TV Shows to Watch in Order

You can find me 99% of the time with my face hidden in a book. Or behind my phone, depending on the format of the book I’m currently reading.

But when you don’t, you can find me hidden behind my laptop. Rarely, I’m studying. Most of the time, I’m watching something.

If I have to choose between TV show and movies, I would choose TV shows. I really enjoyed seeing the story played out and guess what will happen in the next episode, sometimes season. The wait can be tortured, but it’s what brings the fandom together! The wild theories running around, the rewatch, the clues scattered by writers throughout the season and the twist that still managed to shook us.

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However, TV shows can be hard to keep up with, as we all know, real life happens. And when we get busy, it’s easy to miss one or two episode, and the next thing you know, it becomes one or two season.

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When this happen, some people will choose to wait until the hiatus time to catch up with the show. Others, like me, will choose to watch whatever airs next; at least we are caught up with the current storyline, even though we missed some details. It’s better than missing a season and got spoiled.

But it also creates another problem for me: I am often too lazy to go back and watch those episodes I’ve missed. I mean… what’s the point? I’m all caught up with the show anyway. At the same time, I find my watch to be incomplete and my consience bugging me due to the unfinished season. I realize how much this becomes a problem to me lately when I find myself unmotivated to keep up with the next season of several shows due to this unwatched episodes. Therefore, I am sharing with you guys my randomly-watch TV show so that it’s OUT THERE and judging me out loud instead of silently judging me in my brain ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Madam Secretary

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This is my current favorite TV show. Elizabeth McCoy is the woman I wanted to be; she’s powerful but she still have her empathy and her sense of justice, managed her team wonderfully (you can see they love and respect her), managed to balance work and life, and her relationship with Henry is #goals. I am all caught up until the latest season, but I have the guilt of skipping a few episode from the past season (heck I didn’t even watch the pilot episode until recently) so I want to do better and watch them in order after my exams (ง •̀ω•́)ง✧

Blue Blood

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OH HELLO THERE. It’s been a while since I actually watch this show because of the nagging in my brain, but I still get sucked whenever I accidentally watch them. It’s definitely one I would love to watch the show in order AND catch up with.

Law and Order: SVU

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Unfortunately, I am. Sorry Liv. Even though SVU is my favorite Law and Order, I find it hard to fit it into my schedule; it airs on weekdays and on the weekdays, I am staying in hostel which has no TV. I’ve been missing out a lot and I’m sad to hear who’s the latest to leave the show 😦

Jane the Virgin

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[also gasps] This is another one that I really love, but doesn’t fit my schedule. Buuut I’m all caught up with the newest episode (missing most of the show though s o b s); I love what they did to Petra and of course, my long-time ship IS S A I L I N G!!!!1!!


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This does not make sense at all as each episode is only 22 minutes, there are only 2 seasons consisting of 18 episodes. THIS SHOW IS SO UNDERRATED AND CANCELLED TOO SOON I’M STILL HURT. But anyway, this is definitely the show I’m going to be watching after the exams, to distract myself when I got stuck with Madam Secretary. If you are looking for a fun historical musical, Galavant is the show for you.

Do you prefer TV show or movie? Would you rather wait until the season ends or watch the show sporadically? And finally, have you watch Galavant?


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