Screen Rambles: January


Hi guys, welcome to another edition of screen rambles!

For those of you who are not familiar, this is a monthly features where I talk rambles about all the movies and shows I watched in the previous month. I was in a holiday for the first week and the last week two weeks of January, and in the middle of the month I was having my finals. Despite that, I had a lot of free time on my hand and has been watching a lot of things… sometimes random and other time not.

Before we start, I think you guys don’t notice but there has been some mixed up with last month’s screen rambles? It was supposed to be December’s not January’s 😅 All fixed though!

Let’s see what I watched last month…


Image result for clueless gif

Let’s start with the classic romcom. I’ve been wanting to watch this movie for a while because of the iconic yellow outfit and the favorite status it had among other romcoms, yet when I actually watched it, I found that I don’t like it at all. I dislike the main character and while Paul Rudd was absolutely cute, I don’t feel anything while watching. I was bored, the plot felt vaguely familiar and just don’t care of what happened next. When I did some google search, I found out that it was based on Emma by Jane Austen… which explains why does it felt familiar and why I dislike it! I dislike Emma too when I read it, it’s no wonder I don’t like Clueless too.

Pitch Perfect 3

Image result for ruby rose pitch perfect gif

I had no expectations at all for this movie except for some catchy tunes, but this movie is good. The beginning was kinda slow but when they got into the airbase that’s when things started to get complicated. The plot is a mess and the riff-off is just not as good as I expected but it’s still pretty fun, mindless entertaiment to watch. I love that Zombie mash-up and Ruby Rose totally stole my heart everytime she appeared I squealed.

Captain America: Civil War

Gosh, this is like my most anticipated movie in 2016… I wrote a tag and a review on it and I loved it at that time. But after rewatching it this time… I realized that I am team Tony and I dislike Steve in this movie. The whole accord fiasco definitely set the strain between Tony and Steve and Tony is the one who is always being diplomatic and compromise…. I guess he really has changed a bit. BUT, the second conflict? STEVE HAS NO RIGHT. He has no right to nearly beat Tony until near death, when he knew all along and not even bothering to tell Tony about it. Tony’s reaction was perfectly justified, he went there to help and instead he found out that. If Tony was told by Steve, I’m pretty sure Tony could let it go at some point after lots of drinking and thinking… he knew what it was like being a prisoner and shits. He was hurt yes, but the moment he actually became violent is when Steve admit that he knew all along. Steve Rogers had no freaking right beat Tony, act righteous like he has no fault and it’s all about Sokovia accords, sending letters and not apologizing. Screw Steve Rogers.

I really hope the rest of the Avengers found out about it in the next movie AND STOP BLAMING TONY. He’s gracious enough to help them with their living, handling SHIELD and the press, admitting he was in the wrong with the whole ULTRON fiasco. Just. Stop.

Harry Potter movies

The obligatory HP holiday marathon! Actually there were other HP movies I watched but yeah the ones really stood out for me is HP 5 and 6. 5 turned out to be better than I remembered and I still cried during Sirius’ death… that slow motion and then silent moment really bring the punch. As for 6, it’s the most relaxed movie after movie 4, 5 and before movie 7 and 8, I really love the vibe.

You’ve Got Mail

Image result for you've got mail gif

I never knew Tom Hanks is really good in romcoms??? All the movies I saw of him were the serious ones: Da Vinci’s Demons and its sequels, Saving Private Ryan, Captain Phillips, and the Polar Express. I was shocked at how charming and fun he is as a romantic lead, I could see how this movie inspired Alex, Approximately and even see them as the grown-up version of Porter and Bailey! I also really love the plot and dialogue, for an old movie, this one is better than what I expected!

Ghostbusters 2016

Image result for ghostbuster 2016 gif

I never see the original Ghostbuster so I was never interested to see this movie, but it was on the TV so I decided to see it. It turned out to be sooo much better than what I expected?? It was funny, the cast, the acting, the script, and the plot were strong, so what is up with all the negativity?? Is it because the lead are all women? Is it because of racism? I’m so upset when I found out there will be no sequel for this one.

While You Were Sleeping

Related image

My recent record with K-drama hasn’t been really great lately, I keep left it unfinished. Same with this one, I’ve been dying to watch this because of Lee Jong Suk, but it’s 32 episodes and I couldn’t see how I could finish it??? I’m only on episode 8 before I stopped and I liked it, I just couldn’t find the motivation to watch it. And I didn’t like Suzy’s acting… I really think hers is the weakest out of the other actors, even the supporting ones.

Stranger Things 2

Guess who finally found the motivation to watch the second season?? I admit the beginning was so slow and it took a while for the plot to pick up, but once it did I was HOOKED. I liked the first season better though, the boys are really bratty this season and I don’t know what is up with Nancy. I also have been yelling “I TOLD YOU SO” to all people I know who hated Steve at first and loving him this season because of Mama Steve™…. He has the best character arc in the first season and they only realize it now. I’m excited for the third season, and I intrigued to what is the truth about Billy, whether he’s a pure douchebag or has some good in him. We shall see.

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That’s all I watched in January! What have you guys been watching?


13 thoughts on “Screen Rambles: January

  1. I’m glad you ended up enjoying Ghostbusters, 2016! I also really liked it, and while it definitely isn’t THE BEST MOVIE EVER, it is a fun, light comedy with a diverse cast of women as main characters. All the hate it’s gotten was completely unnecessary ugh. I’m also not the biggest Clueless fan. It was fine to watch once, but nothing spectacular and kinda boring.

    Veronika @ The Regal Critiques


    1. Ugh, all the hate the movie receives really make me mad! Like it has diverse women as main character, and pretty-but-dumb man as a secretary for once, it’s like people are really pissing on it because of the role reversal! It really makes me angry!


  2. I had the same experience with Stranger Things 2. It took a while but once you were in it, it was hard to take a break before the whole season was over. 😀 To be honest: I was one of the people that didn’t like Steve in the first few episodes of Stranger Things 1 but thought he’s OKAY at the end. But in Stranger Things 2 he was great. I shouted the whole time “I KNEW IT” when it came to Nancy and Jonathan, though… xD


  3. Civil War felt like a mess because the film really didn’t set up the film the way they should have. The antagonism between Tony and Steve seemed to come out of nowhere while the film failed to take either side of the argument very seriously. They made Tony’s stance feel ridiculous because his argument was based in his guilt instead of on the logical arguments he could have made. Presumably because audiences are supposed to shortcut to rooting for Steve because it’s a Captain America film. I was disappointed.


    1. Yeah! I guess I was carried with the hype and was awed then, but the more I think about it, I do feel the animosity between Steve and Tony was overblown, like if we’re talking of Steve having trust issue, he seemed not that angry in Age of Ultron, even accepting Fury’s help. I mean, both Steve and Tony’s argument came from feeling instead of logical, Nat’s the only one with logical argument (one hand on the steering wheel analogy) but NOOO noone is listening smh.

      Sorry for ranting 😀


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