Favorite Non Canon Ships

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Happy (almost) valentine’s day!

In case you haven’t noticed, I always try to do some themed-post when it comes to special day or holiday, for example is the otp book tag and ultimate otp list in 2016. In 2017, I did the book courtship tag and a discussion about insta-love. You can revisit them if you like and this year, to keep up with the tradition, I will list out my favorite non-canon otps!

For those of you who doesn’t know, non-canon means that the couple is not together for real in the media, either the ship sunk or they just never were but we can see the chemistry between them.

Obviously, SPOILERS!


melaniemichelart:“Alternate ending where Alina joins the dark side, embraces her power and rules over Ravka with the Darkling! They’d kick buts, free the grishas and conquer the world!
art by melaniemichelart on tumblr

Look, I will never get over this ship. I would be fine if she ended up with Nikolai, but her ended up with Mal is the worst choice ever out of the three love interest available. I’m not a Darkling apologist, he’s definitely manipulative and have this ~leader complex~ BUT I also agree that he is lonely. Imagine living forever, seeing your kind being hunted and killed even though you guys are more superior, the one person who could do something don’t even care about his country, much less the massacre happening… if you don’t feel any kind of hatred and resentment after going through all that, you must’ve been a really nice person. I guess if you switch the story from his perspective, he will be similar with Adelina from The Young Elites, Ruby (or Clancy) from The Darkest Mind, or even Victor Vale from Vicious.

Enough about the Darkling, why do I ship Alina with him? Well for starters, he is not whiny or try to smother Alina’s ability like Mal did. He helped her use her power, taught her how to control and use it. Mal? All he did was moping around, whining that “he doesn’t recognize this Alina”, and doesn’t let Alina fight or take place in action. I get that he thinks he’s protecting her, but at the same time he treats Alina like she couldn’t do anything, and I got this feeling that he’s afraid Alina would be “more” than him. Darkling and Nikolai, both treat Alina as their equal and not afraid of her and her powers.

Tbh it’s just me hating on Malina because it IS the worst choice ever.


captbexx:“It’s finally getting warmer and I’m uploading a winterly Dramione picture… -_- My sister and I bought each other gingerbread hearts last winter which said “bastard”, so…… that kind of was my inspiration… XD (We love each other.) ”
art by captbexx on tumblr

As well as this one. Draco Malfoy is not a misunderstood boy, he’s mean to the trio and there’s no excuse for that except for his upbringing. However, he’s basically the modern version of Regulus Black, except that he never got his redemption arc. I really wish he would because he’s the only character in Harry’s contemporary that’s actually being brought up in a pure-blood, death-eater family only to realize he’s not cut out for it. I wanted to see the conflict and the redemption; this is why I love Draco as a character because his situation is so complex and he never got his redemption.

So why Dramione? Other than the thrill of ~forbidden romance~, it’s some sort of Draco’s redemption, his rebellion towards the pure-blood ideology of his family and upbringing. It’s a way for him to be a better person and actually befriend Harry and Ron after his first messed up attempt. And finally, I think he could challenge Hermione in ways Ron couldn’t. Sorry Romione shippers, I’m not saying Ron is a bad character, in fact he’s a really good strategist and friend but I just prefer Draco for Hermione ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Harvey and Scottie

Image result for harvey and scotty gif

Image result for harvey and scotty gif

Well… technically, they were. And then they weren’t. They fit perfectly with each other, but also bad for each other. Both are lawyers, they are both cunning and bargain on everything. Harvey is more closed up and rough while Scottie is the same, both will do ANYTHING to be with each other. It’s just sad how it doesn’t work out in the end because they are just too similar with each other.

Neville and Luna Lovegood

Image result for luna and neville fan art

The amount of people that ship this couple in HP fandom really makes me forget that they are not real… They barely interact with one another throughout the series, but they are the purest, kindest, soul on DA. They both are not quick to judge people, Luna is proud to be herself even though others label her “Loony” and Neville grows too. I got a feeling that they will click, understand each other, and become the sweetest couple in reunion.

I have an m/m favorite ship, courtesy of top 5 wednesday, where the top 2 is non canon (merthur and destiel) but I totally forgot about Cherik! It’s embarassing really.

Momentos Hot ! en XMDOFP Ese momento fue uno de los mas intensos en la película todas (os) esperábamos ver un besuqueo como mínimo , pero bueno quedara en nuestras mentes y en los fics T.T

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So those are my non-canon ship! Do you have any? Let me know in the comment below!



43 Replies to “Favorite Non Canon Ships”

  1. Dramione was my OTP before Drarry. Both usually cover Draco’s redemption or at least shed some light on good people on the dark side. I also used to think Neville and Luna were a canon couple. I was wrong of course, but they seemed good for each other.


  2. Great post! I’m 100% Ronmione, but I’m also 100% Neville and Luna. 😉I especially hated how in the movies during the Battle of Hogwarts, Neville even said he had to go confess his love for Luna to her- yet they didn’t end up together. Well…in my mind they do haha!


  3. I can’t believe there’s somebody else that loves Dramione!! I was obsessed with them even when I wasn’t that obsessed with HP (before reading the books because I’ve read them when I was like 18 years old, yes, judge me, please). There are so many amazing fanvideos of them on youtube and fanfictions and omg, I’m fangirling way too much. Enough of that.
    Lovely post, I adored the idea!! ❤


  4. Aww, Luna and Neville would definitely have been really cute! And I get what you mean with Alina and Mal…they seemed to spend most of the series misunderstanding each other, so they didn’t seem like the best pairing out of the possible options. Although personally I think I’d like to have seen Alina and Nikolai more than Alina and the Darkling, but that may just be because Nikolai was my favourite character!
    Great post! 🙂


  5. Great post! Merthur is just the best couple ever ughhh. But I’m not a huge fan of Dramione 🙂 oh well, to each their own! Also, I love the header design you have, it’s so cute and flowery ❤


  6. Wonderful post!

    I always go for the canon ships just because I want to support the endgame (why make more cause for heartbreak?), but there are simply reasons why canon ships end up problematic as well. (I didn’t like Mal as well in the Grisha trilogy, although I believe Nikolai deserved a bit better than Alina LOL.) I know a lot of Dramione shippers and fanfic too! 😀


  7. I love your descriptions for these, especially your reasoning for Hermione and Draco — honestly, I read Harry Potter when I was quite young, so I didn’t realize that the Hermione-Draco was a ship until a few years ago through fanart roaming through the internet 😊 I agree with your reasoning, though, that Draco would challenge Hermione in ways Ron couldn’t! Now you’re making me fall in love with that ship… This was a really creative post! 😆


  8. Neville and Lunaaaa yesss. I want a spinoff HP movie where Neville played by a very handsome Matthew Lewis has become popular with the ladies but has only eyes for Luna. Also, I like Scottie but Harvey’s banter/chemistry with Donna is amazing so I’m conflicted. Awesome list!


  9. I really liked Alina and the Darkling together, I have to say. Mainly because, like you, I couldn’t stand Mal. Especially in book two. He was such a jerk. And the fact they ended up together was nice, i guess, for Aline but like…. the Darkling. HAHA.

    There are a lot of non-canon ships I like. Especially Merthur, which you said you ship as well! That would have to be my fave ship ever, and the fact that it’s not canon slays me.

    I don’t want to start thinking too much about the non-canon ships I love because too many of my ships have sunk and I don’t want to go there, lol.

    I love this Valentine’s theme you have going, Tasya 😀


  10. I have always been a huge Dramione shipper, I even have a bracelet with “Dramione” on it in beads that my friend made me because they are my favourite couple in the series. Dramione fanfiction is the best fanfiction also 🙂


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