM REAPER: GRIM BEGINNINGS by Sarah Graley {ARC} // ✰


  2. THE PRINCESS BRIDE by William Goldman
  3. SCYTHE by Neil Schusterman
  5. ON THE FENCE by Kasie West
  6. TESS OF THE ROAD by Rachel Hartman {ARC}




One of the reason why I hate January is because of finals. My uni has this weird system where we go for christmas break, come back for one and half week of finals and then have another holiday until the next term starts, which is in February. Why can’t we have exams first so we can holiday in peace?? Anyway, I did better than I expected this finals. I dread the next term though, the schedule is so full that I have classes everyday from morning until the evening.

On the other hand, January means fresh start too. I am going to be lab assistant for the first years this upcoming term, so wish me luck! Also, I’ve been looking for internships too for the Summer, so wish me luck on that field too. And it’s February tomorrow which means… BLACK PANTHER is almost upon us!

Image result for black panther gif

However… I do have shitty news: it seems my government has blocked bloglovin! For the time being, I would not be able to access it unless I’m using VPN, which is suck, but that’s the reality in my country. This is the kind of censorship I have to handle, I mean… bloglovin, really? I could understand Reddit or Telegram but bloglovin is so damn harmless how could it be blocked???

Image result for angry gif


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22 Replies to “January Wrap Up & February TBR”

  1. Omg, I can’t believe Bloglovin’ is blocked? I get you with VPN though – I had to use that the whole time I went back to China to visit family (lol)

    But I have heard interesting things about STAGS, good to see you liked it! And The Girl in the Tower is definitely on my TBR, especially with how I enjoyed book 1.

    It sucks that you have holidays before finals! Then you spend the holidays stressing about them (but hope you did amazing!)


  2. The bloglovin’ block sounds really frustrating and unreasonable? Out of all the dangerous sites out there, why target something so obviously harmless? I don’t get it.

    But anyway. YAAAAAAS BLACK PANTHER HYPE IS REAL! I’m currently doing a rerun of Marvel films (in preparation for Infinity War), and my Marvel trash spirit is always alive and kicking! Aaaaaaaaah. Can’t wait.


  3. I AM SO EXCITED FOR BLACK PANTHER!!! But seriously though, it looks freaking fantastic. I would have preferred another female superhero movie but this is the next best thing; the previews just look so epic!

    That article in The Atlantic is really interesting! Coincidentally, I’m taking a class this semester in uni dedicated to the subject and I’m really excited for it. I’m an English minor so I’ve already had a bit of linguistics training and have experience studying why certain languages and accents are looked down upon but I honestly didn’t even notice it in pop culture until it was pointed out to me.

    I hope you have a lovely February, Tasya, and hopefully you’re government will come to their senses and unblock bloglovin. That’s just a horrible thing to have to deal with.

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks


  4. Oh I hope you will read The Summer of Chasing Mermaids, I love that book so, so much ❤
    I hope you will do great on your exams, and yay for the assistant position, congratulations! I hope it will be great 🙂
    Sending you all the best for February!! ❤ and thank you so much for sharing my post! ❤


  5. Ooh, I really hope you enjoy Scythe! I absolutely loved that one! I also enjoyed A Gathering of Shadows, though it was pretty slow when it started out, but got better as it went along!

    Ah, I’m so excited for Black Panther! I’m planning on seeing it with a Marvel-obsessed friend of mine! 😄 And good luck on being a lab assistant! That sounds exciting!


  6. My mind is blown that any websites are blocked, but Bloglovin’? I guess crazy hate groups can have bloglovin blogs too. That is suck, but I hope you ace your exams. I see great books on your TBR. I love all KWest and Ockler is another author I adore. Hope you love them!


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