Favorite Scenes from Harry Potter Movies

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Welcome to July, and welcome to another year of Pottermonth!


Pottermonth is of course, July, and it’s actually an annual thing I did that started out on a whim. Even though we can dedicate random month to discuss about HP, I always think of July because it’s his birthday month and the prophesied month  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

For our first topic, today I’m going to talk about our favorite scenes from the movies. I guess we can all agree that HP movies are one of the best book adaptations ever. The casting is perfect, the CGI and soundtrack make the world felt really magical, and they tend to stick to the book. We are so lucky to have the movies done correctly, and completely ❤ 7 books, 8 movies, 1 prequels, and many more stories later, this series is till one of the most beloved series and not only because of the book, but because of the movies ability to bring the magic to life to people who doesn’t read the series ⚡

There are, of course, so many amazing scenes from the movies. Today I’m going to share with you some of mine and why I love them. Without further ado, let’s get back to the magical wizarding world! ⚡

First look at Hogwarts

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Of course, who can forget the moment we saw the castle? It was dark, but it was standing tall and proud, illuminated by floating candles. The music was perfect, and it adds so much magical and reverence into the atmosphere.

Snape protecting the golden trio

Image result for snape prisoner azkaban gif

Say what you want about Snape, but if you’re a teacher trying so hard to keep the boy-who-lived to stay alive and yet he keeps running headfirst into danger, you’ll going mad too. Despite his intense hatred towards the trio and marauders, he’s willing to stand between them, wandless, and putting his life at stake for his “enemies”. I think it’s just his reflex and best example of his “good side”.

Do I like the man? No I don’t. But do I appreciate the gesture? Of course I do.

Quidditch world cup

Image result for quidditch world cup gif

This is also one of my favorite part of the book, and it’s coincidental with our own world cup! It just felt so celebratory, written and shown in such a perfect way that we got carried away in the competition too!

Harry hugging Sirius

Image result for harry hug sirius gif

Just because I love pain and there is so much love in this scene, it’s crazy how cruel JKR is :’)

DA’s learning Patronus charm

Image result for patronus gif

a) It’s magical b) It’s a beautiful scene c) Patronus charm, as Remus Lupin said, is an advanced level of magic. The fact that Harry could teach his peers showed his ability as a teacher as well as the magical determination the rest of DA had.

Dumbledore vs Voldemort on the Ministry of Magic

Image result for dumbledore vs voldemort gif

The only time they came face to face, but you can see how powerful they both are. That fire snake is so cool.

Bonus: That adorable Niffler-chase scene from Fantastic Beast

Image result for niffler gif

Because WHO CAN HATE THIS ADORABLE SPARKLY-THINGS STEALER??? I just realized it appears in book 4, but seeing it come to life in the series and Eddie Redmayne’s acting really make its appearance perfect 😍

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31 Replies to “Favorite Scenes from Harry Potter Movies”

  1. When Dumbledore drinks that emerald potion to get one of the Horcruxes. It shows grit fighting against extreme evil. It’s one of my favourite scenes. Also the story of the deathly hallows shown in animation.


  2. Great picks Tasya! I remember quite vividly seeing Hermione at the ball in Goblet of Fire. I know this might be an outrage, but I actually have only read the first book in the series! **hides in shame** One day, I’ll definitely read them, but I have to make time first! I do love the movies though, and I’ve heard that the books are much more detailed and give more depth to some of the romances (like Ginny and Harry), which is the one fault I can find in the films.


  3. My favourite scene in Harry Potter is when Harry and Hagrid go to Diagon Alley for the first time.

    I also love it when Harry is trying to find the right wand for him – “no, no, definitely not”.

    Daniella x


  4. Yess I love all these (except for Snape, he can choke)!
    I especially love that first pan over Hogwarts when we see it for the first time, Harry’s hug with Sirius and everyone learning all the spells in the DA. Funnily enough, I also love the scene where Lupin is trying to hold Harry back in the Ministry in book 5, I guess I love pain too?


  5. YES! So many feels from all these scenes. ❤ I vividly remember seeing that castle for the first time in the movies and it was awe-inspiring. Still is. And Dumbledore's Army was such an empowering thing. I love these books and movies so much. Great post!


  6. Ahhh, this is such a creative idea for a post! I love it! The Dumbledore’s Army Patronus scene is one of my favorites, too. I remember being captivated by the wisps of smoke the first time I watched it. This reminds me, it’s been a long while since I re-read or watched the Harry Potter series– I’m glad it’s summer! 🙂

    claire @ clairefy


  7. Amazing post! I love, love, love Harry Potter. ❤️I agree that the world cup was SO well done, and so was the Triwizard Tournament and everything having to do with D.A. The casting was perfection and the way they stuck to the stories with only a few minor things missing is just AMAZING. I’m also a big fan of how they did the epilogue scene!


  8. This is SUCH an awesome post idea and I loved reading it. I think the most iconic scenes are definitely seeing Hogwarts for the first time and that last shot of young Harry, Hermione, and Ron standing before the ruins of the castle in Deathly Hallows Part 2. But I’m super morbid and one of my favorite scenes is actually when Dumbledore dies and everyone raises their wands for him and when Snape dies. These movies are so brilliant and still make me so emotional. I’ve only cried in one movie ever, and that was when Dobby died in DH Part 1. Aww man, this post is making me so nostalgic.


    1. Thank you Erin, I’m glad you enjoyed it 😀 Ah yes that wizard’s tribute after Dumbledore’s died is very beautiful, but also sad 😦 I think the opening scene for DH2 when they just sit outside of the cottage and next to Dobby’s grave is pretty, it’s so peaceful and sad too


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