My Favorite Cartoons From My Childhood


This post is inspired by Molly @ Molly’s Book Nook post and conversation I had during barbeque last year, but never wrote it until now because I just never find the right moment. Now that today is my 20th birthday, I figure it’s the perfect timing to take a trip down my memory lane, to my childhood.

In my country, which is Indonesia, there were no Disney channel, cartoon network, and Nickelodeon since cable tv was pretty much nonexistent at that time, and even though it was, it was only for several people. There were 2 primary morning cartoon channel at that time and picking which cartoon lineup to watch everyday was nerve wracking. to avoid mentioning brands, let’s just call anime channel and nick channel-because that was their line-up, one lays anime all morning while the other played dubbed nick cartoons. Not only on the weekends, they also played during the weekdays so school was definitely not a pleasant time. Hence, growing up, these two types of cartoons were the ones I watched the most, and the ones that brought nostalgic feelings to me. Some might be unfamiliar to you, but if you see one of your favorites, let me know in the comments and let’s reminiscence together! ☺

The Anime Line-Up


Marsupilami: These yellow mammals were my absolute favorite! They were a family, they move using their tails as spring boards, and they always managed to get into shenanigans in the jungle! Looking back, I don’t know why I love them so much, but I still love them and have fond feelings for them until now.

Popolocrois: This one is super weird, I myself has no recollection of this because it was there and suddenly wasn’t. The story is set in a kingdom where dragons are hunted (I think???) but the Queen is from the dragon clan herself. As the result, the prince has some magical abilites that no one has. He spent a lot of time with Narcia, who has a crush on him, until a girl from wind clan, Hyuu, appears and things got more complicated. It has one of the best opening in anime so I think that’s what hooked me to the show.

Doraemon: Aka something I still not able to let go, even until now. It tells the daily life of Nobita, who always got the lowest grade in class and his pet-robot from the future, Doraemon. Doraemon always help Nobita with all his troubles- from oversleeping to escaping bullies to get a glimpse to the future. The story may be simple, but it’s the simplicity that give me nostalgic feelings and give it a special place in my heart. Out of all cartoons in the list, I miss this one the most.

Detective Conan (Mentantei Conan):  This one is a unique case, since it was only aired during the weekend. The reason is because of the violence in the series (like Giant bullying Nobita is not violence…) and it has been banned twice before the ban being lifted. It’s still currently being banned in my country. This anime (and mangea) tells the story of a 6 years old kid named Conan Edogawa, who’s actually a 17 years old teenager named Shinichi Kudo. While he was spying on some suspicious people, they drugged him with unknown medicine which caused him to deaged. The story was really good at first but the author keeps dragging it on (it’s still ongoing) so while I still enjoyed it, I feel like it doesn’t have the same quality as before.

The Nickelodeon Line Up


Dora the Explorer: Ahhh the memories. I used to be SO IN LOVE with this show, that I actually bought a Dora doll! It has catchy tunes, adventures, and great friendship. What else does a 6 year old me need??

Chalkzone: This is the earliest cartoon aired, followed by Spongebob. When I woke up at the crack at dawn, to get me prepared for the cold shower I always watched an episode of Chalkzone, before taking a bath during the breaks. It tells the story of Rudy and Penny who found a magic chalk that allows them to get into the chalk-world, where everything ever written on the chalkboard goes after they were erased.

Spongebob Squarepants: I think this one is too famous to need an explanation, and the older I get, the more I realized how similar am I to Squidward and Mr. Krabs 😂

Hey Arnold: This one is very old, before the previous three, and it airs during the same time as Rugrats, so I don’t have many memories of it. But I remember his football-shaped head and I love how it follows Arnold and his neighborhood kids adventure, something I did in my childhood, before I moved away.

Rugrats: Before everything, Rugrats is the first Nick cartoon I watched, and forever will be my favorite of the bunch. This is also a very famous one so I will not explain it, and I think Nick is planning a reboot!

Cat Dog: I actually watch this one because this was my mom’s favorite but it ended up being mine too. It’s just really funny to think how a cat and a dog, who always been a mortal enemy, have to live together in one body. Of course a lot of crazy shenanigans ensues.

What were the cartoons you grew up watching?


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