Screen Rambles: June 2018 // Dinosaurs, superheroes, prophetic dreams, and some history lesson.


Welcome to another edition of screen rambles! Screen rambles is a monthly features- or at least, I tried to make it monthly- where I just rambling about the things I watched in the previous month.

June marks the start of my summer holiday, so obviously I had a lot of free time. I wasn’t in the mood for reading, really, so I tend to spend my time watching things. Coupled to the numerous amazing summer titles, I’ve been watching a lot of things. So grab your popcorn because we’re going to be here for a while 😁

Jurassic Park: the Lost World (✰✰)

Image result for jurassic park the lost world gif

Compared to the first movie, this one was disappointing. While I appreciate the Return of Jeff Goldblum, the movie itself felt lackluster. The first movie has this interesting question and chilling moments; while the second one felt aimless because it dealt with the aftermath, and honestly, the plot is boring. There are some chilling moments, but they don’t really make up for the whole movie.

While You Were Sleeping (✰✰✰.5)

Image result for while you were sleeping gif

Finally finished this one! And if I’m being honest, it was underwhelming. I get that in most k-drama the focus is romance, but it’s a shame that you have this amazing sci-fi/paranormal potential and prefer to focus on the romance instead 😒 I think Suzy acting is the weakest compared to other characters, and it bothers me at some scenes. The stakes are also not high enough, and some cases are solved too easily. Also, the ending left major plot-holes- such as WHY they have these dreams, and whether the people they save have this prophetic dreams too.

I have to say, Jung Hae-In is a show-stealer in this show, and that final episode really drain my tear reserves 😭

The cinematography is A+++ though. I love how k-drama has gone above and beyond with their aesthetics- more than I’ve ever seen in western TV shows!

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (✰✰✰.5)

Image result for jurassic world fallen kingdom gif

I don’t even know why we chose to watch this movie… I guess we were just bored and this movie happened to play? I didn’t like Jurassic World because I just can’t follow the logic. I mean, they tried to recreate the park with increased tech to ensure its safety, but at the same time, create a hybrid dinosaur more deadly than a “simple” T-rex???

Yeah sure, that will end well.

But! I ended up having a good time with this movie! Sure, I understand the pov of dino rights… but I don’t think they really think this through. The conflict is interesting though, and it made me think of who decides to save what when the time comes?

Anyways, this movie had A LOT of scary moments, I really enjoyed having my heart rate increased together with my family + the whole theatre. What I couldn’t get behind is the ending. It baffles me that they don’t even scold the kid or tell her what she’s done. Nope. Also, the characters don’t really change from the first movie, so they lost their charm and are not really “fresh” and “charming” as they were.

Will I watch the next movie? I don’t know, really. At this point the amount of stupidity and irresponsibility in this franchise really makes me want to pull my hair.

The Incredibles 2 (✰✰✰✰.5)

Image result for the incredibles 2 gif

After 14 years, our favorite superheroes family (sorry marvel) are back and kicking! It started exactly where the first movie left off, and it feels like we never left! They are funny, wonderful, and they beat the bad guys! I had tons of fun with my family watching this, even my dad enjoyed it for once! The plot is really fun and interesting, but since they are dealing with literally the same thing, it can get repetitive at times.

And while I love the Incredibles, I want to see more Edna and Lucius! I love seeing JackJack antics since he’s the unpredictable one, and again, while the rest felt familiar, they also felt repetitive. Edna and Lucius? We didn’t get enough of them in the first movie, and neither in this one! Especially Edna, who has even less screen time than before 😦

Also, can we talk about the mini movie, Bao? IT’S SO FREAKING ADORABLE! And I think it’s speaks more volume compared to the actual movie itself?? My parents freaking love it- my dad even asked for a rewatch! I guess it’s because it resonates more towards parents, but I appreciate that they created a movie for parents to discuss with their children before the actual movie.

The White Princess (✰✰✰✰.5)

Image result for the white princess gif

Can we just say how underrated this series is?? It came as a total surprise for me, because I was a bit meh with The White Queen. But this one is sooo good.

First, it is filled with court intrigue. The war between the York and the Lancaster might be finished, but the animosity and rebellion sure didn’t. So you can expect a lot of intrigue and planning and executing going on. Second thing is the costume, which is amazing and intensify the atmosphere even more. Third is Elizabeth and Henry themselves… I swear they are so good yet so bad for each other! They balanced each other but at the same time, their family keep ruining things for them.

I wish it’s not a mini series though. Elizabeth has so much growth which suits her situation, but I wish it was fleshed out more. Some things also left unanswered, but I’m pretty sure it will be explained in the next mini-series. But what’s bugging me the most is, this show has a lot of political things to unpack, they barely have time for emotional connection between the characters. We barely have any scene with Elizabeth and Henry sharing things, connecting, and being vulnerable with each other. Their chemistry is sizzling yes, but they lack those moments. Also Elizabeth with her mother. And her son. Basically, this show lacked the time to humanizing the characters.

Another little complaint, if you haven’t watched The White Queen or know absolutely nothing about The War of Roses… then you’re going to be lost while watching this series. At least consider watching the White Queen (10-12 episodes, I forgot) before watching this one, to get some basic of the main issue.

The King 2 Hearts (Ongoing)

Image result for king 2 hearts gif

This k-drama is pretty high on my list, but it ended up being pretty disappointing. This drama is set in fictional-modern Korea, where the animosity is the same, except South Korea is led by monarchy a la UK. The bratty crown prince is arranged with a female special soldier from the north, and while they are initially despise each other and only faking it, they ended up falling in love.

So you see why I have high expectations? Enemies to lovers and fake relationship in one drama? Female soldiers? Should be a 5 stars from me.

I’ve watched only 8 episodes out of 20, even though I’ve spent a week on this drama. It’s really not what I expected. The North Korean dialect is jarring yes, but what I hate more is Ji Won’s (the female mc) aegyo voice…. it just doesn’t fit the dialect and grates on my (and a lot of other viewers, based on the comment) nerves. It’s so different from her “female-commander” voice and just annoying. Another thing is the amount of sexism in this drama??? How the main mc is not a woman because she’s a soldier, how no man would want her.  And why do this drama has a female soldier, one of the top commander in NK army, if they are going to tell her to do cutesy thing and cry all the damn time? I was told this drama has action but so far I’ve only seen them in the first 2 episodes.

And finally, what really annoys me is how they add another unnecessary, completely useless villain into the story. I think North vs South lovers is already enough conflict as it is, with their history and custom, but they decided to throw a villain. And a comical one. Which fails miserably. If they want to do a funny one, they can do it like in Strong Woman Do Bong-soon. If they want to do it in an intimidating way, there are many examples. But Club M felt like a halfway effort and it just felt useless, I keep skipping this part.

It has his positive though! This drama portrayed North Korea in a very favorable light, which is surprising considering this is a South Korean drama. They are still poorer than South, yes, but they are human. They are not just this mindless, brain-washed citizen, but someone who truly believed in North’s ideology. Yet they also acknowledge that the South has their own ideology, and even won’t hesitate to save their South comrades, even though it will cost their life. Both the north and south are challenged on their beliefs, and they see each other as human instead of degrading each other.

Tbh the interaction between the soldiers are my favorite part of this drama. They are such a cute family ❤

Are You Human? (Ongoing)

Image result for are you human too gif

My newest watch, one I watched impulsively without any knowledge of what is it about or who’s in it.

See how much I trust my sister?

The story, as usual, involve a super rich guy. He was separated from his mother, who happens to be THE BEST AI expert in south korea (or the world?) and the mother ended up building a robot to replace her son. The real son ended up in a coma due to a murder attempt, and the robot is sent back to Seoul to take the real son’s place and avoid suspicions.

I might hate reading sci-fi, but I love watching them. This drama is no exception. It has interesting premise and huge potential, but sadly so far the plot has been pretty weak… until episode 12, where there’s a twist I didn’t see coming at the end. I mean it’s only episode 12 of 32, so maybe it’s still building up the conflict. The episode 12 twist is really shocking and FINALLY moving the story forward, I’m excited for the next episode! Also, Park Seo-Joon’s acting is amazing, you can see the different between him as a human and robot, especially his eyes.

What annoys me, and other viewers too, is the main love interest. She and her friend is… how do I say this… have no shame? Her friend might made the deal, but she went in with it whether it’s a deal or not, which should shows her character. She screams all the time and blames everyone even though it’s a choice she made. Let’s see how he progress though, because at this point, most of us really don’t like her 😅

Kill Me, Heal Me (Ongoing)

Image result for kill me heal me gif

Another k-drama, which should not be surprising 😅 This one is also an impulse watch and I just started it yesterday, so I can’t tell you guys much about it. Kill Me, Heal Me is about a super-rich guys (if you watch k-drama, you’ll see this guy EVERYWHERE) who has dissociative identity disorder and has 7 personality in him. The first episode was intriguing and I’m curious of where the story will go.

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14 Replies to “Screen Rambles: June 2018 // Dinosaurs, superheroes, prophetic dreams, and some history lesson.”

  1. yess i also watch jurassic world : fallen kingdom and i agree with all the scary moments! seriously, i feel like watching horror movie when watching that. and i still haven’t watched incredibles 2 since the ticket sold out when i went to the cinema :’) glad you like it, though!


  2. I haven’t delved into the sci-fi side of kdramas yet (unless you include bong soon) Are you human sounds so good though omg i didn’t quite know what it was about until now. The king 2 hearts sounds so unique but ugh it sounds awful by what you said about it 😦 that’s really unfortunate.


  3. Incredibles is one of my favorite movies ever growing up! I had high expectation going into Incredibles 2 and I was left feeling disappointed :/ it felt awkward to me (I don’t really know how to explain it). However, I’m glad to see you enjoyed it so much and Jack Jack definitely stole the show! Love him


    1. I’ve heard a lot of people felt that it was disappointing, which I totally understand because it’s been too long that the tone and story might be adjusted to modern taste, so it doesn’t really connects with the first movie (idk how to explain it either ahaha 😅)


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